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  1. So I bought some new packs up to Shadow and Flame with exception of the first two APs that are out of stock. Still having trouble to beat that scenario. Playing two player game. Tried Lore + Tactics decks and failing before we can even save the hero. It feels like unless the game goes very very easy on us it's very hard to get going due to the ally restrictions and one player basically missing 1/3 of his power. Any further tips? We basically have to beat the first round with 5 cards (3 from objectives and 2 more we draw in first questing phase) in staging area with only 5 heroes.
  2. I cannot log in from any pc using proxy. Getting Secure Connection Failed...
  3. Thanks. Any tips on how to beat the scenario? I think we missed the rule about random hero. That makes it even harder. BTW when does the Nazgul come into the staging area? The quest only says we need to defeat it.
  4. 1. How does Warden of Healing and Elrond work together. Do they heal 2 and 2 or 2 and 1 damage? 2. Just to be sure. Enemies that are guarding something do not make engagement checks, correct? 3. Is there any window to take actions at the beginning of the game? More specifically before I turn from 1A quest side to 1B? 3b. - Example that happened to us: On 1A side of the Escape from Dol Guldur quest is to put the 3 Objectives to staging area. In our game one of those objectives was guarded to nasty Spider Web that does not allow you to ready the hero unless you pay 2 at the end of the round. We resolved that treachery right away and attached it to hero and since the Objective was not guarded anymore we wanted to attach it to the same character. On 1B of the quest we have to imprison on of our heroes. So can we put the Web + the Artifact to one hero and than imprison it?
  5. Thanks, I also have question about playing with more than 2 players. I think in the coreset rules it says I need 2 coresets to play with up to 4 players. Why is that? There are 4 decks in coreset...does not seem like there is not enough cards.
  6. Hi, I am new to the game and I found http://www.ringsdb.com/to be very helpful for building decks. Is there similar website to show the other 32 cards in AP and the quests you need to do?
  7. You can find the old APs in other languagues since those are usually very behind on the print. So if you do not mind cards from other languages you should be able to find old APs.
  8. Ok thanks, I am looking for options since I only have coreset now, but I am planning to buys some AP from the first two cycles and possibly Khazad Dum. I do not think I will be able to make a theme deck, but I was thinking it might work a bit. Doing something like Leadership/Tactics Dwarf deck.
  9. The coreset is mostly Unisphere decks, but on ringsDB I rarely see those. Is it better to build TriSphere decks even if I do not have lot of cards?
  10. For Gondor! Event. Cost: 2. Action: Until the end of the phase, all characters get +1 . All Gondor characters also get +1 until the end of the phase. Hi I am new to the game and wanted to ask about this card. If I play this card in 2 players game does only my characters get the boost or my teammate as well?
  11. So I just bought core set and I am thinking of buying the Dwarf deluxe box and maybe 3 APs based on my budget currently. Can you recommend some decks I can build? I want at least 2 strong-ish decks for me and my girl. I am thinking Drawf deck should be pretty easy to build, but what next?
  12. Thanks. That is very complex guide. I was more thinking in sense of buying Core Set + one or two Deluxe expansions. Do you think I would be able to enjoy the game with just Core Set + Khazad-Dum + Heirs of Numenor? I do not want to invest too much into single packs to get as much from the Deluxe expansions as I can and keep the costs low.
  13. Hi, I am considering of buying some boxes to start the game. I am planning to play mostly with my girlfriend home. Can you recommend what sets should I get to have a good experience and to pay the least amount. I am not planning to build several decks, but I want it to be fun and not the same all the time.
  14. Thx Gualdo, we love you man. Just wanted to remind you that the Tales of Champion 6/6 is not updated on the front page. Also i noticed some errors in the database while searching cards. Like if searching for noble GJ, Euron is not found this way. Would you like to post here some of the bugs I find? Or you dont care?
  15. Really, but i thought that as an owner of the effect i have to resolve the effect first, then goes my opponent. And Arys resonds to coming into play...so berofe my opponent has chance to do anything.
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