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  1. We had a similar evening with this map. I played the overloard and with a lucky Dash card I was able to quickly get next to the heroes and double attack 3 of them. The heroes were down and out after that (my Goblin Archers cleaned house). It does seem rather powerful, but I think it's the nature of this map. The Lieutenant is meant to be nearly impossible without just the right attacks. The heroes did considerable damage to him and if they had a couple non-X throws he probably would have died. I would say it's fairly balanced as long as both sides are keeping their wits about them (aka don't cluster together). And remember to always make every single action you take as a hero accomplish something. I can't speak to the Cripple, but it sounds pretty terrible for the OL. I would imagine that combination is kind of a special case for this map.
  2. Release 3 for the Descent Online Campaign Sheet went live about a week ago. News can now be found via the RSS feed: javascript:void(0);/*1279034931062*/
  3. 2) After noticing a few levels (in vanilla) that seemed off because of strange diagonal movements we made a house rule: AB CD Moving from C to B, if D is a wall = all is well. Moving from C to B, if D is a wall and A is an enemy = can't move. Also if D is not a wall, but a pit. The hero must jump the pit. Moving from C to B, if D and A is a wall = can't move. It just seemed weird to be able to fit through that tiny crack. You can see through the crack though for line of sight. Moving from C to B, if D is a wall and A is a friendly = all is well. From the "can move through friendly figures" rule. Moving from C to B, if D and A is an enemy = can't move. Due to the "can't move through enemy figures" Hope that's as clear as mud. I do like the earlier reasoning about how creatures and walls do not take up the whole square, but we like to think that wall is almost entirely filling the square. And enemies don't really just stand around and watch you stroll past them to their leader.
  4. Our games we actually have run out of fatigue. This was a game that was doomed from the beginning (we were playing the rules completely wrong). Anyway, we ended up using the comets from one of the plots as a "super" fatigue = 5 fatigue. Now just to be sure... if the heroes run out of total fatigue (25), can they no longer upgrade? This may help the poor OL.
  5. The online Campaign Sheet has been updated. There was some good feedback right after release and now I believe we are achieved an ideal state. If you do find anything you would like to see changed feel free to message me. Here are the details of what has happened for the last couple weeks: Features: - UNDO! You can now freely undo several portions of the site. This includes Week, Hero Location, Heroes, Individual Heroes, and Overlord. Feel free to give it a try, you now "have a pencil with an eraser" as one of our users would say. - Week 0 is much more flexible. Previously our Week 0 (or the initial setup stage) had too many rules in place. Now you can freely set up your campaign at any week, this is very handy if you already have a campaign running and wish to start recording it here. Fixes: - Fleeing dungeons ? Previously if you fled a dungeon there was no way of recording that you were currently at Tamalir. - Rumor Location ? Fixed an issue where you could not ?none? from the rumor location once one was set. - Textbox size ? Fixed the issue with the Safari browser where text boxes were a bit too small (please let me know if you see any missed ones, I do not have a mac to test this on). - Correct Overlord XP gain - Fixed an issue where the overlord was not gaining the correct amount of XP when a new week was created. The reports are coming soon, but we still need a critical amount of campaigns. So get out there and track those campaigns!
