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  1. Maybe it's time to speculate on what might be arriving in this Cycle, before the development break in LOTR LCG. Perhaps a Spirit Aragorn hero, or maybe a Scouring of the Shire AP? What about an eagle hero? Or perhaps a hint/taste of Second Age Middle Earth? We've all been anticipating many of these things...think FFG will try to cram them into the final APs?
  2. Sadly, I'm an old guy and don't do much of the social media stuff. I'll keep coming back here, though. Oh, and listening to your podcasts.
  3. Are we still looking at a November release? I haven't seen any updates, but my pre-order is in. Can we expect this as a coming Christmas present, or what. Just curious.
  4. Hmmm. I thought this was a co-op game, or solo. Am I missing something?
  5. Got it! Man, what a way to run a railroad, but it all worked out in the end. Congratulations to FFG...you must be rolling in both cash and good feedback right about now.
  6. I've checked MM and Amazon, and they are listed as out of stock, so make of that what you want. Look, FFG simply could not have bungled this so completely. With all the posts on this and other sites (BBG) complaining of lack of product, and Cardboard of the Rings even mentioning it on their Podcast, these guys know customers are anxious. Just say it with me: "They're still on the boat, they're still on the boat..."
  7. There MUST be more coming...can't believe the print run was so small it would sell through in a matter of hours. Also, it's still listed on the Upcoming page (if you choose to believe that, uh, document.) If it's come and gone already, there are going to be a whole LOT of angry people posting here. I'm keeping the faith, and checking this site constantly.
  8. Was Dwarrowdelf back in stock? I checked yesterday afternoon and it was still unavailable, as it is this morning. Upcoming page still lists it "on the boat." Did I miss something?
  9. Dwarrowdelf and On the Doorstep, please.
  10. Brilliant, dalestephenson. Exactly hits the mark. I love your decks on RingsDB, by the way, and am curious if other heavyweights (Seastan, et. al.) would like to opine on this subject. Clearly, there are numerous new and seasoned players of this game that are lusting for product that FFG seemingly refuses to reprint. The desire of these players is real, and it's ridiculous that dedicated gamers/customers are left to wait in ignorant anticipation for updates on a horribly unreliable "Update" page. And to then to introduce challenging decks on this site consisting of cards that are unattainable just inflames the frustration. To follow up with new product based on the original is simply unacceptable. I've been a Tolkien card gamer for many years (own and play MECCG since 1995) and am in love with FFG's addition to the genre. To have desirable product unavailable while seeing new, similar product introduced just chaffs my... I'd love to see an honest, frank response from this company on their future plans for this game, and whether or not they can/will satisfy their current loyal customers. Until that time, I cannot comfortably support a new product (which I would normally purchase instantly).
  11. Or perhaps vice-versa. As someone waiting patiently for more than a year for several Dwarrowdelf APs, I'm really cool on jumping in on another FFG LotR product. Let's see some action in supporting (re-printing) their other titles before blindly jumping in on another. Seems more like a money-grab to me.
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