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    Cabello reacted to Julia in The Math of Eldritch Horror   
    Hi folks,
    time to go deeper with our stochastic analysis of EH!

    What are the stats most often tested during Research Encounters? Are all AOs demanding us to test the same attributes? Are all space types on the board (City, Wilderness, Sea) equally balanced? Do all AOs reward us with the same number of clues? How to choose the best Investigator to gain clues agains Yog or another AO?

    Go here and check the new file
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    Cabello reacted to CaffeineAddict in Heirs to Numenor   
    I'm surprised to read negative reactions to battle and siege, to be honest, I thought the addition of those keywords added some good depth and variation to questing. I found the way it mixed up the status quo of how quests worked was very good design, not bad design, as suggested in this thread. Similarly, I thought making you need willpower to fight spectral enemies in Stone of Erech was a good twist.
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    Cabello got a reaction from canaking13 in Super Excited   
    It's like the Arkham Horror version of Pandemic!
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    Cabello got a reaction from Ash1138 in Looks Ridiculous   
    Could not agree more
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