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  1. Astro Chicken, great question. I would like to see them ensure that a decent amount of the main characters from the books are included (there's heaps so I don't expect all of course) and that when they do finish the game up that it gets a decent finish that closes of any gaps in releases (avoiding what happened with Battlelore 2.0 with the missing Elves faction). Also that the app support is regular (if it's required) and that it remains available once it is discontinued. Better communication overall about what to expect release wise and then when they do finish the line, explicitly state so rather than ambiguity.
  2. I haven't been rude to you at all Frogtrigger, despite you calling me jaded, rude, negative and condescending, as well as you telling me my point is invalid because you haven't had that experience. I don't need you to police my post. I agreed to disagree. I'll simply leave it at that. Perhaps I should have simply stated that I am unlikely to support a game I think I would enjoy due to past company decisions involving the support and marketing decisions of games in their line, much like others have stated they are unlikely to support it due to the app requirement. I was curious to see if others felt the same way after the recent Runewars announcement which suggests the end of that line as well.
  3. You are of course entitled to your opinion, as an I. My position is based on past experiences. I also collected Warhammer Invasion, Star Wars card game and several others that were pulled before their tenure was up. So let's agree to disagree mate as we've obviously had different experiences. The games I've chosen to support have been discontinued. Therefore I am asking if this one is going to stick around. I'm sure I'm not alone in that question. I don't want to invest in a game to only see it discontinued before being fleshed out.
  4. Will it be supported long term by FFG. They stopped supporting Battlelore 1st edition and then second edition as well as several other games I enjoyed. Now with Runewars looking like it is on the way out, I honestly don't know if I want to jump into another game even though it looks great and is a theme I really love. What sort of assurances are there that this game will be supported long term?
  5. I have played Battlelore since the day it was released. I am a diehard fan that has everything for 1st edition (most things twice) and still plays regularly. To give you an understanding of where I stand, I would have liked 2nd edition to be more compatible with 1st edition, but its not and I'm over that. I like Battlelore 2nd edition and think it is presented really nicely (and I play regularly) but think that some things got changed too much due to the complaints of those who played only a handful of times. Most people that just played Battlelore 1st edition a couple of times don't realise that it did have Objectives in many of the scenarios. Saying that you only got VPs (Banners back in 1st edition) for killing units is patently wrong. Taking opponent's banners in the first edition wasn't to represent just taking out units, but was to represent the breaking of your opponent's morale. The Scenario specific VPs in Battlelore 2nd edition are 'mostly' just focus points on the battlefield. Which means that although this may represent having objectives in real life (and I'm not trying to take anything away from anyone), but each game revolves around those spots. You will have an ebb and flow of units taking and being forced from those spots. That's the way it plays. This is undeniable. This will be great for some, but not so great for others that like to see the battlefield evolve over the course of a game, not just continue to back and forth over two or three spaces. I'm not saying to remove these objectives, but there should be some way to get VPs by taking out enemy units and thus reflecting the loss of morale as their army is degraded. This might be by taking out a number of 'points' worth of units, or elite units only etc... But something to create more dynamic battles. All the best anyway guys. Cheers, Ben.
  6. And there are the dice packs. Predictions correct. 12 dice will be much smoother to use. Its a shame there were only 4 in the base game. It was no where near enough.
  7. With focusing just on VP locations rather than destroying units or both, each game just is a struggle for those points. I think it really restricts the game and ends up focussing the action on those static points of the map which is dissappointing. Check out the scenarios that Richard Borg has uploaded to the scenario builder that award VPs for unit elimination as well. Adds much more tension and is more interesting IMHO.
  8. Talos said: Ben, it only cost me $6.53 in shipping for my copy. I would have replied sooner, but I don't come on to these forums as much as I do BGG. Nice, thanks mate. It turns out when I went to purchase it, the First Class option was missing, but has now been added in. I picked mine up from Milsims, but will look at getting the new one through the FFG store now that its fixed. Hope you are keeping well! Haven't seen you around much. Cheers, Ben.
  9. I like that they have scenarios that use multiple different expansions. I have also heard rumours on BGG of a House Barantheon expansion the size of the main game. Perhaps another base set? Will it have two houses? Or will it be a full Barantheon army? Great news though. Hopefully regular Battlelore gets some news soon too.
  10. And we don't know because FFG choose to remain silent on the issue.
  11. G'day guys, I'm just wondering if anyone else from Australia has bought the new Tyranid POD pack from FFG's online store? I went to grab it then and it was going to charge me $36 to get it shipped (that was the cheapest option)!! What is going on that it is so expensive? Does anyone know of any other options for Australians to purchase this pack? That shipping is totally insane for 40 odd cards. Cheers, Ben.
  12. This is the importance of being a bit more transparent with their customers. If FFG let the public know what houses were being planned, then people would be more likely to continue purchasing. If they just trickle them out with no news of what is next, people will stop and wait to see if it will be supported with major houses. Then it looks like people aren't interested as the sales data isn't that high. Its a self perpetuating issue that could be resolved with a bit more transparency - same goes for Battlelore.
