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  1. I will preface this by saying that I love this game. I have gone through the core campaign several times with different groups now and also through and everything campaign. I have had a lot of success with Roland (my favorite character to play so far), Daisy, and Jim. I have been trying to take on Ashcan Pete since I saw him as perhaps the better of the two current survivor characters....I have found the class to be underwhelming so far. They have great cards to splash into other decks, but when trying to build a primary Survivor deck, I just don't find them to have much. Anyone had luck with them so far? If so what have you done?
  2. Hey all. Been playing this game a lot since it came out. I have run through the core campaign several times now have have started a long game. For this we treat everything a one long campaign. For us that means that each side mission can only ever be done once for the run and everything stays, good and bad. The only thing that changes as we progress from one story to the next would be the chaos back.
  3. All of them, or at least I did. Have not taken the plunge on AGOT 2nd ed, have a full set of first though
  4. So if there are a couple routed units on a planet and I attack them what happens? Do I still fight my 3 rounds of combat with the route side just not getting any dice or extra card abilities? What happens with damage that is not enough to kill a routed unit?
  5. Awesome, thanks for the quick reply guys!
  6. so say the imperials get the initiative. they go first the first round. when the token flips does the rebs then become first player or does first player stay with the imps all games?
  7. I rather enjoy it, I might head over to boardgamegeek.com to check out some more reviews
  8. hey all who probably know a lot more about this than I. Do the wave 1 expansions that are effectively repeats from the core set have different things that what is obtained via the core set?
  9. Provacative? Hmmmm....nope. don't see it at all
  10. We were playing armed to the teeth. Our travel cards started us with a goal of 5 search cards before the beginning of part one. We acquired 4 more in part 1, and part 2 had 7 search tokens that grant search cards. That is not counting possible search cards from secret passages which we did not draw any of in part one. It ended up not mattering since we took her down pretty quick, but we figured that it would not reshuffle. The treasure hunter still allows you to draw two chose one and put the other on the bottom.
  11. What happens if the search deck runs out? Do we just reshuffle the nothing, chest, and secret passages or do the heros just not get and more cards.
  12. I really like what siege and battle brought to the game. I find them a very thematic way of dealing with those subjects and I like the change. For reference I play 4 player pretty much exclusively and lose quite a lot, especially to those blocking wargs, but we all think the change was just a great idea
  13. It's like the Arkham Horror version of Pandemic!
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