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  1. Thanks for making this! After finishing Heirs of blood, we'll play this!
  2. Wow, sounds like you have some cool ideas already! Can't wait to try them out! Didn't know the original descent had this mechanic already.
  3. Haha! Yes, no chainsaws or boom sticks. But definetly an evil Ash. And of course three necronomicons.
  4. You could always try "Redjacks automated overlord" cards on BGG. I have played several campaigns with them and they work great. So I can really recommend them.
  5. I would really like to see a campaign with more undead, perhaps a lich as a leutenant. More tombs, graves and an army of the undead... Or... Travel cards with more "fleshed out" random encounters. E.g an optional mini quest with map tiles, objectives etc.
  6. I must say that i really, really welcome this book. What I find is missing from this game are campaigns. I have enough of minis and adventurers to go around. At the moment i'm struggling to manage to paint the minis fast enough during the weeks so that we can play a new expansion during the weekend. So it will be awesome to do a 32 scenario campaign and focus more on the game and the story and less on the minis and new characters/game components. Let's face it, after you have played a scenario two times it has lost it's novelty and you are through with it. Without new content descent will just lie on the shelf gathering dust. At least for me. That being said, it would be really nice to be able to use some of the map tiles from the other expansions...
  7. Agreed! It's annoying that the last minis were not released! (I have bought one for every monster token in the game.) But there are metal minis for the missing ones out there. You can buy the "eldritch demon" from reaper. And there are packs of deep one hybrids. You just need to find the bases. But if you own mansions of madness that's not a problem...
  8. I'm looking for some fan made campaigns. I have already downloaded Weapons of War and the campaign made by "Nomakz". (I haven't played any of them yet.) Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not really interested in single quest, I think descent really shines in campaign mode though. Also, I'd really like to see some random dungeon encounters for when you are travelling between quests. So if anyone is interested in writing some of those i'd be very happy to try them out!
  9. Yes!!! The reason i bought this game was because of the co-op expansion. If I like that i'll definetley give the "Automated Overlord" a go! So, in short, I would be very interested in more co-op expansions and/or updates for the campaigns already available.
  10. Zealot miniatures were nice enough to increase the size of their "magic portal" so that the gate markers will fit the mini. They are currently running a kickstarter for another 12 days. Perhaps you could check that out. (I don't think i'm allowed to post links for that here. So you'll have to find it yourself. But that should be easy.)
  11. Of course not. I was being ironic, just forgot that it doesn't translate well into text. I was answering as i would have answered if Mr Jeff had posted...
  12. @Julia I agree! The intention of the topic isn't a try to be mean to the creators of the game. I meant it as a "tounge in cheek" reference to a post in the mansions thread. I have nothing against the designers of this game! But then agian this game moves players multiple spaces from where thley want to go (just like "the keeper is a jerk" comment on the mansions forum). So perhaps they really are jerks! ;-)
  13. Thank you for the input Jeff Albertson. I suppose I should be in awe of your grand expertise! FYI i have been playing these kind of games for about 30 years. I was one of those who bought Arkham Horror back in -87 (or something like that). To the rest of you. Thanks for your help! We have just lost another game against azatoth. I'll try it again when Yig arrives. Until then, I think I'll stick to arkham.
  14. @C2K London is too unreliable. Sometimes you get the clues, sometimes they are placed in the middle of nowhere where you have to travel several turns to pick them up. In any case, they are too valuable to spend to improve rolls unless you are in dire need. What really annoys me is that a single card can put an end to the entire game. But perhaps i'm just too stuck on thinking in the same way I do in arkham where there are clues in abundance. @Trololo I'll have to get home from work to check the cards out. I'll get back to you. And, I guess we'll have to choose investigators according to their abilities regarding clues rather than anything else.
  15. Thanks for replying! We play with 4 players Mystery card required 8 clues, rumor required 8 clues = 16 clues. Besides that some cards require you to pick up clues when you spend them others require you to already have them. Which makes it impossible to know when to pick up clues or not. Eg you have no idea if its good or bad to pick up clues so you can't really prepare for the next mystery. Hope that expalins stuff.
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