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  1. If you leave the eyebrows off, it will just look like she doesn't practise candle safety.
  2. They probably ran out of cash for AH development because of license fees to the mouse for SW and Marvel stuff.......
  3. Question: When app says, "Monster moves to be adjacent with most investigators"..... But there is one investigator on its space, And 2 investigators are on a space one space away, Does it move or not?
  4. Mandy Thompson is my favorite one! I love the jacket.
  5. ....So what are the odds Arkham nights will happen this year?
  6. What scenarios have more combats? I will be running a game for those that usuallt play d&d....and they like to fight.
  7. That totally reminds me of when I played Doom at the FFG area of Gencon a decade ago as an attendee. They were shortstaffed, and nobody knew how to play the game so they avoided the table. I ended up running the monsters, and I'm sure I was doing it wrong, but at least the other players seemed to have fun.
  8. Same bug on Steam. <spoiler>Fixed the engines, killed the bad guy. Ship crashed. I think the bug goes deeper. The bad guy didn't even do anything during the mythos phases, other than cause us to perform the horror checks. No flavor text or anything. </spoiler>
  9. Ran the numbers through excel to generate a polynomial trendline. The next event should cost 135.
  10. I guess the stat block was formless, keeping with the theme
  11. Also curious about dates.......
  12. I keep my tiles in gallon-sized Ziplocs, and write on the ziploc whatever set the tiles came from. Makes it super-easy to find tiles when adding to the mansion.
  13. I think to get an expansion, you'd need to add characters with names like Han, Bilbo, or Jon Snow.
  14. "Your leg was bitten off by a star vampire........[take nail clippers and remove one of the model's legs]" 😃
  15. This Soda Pop Miniature would make SPM/ND jealous. I really like the paint details on the coke bottles.
  16. I would've thought MOM would be around at least until all investigators have appeared and have plastic figures for. I'd really like figs and cards for the mechanic and the dreamer...
  17. So the lady concocting the potions is asking for ingredients. If an investigator interacts with her, it asks, 'if an investigator has xxxx, you can discard xxxx'. I forget the exact verbiage, but it seems to imply that the investigator interacting with the chemist does not actually need to be the one carrying the ingredient. We played it the logical way where the one that initiates discussion gas to be the holder. Main Question: Would it have been legal for an investigator without the ingredient to interact with the scientist, but a different investigator holds then discards the item?
  18. So, Im reading the 'Fantasy Flight Games GenCon Experience' flyer, and I find something weird. At the center page, (or Centerfold), there is an ad for Deadwood/Ventura on the right half of the page. Between Deadwood and Ventura at the right as a triangular cutaway showing a gencon photo of a gamer. Just above the gamer's head, clear as day, is the word, 'SEX'. Was this an accident or on purpose? Now I don't know if I want Deadwood because I like it, or if I was a victim of subliminal advertising. (Or maybe the picture is supposed to be ironic, juxtaposing a gamer with the word.) On another note, I enjoyed the demos of Elder Sign and Deadwood. By the time I decided to pick up Elder Sign, all the GenCon copies were sold out. Ah, well, I can wait a month.
  19. What are the miniatures made of? If I use regular mini paints, do I need to prime them first? What paints/primers are safe for the miniatures?
  20. tyberius

    Android Art

    I thought the suspect with the long hair (Forgot his name), looks really androgenous, so his left side chest actually looks well-endowed.
  21. I cut my graveyard sticker text, and wish I hadn't. My desert space that folds works better than the cut graveyard space.
  22. tyberius

    The Reaper

    Gentlegamer said: We use a black die for the Grim Reaper and each player rolls it in addition to the normal die on his turn. If the black die comes up a 1, the player completes his turn, then rolls the black die again to move the Grim Reaper. The black die is rolled on each player's turn, regardless of his need to roll a move die for himself (Toaded, Poltergeisted, Inner Region, Teleported, etc.). Great idea on the black die. Especially since I have one where the '1' is a skull face! It doubly works to show that it triggers the Reaper to move, plus, if you roll the dreaded 1 once its on you. Time to scam it from my D&D dice bag and switch it to its new home.
  23. tyberius

    The Reaper

    Two Reaper movement scenarios: So I got 'Toaded' at one point in the game. I'm only allowed to move one space per turn. We still played that I had to roll a die for movement, so that if it came up '1', the Reaper would move. (My toad still only moved one space, no matter the dice outcome) We played the same way when 'Blizzard' came up, that the die was rolled to see if Reaper moved. Is that correct?
  24. I scaled the photos down in powerpoint. They work great. (I don't know the exact scale used, but all the photos were scaled by the same amount if that helps. Also, if someone can post the .ppt file somewhere, I can email it to you.
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