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  1. #ThanksGoldSquadron!
  2. Taxation is Theft!
  3. That’s sexist. It has to be both maternity and paternity leave.
  4. In your hands, defenetly!
  5. Control Bots are a thing. Adv. Sensors, Push the Limit, Autothrusters, and IG title, then add Ion Canon, Tractor Beam, Ion Bombs, Rigged Cargo Shute to your liking.
  6. Or Vessery for some nice synergy with the Target Locks
  7. Hmm, now I’m just waiting for Davey, Brooks, and Brook to go ”Here, hold my beer”!
  8. Came with great hope... Left with a bad taste. Excellent attempt by you Scum and Villainy guys, but we knew the tough questions couldn’t be asked or wouldn’t be answered. It appears X-Wing is in passionate (the designers’) yet less than capable (FFG corporate model) hands.
  9. I agree! Can Chico code a list builder for X-Wing we all need to use to submit lists to all future X-Wing tournaments, and then make it a payed tier membership where you can look at everyone else's lists.
  10. For us who weren't present at the NOVA panel, the video must be made available if we are to be able to add anything to this interesting topic. Do anyhen know if /when/where to see it? Please don't answer with search on youtube but with a link if it is there or at least with when it might become available if you are in the know.
  11. Once the Gunboat is released non of this is relevant as it will single handedly keep X-Wing alive for eternity!
  12. Well, Travis the Johnson Johnson is the best podcast.
  13. That's what the new acrylic focus and evade tokens are for...
  14. Sure she does, the crits will not be moddable so they won't count.
  15. Well, Omega Leader likes it