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  1. I disagree. I'd like to hear more about this idea regarding race-specific dice or command cards. Did you have any ideas? Quite frankly I'm getting a bit worn of the same tactical options, and I'd like to see a second command deck released. And I certainly don't think that the development of race-specific cards/dice is really that unreasonable. Remember, Call to Arms had unit deployment decks, and I always got the impression that they were based upon French and English armies. These decks didn't provide for two equally opposed forces either. This isn't chess. Besides, if played correctly, isn't each scenario to be played twice with each player commanding each army once then comparing the total number of victory flags? That doesn't sound like an arms race to me. I've often wondered why the command decks couldn't be customized. And I'm not even talking about a collectability issue here (heaven forbid!!!). But the ability to purchase extra command decks will allow a large pool of cards to focus on a play style. Each card may have a point value, or a min-max allowance per deck...whatever. But this would seem reasonable since it would permit each army to behave differently. Thus, someone wanting to command a horse archer (Mongol) army would use a deck which better represented that play-style. I know, I know....now we're getting pretty involved here. But if you want a game to stay around for a LONG time then it needs to grow. Just my two cents. -rob
  2. No current pictures. Look for my last post regarding Lycanthrope Proxies. You'll see some additional 90 mm pics. There was no game this weekend due to Valentine's Day (I tried but the gf made threats that made gaming seem a bit unimportant), but next game night I'll be sure to take some pics during play. Anything in particular that you'd like to see focused upon? -rob
  3. Personally, I'd be very excited to see FFG split the differnce between high fantasy and alternate history. Provide a rules mechanism for both and allow their players to utilize whatever fits their needs. DoW seemed to do this well when they gave new weapons but supplemented that with a fantasy figure. Want Scottish Highlanders? Done! Or how about a Dwarven culture? Done! See....everyone is taken care of. -rob
  4. Chris, WOW...great ideas! And well thought out. I really like the pentagram concept; thats one idea that got past me. And the idea for flags to be hits INSTEAD of retreats is just a stroke of genius. I'm gonna give these a try next weekend. I wanted to try tonight but the girlfriend firmly said "NO!" (on account of Valentine's Day.....go figure?). -rob
  5. I've been seriously kicking around the idea of fielding some undead armies (I'm a sucker for armored skeletons), but I was wondering what rules I should use. I was going to start with some simple skeleton units (swords, spears, and bows). All units will move slow (maximum one hex), and roll low. And I'm thinking that they should be relatively easy to hit, so any green-blue-red rolls will destroy a figure. But flags have no effect. Undead don't retreat. Now here's the fun part. The wizard on the council (necromancer?) can use Lore to replenish units. I was thinking one Lore = one skeleton. Is that too powerful? My reasoning is that since skeletons are so easy to hit, and move so slow, that replenishment is their strongest asset. And how does five Lore spent can form a new unit? Here's another rule idea. Terror (or fear, or whatever)... How do I convey the idea of shambling dead causing enemy units to hesitate to engage them in combat? Prior to combat a unit must roll their courage? I was considering an idea similar to a combat roll, but if any sword/shields are rolled, then the unit can attack. This way a better-skilled unit has a better chance of being activated. Once the terror roll is passed then the unit need never check again. I also have some Death Knights, but not many ideas as how to use them. -rob
  6. Chris Parker? CHRIS PARKER??? Is this is the same Chris Parker that put on a Days of Battle display at Historicon? If it is, then he costs me money! And a lot of it. I was so impressed with his 90mm display that I immediately converted all of my gaming to that scale. And I never looked back either. The figures are all pre-painted and have exquisite detail. I was absolutely "wowwed" when I walked away from Historicon 2007, and I have Chris to thank for it. Unfortunately I didn't purchase his rules (I'm not a measurement-movement type of gamer). But I did leave there with knowing that his display was the most impressive. -rob
  7. Bill, Thats an incredible series of pics! Well done. Did the young ones have fun? I saw some smiling facing in the background. Your collection of figures is quite impressive. What line of miniatures do you use? How did you base them? It looks like three infantry to a base, but perhaps I didn't get a good view. Did you originally use these for another rules system? I don't care what anyone else says....BattleLore just looks better in large scale. -rob
