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  1. The Reaper and Werewolf movement... With each expansion board added it has become easier and easier to avoid the Reaper and Werewolf. Most of the time when you move them they can't reach any character. With this houserule, instead of moving the Reaper/Werewolf normally, you may move them to any characters space not in the inner region. If moved in this way, the character does NOT roll on the Reaper/Werewolf chart (the character is only being watched at this time). Only if the Reaper/Werewolf move normally by die roll onto a character does he roll on the chart.
  2. I was thinking about the wanted posters and how they seem under used during games. So, I have come up with the following variant: Instead of putting the three posters on the city gate space put one on the City space, one on the Tavern space, and one on the Village space at the start of the game. You may buy one of these posters that you land on at the end of your turn with two exceptions: You get drunk in the tavern. You are turned into a toad visiting the Enchantress. When you buy a poster it is replaced with another from the deck. You may also claim one of these bounties right away just like landing on the City Gate space. If you land on the City Gate space, you may claim or buy any of these three posters as usual. You may only ever own one wanted poster at a time. if you buy another you must discard your first one. This prevents one player from hoarding all the wanted posters and collecting a massive amount of gold at one time. This gives players more chances to get some gold early in the game to go buy some stuff in the city which should also help speed up the game. Thoughts?
  3. Our group never liked the idea of your character being killed late in the game and having to start all over again. Taking a page out of the Relic game, when your character is killed, you now have a choice of starting a new character or placing your killed character in the graveyard. You still place all objects and followers on the space you are killed in as usual, but keep everything else(wanted posters, fate, spells, and all strength and craft tokens). You must miss your next turn when killed while the reaper gives you new life. "I have plans for you!" Regain your lives back up to your starting life value. So the drawback to being killed would be missing your next turn and having to go pick up all your stuff again. This option can keep you in the late game for sure! Thoughts?
  4. Regarding the Dungeon... When you defeat the Lord of Darkness, draw two treasures and choose the one you wish. Shuffle the other back in the treasure deck. When you defeat the Lord of Darkness, roll an eight sided die to see where you are teleported to instead of how much you defeat him by. When you land on the monster pit space, keep drawing dungeon cards until the required number of enemies are drawn. No treasures to be found there!
  5. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but has anyone tried using the CFB and the attack cards in the deck as a variant? Too overpowered for the toasters? Seems like you would have the best of both worlds with the control of the CFB and a few surprises with the cards. Might have to give this a try.
  6. I loved reading through this as well! Thanks for showing how the game plays. My question is how many star players are there for each of the teams? Is there an equal amount for each team or are there more Reavers then Gouged Eye for example? I ask is case you wanted to do a variant by separating the stars in there own decks and managers would just draw from those. Thanks.
  7. For those that have the game, can you play this with six players? I know you only get 4 of the fan cards, but could you use tokens for two of the managers fans? Is there enough cards to support six? If game length is a concern, could you just play four rounds instead of five? What if you bought two sets? Thanks in advance.
  8. Does anyone know if FFG is planning on fixing some of the errata in the reprint? Will they update the Macron, Spiff, Warrior, Mind flare, switch artwork for Virus and Zombie, etc. Also, I wonder if the backs of the cards will be slightly lighter to match the backs of the expansions better.
  9. Adam said: Sounds neat, but there is only one alien who benefits from the last rule. Never in Cosmic is there a rule made just for one alien they'd just put the text on that alien's card. Yes, I know this is kind of a patch, but we wanted someone to actually select the Locust sometimes. But there is also the Locust wild flare, the Guerrilla wild, and the Omega Missile tech.
  10. While we wait for the next CC update, I thought I'd share the Lucre system that my group uses that we like. I've read all the posts on the subject awhile back over at BGG and came up with this idea. Everyone starts with one lucre. You may add or subtract the total lucre you have to your total as a main player. You gain one lucre if you win an encounter as a main player and you have one or more allies on your side. Deals don't count. You have to win. You may only spend your lucre as a main player during the regroup phase to purchase extra ships at a cost of one lucre each or you may purchase cards from the deck (not the rewards deck) during the planning phase before cards are played face down at a cost of one lucre each. This keeps the lucre rules basic with no chart to refer to (although I do love the idea of special items you can buy from cards in the rewards deck). One other extra rule is "mining the rubble". Anytime you destroy a planet or remove it from the game you may mine the leftover rubble and take two lucre from the bank. This makes the Locust more powerful as our group thought the Locust was way too weak. So now it actually pays to try to use the locust by landing on a planet alone. So, as with the old EON version, do you save your lucre to add to your sides total or take a chance and buy a card or two? Keep in mind, you do not get any lucre at the start of your turns. You only get a lucre if you win with an ally. Just wondering what your expert opinions are on this system and (for those who are still using lucre sometimes) what system are you using that your group enjoys.
  11. My group loves to still play with two powers each. Yes, playing this way can lead to some over-powered combos and some that should probably be banned. The main two that I notice should not be allowed are Amoeba/Masochist and Amoeba/Genius. Any others you notice? Or what other great combos are out there that stand out? What powers do not work together that well?
  12. We like to play this with 2 house rules. 1. You can't use pigstickers against the Chaos Marauders. (Makes them tougher and puts fear into opponents. And it's the title of the game!) 2. When you complete a battleline you must attack another line if you can. (Makes the game more bloody and less boring if a player just decides to pass on attack and just keep drawing cards.) What do you guys think?
  13. KevinW said: Ok, the correct Macron is up at http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Cosmic%20Encounter/macron.png now. Thank you so much Kevin for clearing that up. This game is going to rock!
  14. Toomai said: The problem here is that the timing on the card is displayed as Alliance only, not Launch, Alliance, and Reveal (as it should be). I agree with you Toomai. It seems the Macron should say "use" during launch or ally invitations and "Launch" and "Alliances" should be highlighted in the timing bar.
  15. In the Macron's text it says "USE" this power after allies are invited. So the way I read it is if you are the Macron and the offensive player, you point the cone and put 4 ships in the cone (you have not "USED" your power yet). Then allies are invited and your power activates and you would then remove 3 tokens and put them on any of your bases. Anyone else think it works this way? This seems like a great way to redistribute your ships to your bases with 1 ship and help against powers like the Shadow, etc.
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