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  1. For us who weren't present at the NOVA panel, the video must be made available if we are to be able to add anything to this interesting topic. Do anyhen know if /when/where to see it? Please don't answer with search on youtube but with a link if it is there or at least with when it might become available if you are in the know.
  2. Once the Gunboat is released non of this is relevant as it will single handedly keep X-Wing alive for eternity!
  3. Well, Travis the Johnson Johnson is the best podcast.
  4. That's what the new acrylic focus and evade tokens are for...
  5. Sure she does, the crits will not be moddable so they won't count.
  6. Well, Omega Leader likes it
  7. War of the Ring! Have a look here:
  8. Easy fix: Have them roll as many dice as the printed agility number on the pilot card of their target (to a minimum of 1). Still good vs. 3 agility aces but not as good vs. lesser agility ships.
  9. Top 4 right now and soon in the final.
  10. Tripple Defenders
  11. What's the ruling on an x7 Defender moving though an obstacle but not landing on it, will it still get it's free evade action as free actions aren't prevented by the maneuver templates going through obstacles?
  12. Yeah, that PS 9 guy in the TIE Advanced sure is disposable...
  13. OK. I read it as you had to have an effect that required you to spend the lock. Thank you!
  14. Would you care to elaborate? The Homing Missile card doesn't instruct you to spend a target lock, so why can I use it?
  15. Can a ship use a friend's Targeting Synchronizer Target Lock to fire Homing Missiles (Homing Missile doesn't say "Spend Target Lock")?