  6. I have officially completed an online campaign sheet for RTL. It has been quite a bit of time in the making, and I hope it helps anyone that's starting or currently running a campaign. It was built to mimic the current pen and paper saving that comes with RTL but our group was always curious how they compare to other groups. We live in an area where not too many people play Descent, so I (and a couple others) built this website to track progress of all campaigns and compare them. I realize there may be a few other sites out there that track campaigns, but this one really does base itself on the pen and paper. So you are still able to play the game (instead of constantly updating the website, "Joe opened a door" kind of activities are not needed). The site is live, and in order to keep the data relevant I ask that you try to put data in for actual campaigns. I will be scrubbing the database to rid it of any "test" campaigns. The reporting functionality is just waiting for some real campaign data, so get those campaigns running! Please take a look and feel free to post any comments or suggestions here or on the site. www.DescentCampaign.com or www.DescentCampaignSheet.com Thanks for looking, - Chris
  7. In my experience with Descent (and all expansions) is that it's really unbalanced when you play with less than 4 heroes. You may get lucky with 3, but if you are already having one person play more than one character, why not go all the way. The real issue, and easiest to see, is the fact that 2 heroes really only get 4 attacks (without moving, far). On a good day, that means 4 dead monsters per round. Now if the heroes kill 4 monsters, that means they didn't really move. Thus the OL probably has some prime openings for spawns, which most of the time are 3-4 monsters. And if anything the heroes are just wasting their time because the OL is eating right through his/her deck. So you can see one (of many) issues with playing with few heroes. You just don't have enough actions on the hero side to clear or sprint through rooms to get anything done. My recommendation would be to play lots and lots of the original Descent. But stick with at least 3 heroes. It's a great game and is worth playing! I haven't tried EE yet, in fact I just saw it for the first time today. It really has potential to be great, it looks like a lot of issues with scaling are addressed. If anything it's a great addition after beating all of the expansions to get some new skills and items.
  8. There was something in the original rules that said "don't activate until next turn" or some such thing. Our questions were somewhat confirmed when we played the second quest (the giants down the halls). We thought it was impossible to get past the giants if they started moving down the halls too early. None of the heroes were able to do any damage to these giants, and they could potentially sit in the hallway, blocking access to the rune keys for days. A boring game I know, but was possible.
  9. Feanor said: When you spawn monsters (play a spawn card and flip the eyes), they activate THAT SAME turn. The reason you have to spawn before you activate is for that very reason. So that beastman war party you put around the corner and just out of sight can come and severely injure the mage who was standing there. This is also very important...wanted to make sure you weren't spawning and then letting them sit out a turn. Yes, spawns we seemed to play correctly. Thus spawning was one of the biggest threats to heroes, and their line of sight was top priority. The monsters in the room where just there to distract. Actually the power card "hoards of things" was an expensive, useless card since they were all dying anyway. My whole world is rocked Thanks again
  10. Oh my. Thank you so much for the response. We have been playing this game incorrectly since the second dungeon (we have all expansions and have been playing weekly for about a year). My monsters actually stand a chance!!! All this time, i've been putting monsters in, knowing they will get plowed through in two turns. But now that I know they are active on my NEXT TURN, I'm a super happy camper. I would like to backtrack about one year... anyone know a way? Well now with this knowledge I may stand a chance, hopefully it's not too late. Thanks again, you are my hero! (or whatever overlords call their idols)
  11. This is my first game with RtL, and I'm the OL. I realized now (almost done with copper) that I have made a few mistakes in my xp purchases but my real issue right now is the Lieutenants. I thought lieutenants were supposed to be a powerful force, but I now realize they are really really pathetic. I've purchased two lieutenants and lost them both. I've managed to siege one city (of course the only city that doesn't give me extra experience), only because of timing early in the game. The first time the heroes encountered one of my lieutenants, he died before I was able to even activate my monsters. I realize that I may have set up the monsters a little bad, I had them all crushed in the corner, guarding my lieutenant. The heroes were able to punch through the walls in one turn (running and using the hook). The second turn fatigue and battle actions by two characters finished him off. Even if I had placed him near the exit, i wouldn't have been able to run away. The second lieutenant actually got a fight out. I placed monsters a little more spread out so the heroes would be slighly delayed. The lieutenant got one battle action off. He had 24 health left and I decided I could take a hit. He died with 1.5 heroes (one battle and one half of a battle). Am I missing something with these encounters? I have a third lieutenant now, and I'm afraid to make him leave the keep. The heroes are now sprinting around the map two locations at a time, through water and secret paths. I fear if I leave the keep, i'll be constantly jumped, and since the heroes have TWO FULL TURNS before I can even think about running out of the encounter. Anyone else feel this issue? Are the monsters in encounters stunned like normal Descent rules (heroes open door, monsters are stunned for one OL turn, aka two hero turns)? Please help!
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