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  1. demozon said: I can't seem to find that in the rulebook. Where is it? I'm 99% sure that it doesn't exist. Every mention of an attack says an investigator may attack a monster. It's very specific. Also, the special rule for the Green-Eyed Boy scenario that specifically allows investigators to attack each other wouldn't make sense if it was a general rule.
  2. You only lose the movement point you used to try to move into the room, not all of them. During an investigator’s Movement Step, he may move his figure to one adjacent space. When a moving investigator encounters an ability saying “this door is locked,” his figure remains in its current room and cannot move for this Movement Step.
  3. gh0stm0n said: So basically […] investigating a Lock is a (Move + Action), possibly burning/wasting the Move if you can't get it open. No. At no point is an action used in regard to a Lock card. You may have been generallizing the lock card with the Explore action, but just to be sure: Situation A: Attempt to move into a locked room (use 1 movement). Flip the lock card over, you have the key, so you discard the lock card, and move into the room. At this point you may (but are not required) spend an action to explore the room to pick up any Exploration cards in the room. Situation B: Attempt to move into a locked room (use 1 movement). Flip the lock card over, you do not have the key. You stay in the adjacent room but have still used up the movement point. You are now free to continue on with your turn and still have any remaining movement points and your action.
  4. There really aren't any unnecessary duplicates. Print on Demand expanions are supposed to be kept separated into their respective scenarios, so you don't need to worry about duplicates there.
  5. You mis-interpreted the rules. The section in parentheses is the relevant portion. Cards that specifically affect monsters or investigators cannot be used against allies. For example, the special Action of the “Lantern,” “Knife,” “Guitar,” “Holy Water,” “Dynamite,” and “Typewriter” cannot be used against allies because they specifically target monster figures (and are not attacks). These are non-attack actions of certain items. The other relevant rule comes right after the passage above: Cards that have the attack keyword (such as “Handcuffs” and “Shriveling”), can be used against allies. All weapons can be used against allies.
  6. The art on the monster token looks like a light source to me. I can't find an Arkham Horror monster that matches it, so I'm not sure if a more visible version of the artwork is available.
  7. The dark druid is holding what I just assumed was a torch of some magical nature. That's how I painted it. I was going to make the flames blue or green, but chickened out and stuck with orange. I also thought Mandy was holding a telescope, but the pre-paint picture makes me think it is a flashlight.
  8. Nearly the entire second page of that scenario is epilogues. In the Keeper Guide.
  9. None of the Call of the Wild monsters have a PASS condition. The Dark Young and one of the Dunwich Horror's markers just autohit you, no test required.
  10. Ksdas said: Kate's ability has a minimum clue card limition to trigger No it doesn't.
  11. Phoenixx said: I work Sundays till 3PM across the water but will gladly stop in and say hi… I think I might schedule the next one on a Saturday, so keep an eye out.
  12. My last few games I've dealt 3 races for each player to choose from, but now I've decided to only deal 2 in the future to prevent the same races from being chosen every time.
  13. I host a TI3 game about once a month in SE Portland. The next one is on October 7th. http://www.meetup.com/PDXers/
  14. I deal out 3 races to each player, and the two remaining to myself. Once everyone has chosen, I deal out a 3rd one to myself from those not chosen. Then I choose my race.
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