  13. Thanks Geoff, Here is my latest reply. I have emailed them quite a few times over the last few months. They are unwilling to share. I can understand that Kalar would be put in an awkward situation here, but serious, they need to let us know as all not saying is doing is frustrating their fans. EMAIL MESSAGE Ben, Thanks for your interest in our BattleLore product line. As you know, I can't comment what may or may not be in the pipe work for the product line. Al I can say is that if and when we have an announcement we will post it on our web site. Regards, Kalar Komarec Customer Service Associate Fantasy Flight Games Customer Service Team customerservice@fantasyflightgames.com On Nov 25, 2011, at 4:57 PM, <ben.boersma@gmail.com> <ben.boersma@gmail.com> wrote: Message from: Ben Boersma E-mail: ben.boersma@gmail.com Message: G''day, There is a lot of Battlelore stuff up for very low prices on the FFG sale and it appears as though you are clearing out your stock. Can you please let us know if Battlelore has now come to a close? If so are you looking at revising it (ala Descent) and relaunching at some stage, selling it to another company or nothing at all. It seems such a shame to see a game with such potential just die out. I hope that FFG have a plan for it. I know you will probably just reply with "We have no comment to make", but at this point, it would be better to just declare it dead or tell us that its getting revised/sold etc... There are a lot of people that really want it to succeed. Please let us know what is going on. Cheers, Ben.
  14. I have emailed FFG, I suggest we all do the same. Hopefully, if there are enough of us asking the same question, we might get some sort of definitive answer as they clearly don't read these forums.
  15. Yes, it sadly doesn't bode well. I have emailed FFG to ask for some explanation of what is going on, but I'm sure I will get the standard "There is nothing to announce" email fob off, that we usually get. A lot of uncertainty and questions would be put to rest with a simple post from FFG. Why they don't do this, I have no idea. All they do is garner ill will by remaining silent throughout. It is intensely frustrating to see such a rich game just sitting in limbo like this. I feel terribly bad for Richard who has obviously put a lot of work into the game, only to see it end up in limbo in the hands of FFG. Yes, we all know there are issues reprinting the base set. So put together a second edition base set with fewer models ala Battles of Westeros - they can do that (even with new sculpts, art, licensing fees etc... they were able to put together BOW - why not another Battlelore?) Why don't they do this? They choose not to. So FFG, please just come out and tell us what the deal is, as clearly the situation has changed.
  16. G'day, welcome to Battlelore! You can pick up any of the expansions and they will work with the base game, not requiring any other rules from any other expansion. But you will most likely want to pick up all of them eventually (if you're anything like me). I, like everyone else here have no idea what the situation with Battlelore releases is, so do not know when or if they will be available again. A simple post from FFG would sort this and a lot of other questions out. But we won't hold our breath for that. I would just pick them up from wherever you find them to be honest. Cheers, Ben.
  17. Yeah, I agree. They would change it too much. But in all honesty, I'm not interested in a Star Wars Battlelore. I want the fantasy version to continue. I just wish they would say something or do something about it - its intensely frustrating. Interestingly enough, the BOW latest expansion announced still hasn't seen the light of day. It seems there have been a few things dropping off the radar lately. A state of the game in general would be a great thing. Clear the air and let us know whether BL has a future or not. If not, sell it off so it can have a future.
  18. Well, everything on the Battlelore front continues to be deathly silent (even the upcoming BOW expansion has not been mentioned for ages, let alone get released). Are they letting Battlelore die a slow, silent death or do they have something planned for the future? Yes, this comes up often, but for Pete's sake, when the hell are FFG going to say something? Should we stop waiting for future releases? If so, please tell us so that we aren't sitting here frustrated. If you are planning to release more, just say that is your intention. We don't necessarily need a timeline - we just want to know if the game is dead or not... if it is, sell it to someone who will actually produce new content for it. Memoir 44 continues to grow through DOW, C&C: Ancients and Napoleonics continues to grow through GMT. Battlelore is (despite its patchy history) very popular as a Command and Colours game and as a game in its own right. It would be great to see it continue to grow as well... if not at FFG, then somewhere else. We want our C&C: Fantasy game!
  19. I agree - with such a rich background of different teams, this game could really expand very nicely. It would be fantastic to see the Lizardmen in the game, but your idea on a second base set that you can combine or interchange with the first one is a great way to expand the game.
  20. Yep, Caboose is one of us that has been around from the very start of the game. I share his frustration and think that although I can see Dragon's point of view, to think that BOW has had no impact on Battlelore's release schedule simply cannot be true when it is the same design team that works on both games. Add this to the fact that BOW could not exist without the Battlelore license (in its current iteration - its on the box) and it looks like BOW is looking to add some magical elements now... FFG need to just come out and tell everyone what the hell is going on. The constant waiting and wondering (how they hell does it take this long to sort out another base game?! ridiculous) just breeds negativity. Come clean and please tell us what is going on! You have no idea how much good faith a little information can garner.
  21. Their silence on the whole matter is VERY frustrating.
  22. Mine are fine. Did you wash them with warm soapy water before sticking the stickers on? There will be a mould release residue on the banners that would cause stickers not to stick very well. To get past this, I just washed mine in warm water with some detergent in it, then rinsed them off with warm water. Then I spray coated them with a Brown plastics paint, waited for that to be dry and then stuck the stickers. They are holding well. You obviously don't need to paint them, but the washing is pretty important. Cheers, Ben.
  23. DItto - I use Plano Boxes as well - short of building your own custom rig, its the easiest way to store it all for easy setup and teardown.
  24. Thanks - I have updated the file and version 0.8 is now available here: boromirandkermit.wordpress.com/2011/07/03/lizardmen-army-for-battlelore-version-0-8/ I have also started creating the Specialist cards and CTA cards. The first specialist card I've done is the Salamander Hunting Pack. More soon. Cheers, Ben.
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