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  1. Have you gotten more Spears/Dusks since?
  2. Cool. I mean I would trade the Chip & Dale, but not just for 6 or so Commons/Uncommons, you know? Good luck though, hope you can snag some more. :]
  3. I can wait if you think you will be able to get more. I need 4 more Spears, and a total of 17 more Dusks.. so yeah. If anything, would you be open to the possibility of selling them?
  4. Would you mind checking to see if there is anything on my list that we could work out for them, then?
  5. So did you have any set 4, or..? I was just wondering, I'm looking for some Dusks/Spears.
  6. Please let me know what I can do to get those Dusks/Spears from you. Thank you!
  7. Since then I have started a trade for the Parasite Cages, Pete, and the Stealth Sneak I needed. I really do want the two Dusks and Spears though, are there a couple rares on my list I could trade you for them? Otherwise I could give you maybe $3 for them. Let me know please.
  8. I sent you another reply. Please check, so I can go forward with the transaction soon.
  9. I've decided that I might want a 3rd BoD Parasite Cage SR, so I could use yours as well, aside from the two that I might get.
  10. This is in response to your previous offer. Would you be willing to do this? My: King Triton Lv 2 SRU x1 For: Parasite Cage Lv 7 BoD SR x2 Pete Lv 2 BoD SR x1 Stealth Sneak Lv 4 BoD U x1 And if you are willing to add any Dusks you may have, I would appreciate it. If not, I understand. Please let me know what you can do. Also, one of the very few extra BoD cards I have is an End of the World Lv 2 SR, if you are interested. Just thought I'd let you know.
  11. capncrunch said: hi i have 2 ada r cages and 1 sr cage from bod i have stealth sneak bod-maybex2- i have 2-maybe 4- spears and 4 dusks. the reason im not sure of so many is becasue they are in boxes and im not goiing to go and search for all of them if you dont need them let me know if you need any of these still and then hopefully we can work out a trade for something of yours. Well, I need four more Spears and even more Dusks, so I'd like however many you have of those please. As far as the Parasite Cages go I'm not quite sure, I might try to work something out with GTrogi for both of his BoD ones. See, my girlfriend's deck is a work in progress. I'm thinking about the details of the Dark cards in which I want to use. And I'm thinking about using Pete, I'm not sure. But I definately need the Spears and Dusks like I said, if I can trade something for those, I would be most appreciative.
  12. GTrogi said: Hey, I offer: 2 Parasite Cage SR (BoD) 1 Stealth Sneak (Bod) for your: King Triton SRU (AdA) I'm guessing you don't have that second BoD Stealth Sneak? Do you have any Spears or Dusks you can add?
  13. Would you be willing to sell two of your BoD Parasite Cage SR? If so, what would be the total cost?
  14. Roxas said: Do you have any of the following for trade 3x Chakram 3x Fira 2x Firaga 2x Spears 9x Dusk I have a P Cage SR and R from set 2, but other that I dont have any or your wants unless you want to check my thread for something. Out of what you listed, I probably have only two or three Fira, and one Firaga for trade. They aren't the BoD versions though.
  15. It seems nobody has the rare Parasite Cage from ADA, so I'd be willing to accept two SR Parasite Cages from BoD. I also would like a couple BoD Stealth Sneaks if you don't mind throwing them in.
  16. It says you have most rares (except for Stealth Sneak). I'm looking for two copies of the non-foil rare Parasite Cage from ADA. Let me know if you have them please. And feel free to check my list for what you might like for them. :]
  17. If Roxas doesn't want your Dusks, I hope you can consider me please. Thank you! I also need some Spears if you have any.
  18. Not really. I'm just picky and I already have 2 rare Parasite Cages from ADA, and I kind of want them to all be the same, in case I need to use 3 of them in a deck, and they all look the same. I know it's strange. >_< I appreciate you trying to help very much though. Thank you! amphillips: I replied to your e-mail.
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