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  1. Good to see you back! Oddly enough, I checked back here only last week to see if I'd missed notifications. Looking forward to the new casebook. And possibly a return to the Innsmouth casebook?
  2. I am about half way through writing Escape from Innsmouth. Since much of the action takes place in Innsmouth, I was having a difficult time developing activity within Arkham itself. But I managed to create some interesting things to occur outside of Innsmouth and I am trudging along nicely! How goes the Innsmouth casebook? Hopefully it hasn't sent you insane!
  3. We've kind of stalled with the Investigations. We played Cthulhu, Dread Sleeper... 4 times before we got a success. Very good casebook that. I'm now waiting til payday (next week), so I can put more ink in my poor, poor printer! Any news on the Escape From Innsmouth case book?
  4. There's really no need, have a look in the PDF Arkham_Book_Club_Rules under the Assembling The Tomes section. I've recently made them all and the look really good. Hoping someone does the remaining Tomes from the expansions, either that, or I get hit with inspiration and take a look at them myself.
  5. One thing that I very much liked about the Cthulhu casebook was the fact that all locations had a listing in the index, so there were no clues as to where to go next, except for in the text.
  6. Cheers for the update! Thanks to my impatience I went ahead and printed off the Cthulhu! Dread Sleeper in R'lyeh investigation. We played on Friday night, and as a result, Cthulhu now walks the earth. Apologies for that. Very much looking forward to the Escape From Innsmouth investigation!
  7. Yes the casebook ends on paragraph 35. Ah, I was not aware of the entry mistake on Corbitt's Diary - I will fix that and upload a new card tomorrow. With the other issues of the casebook, I will look into it tomorrow as well. One question: the lack of pressure - is this about not enough of threats that makes it so? I think it was the down to the long time between timeline events (it was Day 4 we were stuck on). I imagine, had the timeline advanced more promptly, we would have felt a lot of pressure. I'm thinking of adding a token to the timeline each time it doesn't advance and advancing automatically when there are 3 tokens, remove tokens when the timeline advances. We managed to see off Walter in a single round of combat (1 blessed investigator with a bunch of magical weapons, and 1 with a fairly high Fight rating). Like I say, it was a very enjoyable experience, the house was particularly creepy and actually sent one of us Insane (we were 3 players), thanks to a particularly grizzly incident in the kitchen. We did have some other thoughts. In the casebook, around the Corbitt House, there were a number of paragraphs that read, "Nothing happens, read paragraph x" They felt awkward and seemingly pointless, ie ,why couldn't the previous paragraph point us to paragraph x? And yeah, perhaps the threat level of the enemy was a little low, but I guess it served the narrative well. I was thinking of maybe adding a couple of other undead to the basement encounter, just a couple of Zombies, which would force investigators to split their dice pool. That would make Walter much more of a challenge. Any suggestions for a second Investigation? Editted for grammar.
  8. So, we played The Haunting tonight, our first Arkham Investigations game. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the game, but it had issues (or we were doing something wrong ). We did go around 10 consecutive turns without rolling the requirement to move the timeline on, so that probably didn't help. The story telling aspect was great, but we rarely felt under pressure. I think we finished the story (see previous post), but continued playing, we were certain that the "Vignette complete" or "Investigation complete' text was missing, so continued playing under the assumption it was the vignette that was complete. Looking back, probably ended in a success when we offed the walking dead in his basement. Looking forward to playing the other cases. Cheers!
  9. Should The Haunting paragraph 35 end the game? Also, the Tome, Corbitt's Diary has the wrong paragraph numbers on it.
  10. I posted on the AI website, but not sure if that gets monitored, so I'll post my question here too... Hi, Tonight I will be playing The Haunting (v3) with my group. This will be our first outing with Arkham Investigations. Looking at the set up, it says to put Spy monsters in the cup. Am I missing a token sheet? I don’t have any Spies (other the Trish Scarborough, and she’s certainly not monstrous!)
  11. Just had an email from IGUK confirming that mine is it's way Just hope the postal strike doesn't interfere
  12. Hi all. We played part way through the first league and then got lost in The Abyss. It was all over by the time found the gate out. As was league 2. But it looked like a lot more fun than the 1st one so we're playing through just for fun. Just finished Chapter 5 (2nd attempt) and wow, we never played such a climactic game! 1 Elder sign came out as starting equipment, and Bob Jenkins used it early on removing a doom token from Ithaqua (we really don't like losing our stuff at the endgame, and we kind of expected to be facing at least 1 AO). 2 turns before the end, Marie Lambeau used her Witch's Blood to take Ithaqua's track down again, leaving 4 on Ithaqua and 5 on Shub. Bob was browsing the Garage Sale at Uptown Streets, taking damage, looking (unsuccessfully) for a Magical Weapon of some kind, and the Southside Strangler was working his way through the locals unhindered, at least by us! A gate opened on Independence Square. With 2 monsters each, both AO's got a Doom token, the monster appearing on the new gate making the monster tally 3 to 2 in Ithaqua's favour. If a gate opened next turn, as things stood, both would awake and we'd probably be left with a Shotgun and Find Gate between us . Spotting an opportunity, Marie dashed from Unvisited Isle to attempt to take down the Shoggoth in Rivertown. And with Wither in one hand, Shrivelling in the other and a Magical Blade in the other, she took it down with 6 successes to spare. Meanwhile, Bob found a Lamp of Alhazred AND an Enchanted Knife at the Garage Sale. Next Mythos card, a new gate, Doom token to each AO, Shub awakes solo by one Doom Token. Marie (Blessed) sent him packing almost single handedly with some of the most bizarrely lucky rolling ever seen in Arkham. Total score of 19. Looking at the 2 Investigator scores, we'd be 6th at the moment, but hoping to move up as most of the teams gave out at this point. Looking forward to Shudde M'ell, Glaaki and Cthulhu. And League 3, if such a thing ever comes about.
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