  8. Ahhhhh..... Thanks for inquiring. You're right about ease of production. My first couple of attempts at making large scale hex mats were met with lop-sided results. I was eventually able to construct a hex template which produced a decent looking play surface. However, the MAIN problem with a hex gameboard was the LACK of play surface. In 90 mm scale I use a 6"x6" wooden tray to place figures upon, therefore a hexagon needs to be larger than 6 inches to accomodate the movement tray. Even with a gameboard with a width of five feet (the short distance), a hex this size seriously curtails the number of usable spaces to maneuver. I think that eight was the maximum number of hexes we could squeeze onto the battle mat; obviously not enough for serious gameplay. It seemed that as soon as any unit moved forward it was immediately subjected to longbow fire. Thus, we were limited to squares due to size constraints. Even the addition of TWO more spaces changed gameplay radically! Therefore, we tried big/little experiments. Meaning, for each regular BattleLore scenario we played on the small board, we played a corresponding 90 mm game on the large grid surface. And truthfully, we found that the square game surface actually allowed more maneuverability. Aside from the argument that diagonal movement is uneven in terms of distance (not noticable during tactical gameplay), the grid allows for more options. For example, a common tactic is to provide support whenever units are in ANY adjacent contact with an enemy unit, so any unit at a 90 degree square (flank) can lend support. Additionally, we use a house rule where units can form battlelines (and shieldwalls). These units move forward on a square play area where the same type of movement can be restricted on a hex surface due to the nature of the hexagon. Terrain is much easier to contruct too. That also is due to the ease of working with a square. In the end we had a choice of using either the hexagon or the square and, surprisingly, the unanimous decision was to stay with the square. The hexagon may look like a nice strategic play area, our testing actually showed that it is limiting compared to the square. Nine directions compared to six won in the end. -rob
  9. This werewolf has made an apprearance on this forum before, but since he's such a beat-stick I thought that I'd showcase him again. A wizard with a were-lion bodyguard? A mage needs all the protection he can get! He's a family photo. I included this one for scale reference. I stumbled across the elephant by accident, and was blown away by the depth and detail (McFarlane Toys). And the icing on top of the cake was that this guy was COMPLETELY within scale! He weights in at over a pound, and measures over six inches. I couldn't pass up this guy. I have a were-croc coming later this week. I'll try to post when it arrives. -rob
  10. My knights being trapped on Ryan's left winds. See those halberdiers? They were the bane of my attempt to roll up the battleline (and thus, the savior unit of the English flank). What does it take to crush them??? Perhaps the were-elefant can deal with those pesky halberdiers? Not when the English call in reinforcements of their own. Why do the bigs boys on the block always get the most attention?
  11. Trrops lines up for battle. BTW, AOL will block the editting pop-up windows. That explains why this wasn't working for me!
  12. Well, this is terrible. Why won't the toolbar allow me to upload pics?
  13. Hello, I decided long ago that I wouldn't fall into the trap of paying high prices for chase figures. I thought that this was supposed to be a fair game for all, not a collectable miniatures game. Therefore, like many others out there, I went the route of bringing my own monster proxies to the game. But, in my quest to save a couple bucks on an overpriced Hill Giant, I spent WAY more on armies. To be honest I have no regrets. All my armies are now painted and look great on the battlefield. Here's a couple of pics from last night's battle: The battlelines are formed. My knights were too impetuous amd charge the English left wing too soon! The War Council decides that it is time to unleash the were-elefant! http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3444/3219986092_8c87d21c95.jpg?v=0 The English answer by calling forth the were-rhino. Monsters back-to-back.
  14. Bakblast: Thanks for the input! These are the ideas which I am looking for. Its apparent that you spent a lot of time and thought on this. I'm gonna try out quite a few of your ideas next game night. Thanks again. -rob
  15. Last night we tried some variations to hero abilities. Not all heroes behaved the same, so that provided a nice variation across the battlefield. The 'Robin Hood' hero proved to be devestating but, since he boosted only one longbow unit to veteran rank, his ability wasn't too unbalanced. My French army had the counterpart 'William Tell' hero. All I can say is that he still needs some work. Another concept which we experimented with was the effect of battlefield leaders. I've been intrigued by Osprey's rulebook [Field of Glory]'s use of commanders in that they can be attached to a specific unit to provide big bonuses, or remain unattached behind a battleline to provide a passive support in the areas of command and control. It was thrilling deciding which option to choose, and ultimately proved to be the decisive maneuver on my left flank (along with some lucky dice rolls). Too bad my center collapsed. -rob
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