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  1. Another thought on drafting is that with the smaller size of the final deck trying to build up to playing a heavy hitter is much riskier. It does make the influence of a big hitter more telling if you can get them in play, but it comes with the risk that you'll never get them in play in the first place.
  2. The reason for only drafting 5 packs out of a 7 pack field is to have some cards left over that no-one gets to draft or counterdraft. It keeps people from counting on a single specific card becaseu it's possible that the card they want is buried at the bottom of the draft pile.
  3. Considering the general simplicity of the BSG characters I just scanned a card in then altered it in Gimp / Photoshop.
  4. Gaius Frakkin Baltar said: Awesome!, I have questions: What are the lines of succession? I assume Fry can fly a viper? Can Cubert take two turns in a row? Is the crisis card from Zoidburg's OPG resolved 'in addition to,' or 'instead of,' the crisis card for that turn? Can Nixon use his OPG to get out of the Brig if he's the President? What were you thinking when you left out Morbo? I must have passed off the wrong frame/template when we were updating the characters. My versions of the futurama characters had small icons in the frams numbering where each character was on the track for admiralcy and presidency. You should be able to match the card draw to the original character and figure out the positions from that though. Yes, since Fry draws piloting cards he can pilot a viper. As I recall he is effectively the same as Helo. No Cubert cannot take two turns in a row. His once per game only allows him to take his turn following another players turn in exchange for missing his next turn. He could take his turn, let the next player take their turn, then jump in and take a second turn, but skip his turn when it gets around to him. The crisis card from zoidbergs OPG action is in addition to the crisis card for the turn. This can be particularly nasty is zoidberg is a cylon and is given executive orders. Good question on Nixon. I would say he probably could, but it obviously leaves himself in sickbay. It a pretty cheesy move in my opinion, but not without merit. It has been used to get another player out of the bring when we were playtesting these. We were thinking that Morbo would be a decent cylon leader, but difficult to determine specific abilities for. I did include him as a cylon loyalty card with the ability can damage ships. If you are not in the brig destroy 1 raptor or damage 4 vipers in the reserves. Here are my less polished versions of the character cards and my loyalty cards. picasaweb.google.com/joe.argonel/BSGCards
  5. I have nothing against me either, but I am quietly hoping someone will outscore me too. I'm too competitive to deliberately throw a game, but I may try high risk tactics just to see if they pay off. Frankly I'm playing in the league for the competition and for the love of the game rather than for any of the prizes.
  6. Actually what I did was activate the presidents office to draw a card 3 times, then played the execute prisoner I had in my hand. I was really hoping for a presidential pardon.
  7. Actually my deck was greenskins, dark elves, and skaven with attachments as a unifying theme. I don't think I ended up playing any dark elves the entire tournament though. Ditched a few as developments as well as ditching the few chaos cards I drew. There is definately a difference in what you put in your deck vs what you draw and play.
  8. I have to say my deck was running hot yesterday, but I think it would have been a very fun tournament even if it hadn't been. Lower turnout than I hoped/expected due to people working, but with 4 greenskin decks each match was fast and brutal. I felt a little bad playing Banna of the Red Suns on Andy, since it had been played on him every match that day. However he never collected more than 4 resources per turn for the rest of the game, so it's ability didn't trigger. I'm hoping to see a lot more opponents on 12/12. I obviously prefer winning to losing, but at this point it is a lot of fun try different deck and playstyle concepts to see what works best for me.
  9. I alaways assume that an order deck may contain a judgement and place at least one development in each zone. This is becasue I have had decent success with it even when my opponent knew I had it in my deck, but they forgot to protect a zone. Even if they place developments to protect against it, it can always be played as a development itself, so it is never a completely dead card. My dwarf deck is currently roughly half empire, no daisy eaters though.
  10. Or at least he would restore the unit and blast you with it if you corrupted a unit in his battlefield. It would have a much smaller effect if you target a unit in their quest zone or kingdom. Especially if then light the zone on fire before they have a chance to restore the unit obliviating any need to continue attacking that zone.
  11. Tried a draft with the core set the second evening that I played. I thought it was pretty fun. Trying to get my local store to schedule a draft event sometime soon. I do wander if any rules tweaks will be necessary to include cards from battle packs or semi-constructed decks for drafting.
  12. I'm currently running about 60 cards in an empire/dwarf deck. I might go larger with greenskins/chos and go for more card draw.
  13. Short notice I know, but we are probably going to have a few players at The Gamers Den in Cambridge tomorrow evening (Tuesday).
  14. I can easily see this situation coming up in early game. Especially if you attack an undefended section of a capitol then have your power reduced (by demoralize etc). The scout ability would trigger becasue the attacking unit would survive combat even though it failed to do any damage.
  15. Our 8 player team has beaten Zhar in final combat once. Fortunately that had been a faily easy game with the game giving us lots of nice stuff to pass around. However I think that may have been the same game that saw Silas being devoured during the setup. (first mythos card required the first player to draw an innsmouth look card, resulting in being devoured before the first turn) It was unbelievable bad luck, but also awesome in a way.
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