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  1. I am interested in buys some terrain from https://shop.tinkerhousegames.com/ . I want to know are there rules for using stairs and ladders in Legion. I know there are the vertical movement and climb and clamber rules, but I don't see any thing about using Stairs and Ladders. Any input would be welcome. Thanks
  2. I could see them doing some sort of "Fantasy Flight Collector" series, like they did with the Arkham Horror character and monster collections. For those who don't mind the extra cost, maybe they could do like a paint on demand type of service.
  3. Wow thanks i did not realize that there was a Pico card from the conversion kit and the hero and monster set. Thanks for clearing the fog for me.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Can you point me to the rules source for the above replies. I believe your answers, I would just like to read the black and white.
  5. I do not understand Pico. What happens after you place Pico in a search token space?
  6. I just wanted to add a comment about a solution I have found that is pretty cool. You may or may not be familiar with side loader deck boxes made by ultra-pro fro Magic the Gathering, they are perfect for the put FFG half sized cards in. I scanned all the hero ability cards into my computer and print them out. I have them sorted in a note book for perusal. It makes hero selection awesome as you can look at all the abilities before you decide and the ones you don’t pick can be left in the box. These are the deck boxes I am talking about. http://www.amazon.com/Magic-Gathering-Scars-Mirrodin-Side-Loading/dp/B0042AP1QC I use these to store all my FFG half sized cards. Works with the FFG sleeves as well. You can also keep the merchant deck and others in their respective deck boxes as you play and just draw from the box. Keeps them from getting messy on the table, especially if you sleeve them.
  7. I see four sets in my furture. Now we just need some Warhammer FRP dice!
  8. Too bad they could not do both co-op and pvp…..I think there is room for both. As far as a co-op variant they could have done some type of hybrid where one player is light side and the other is dark side and they are both competing/pvping to complete the same mission.
  9. If you have been reading the forums I think you will find more that like it than don't. If you need more go to boardgamegeek.com they have plenty of reviews over there they are mostly positive, but some are negative. It’s a good place to get perspective; they also have a bunch of video reviews. For my part I Think the 2ed will be the game of the year.
  10. ThAl3z said: what happens to a reanimate when controller is knockdown. 1. is it remove as it's a summon 2. can he/she activate it in ther turn ( i say no as he/she is down and only can stand up.) Does Widow Tarha's re-roll ability apply to the reanimate attacks as well?
  11. Is this a Call of Cthulhu thread, I am going insane.
  12. What hero's are what classes? Where did you get it?
  13. You will need the Conversion Kit. The other cards are probably for Runebound and Runwars.
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