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  1. It was said that One-Fist can't spend surges when he attacks with his hook. Where does this information come from? Cheers
  2. Vaapad said: The rules leave this option open - what do most people do and why? Have heroes select randomly or choose their characters? If random, how many redraws? As far as I know the rules clearly say that every player is dealed 3 hero sheets and may then choose one of these three...
  3. Thundercles said: 7: In normal Descent, wounds carry over if a monster revives due to undying. This "carry-over" damage ignores armor since armor's been factored in already. Example: Undying monster with 5 health and 1 armor is dealt 17 damage 17 damage - 1 armor = 16 wounds monster takes 5 wounds, dies, succeeds undying roll: Carry over wounds - 11 monster takes 5 wounds, dies, succeeds undying roll: Carry over wounds - 6 monster takes 5 wounds, dies, succeeds undying roll: Carry over wounds - 1 monster takes 1 wound. Thats how we play it as well....
  4. McRae said: Hi all, my friends and I just played Descent for the first time last night and (of course) we generated a lot of rules questions. I already read the FAQ and tried browsing the forums a bit, but I am still unclear on a few things. Also, I ONLY have the master set, so info from the expansions won't help me yet. 1. When a hero purchases an extra skill card with coins, does that increase his maximum skill cards beyond 3, or does it simply allow him to replace one of his existing cards? 2. Are there any rules/penalties for using ranged weapons on adjacent targets? 3. When heroes run out of conquest tokens, does the game immediately end or does it end after that person's turn is finished? In other words, if on a hero's turn he loses conquest tokens, can he finish his turn and, for example, open a portal that would bring their conquest tokens above 0? 4. If a monster uses knockback to launch a hero into a pit, does the hero take the pit damage? 5. It says that whichever hero gains the most conquest tokens in a quest is the winner. Do they get any bonus rewards for winning? 6. For knockback, stun, and web, it says the effect takes place before armor is factored. So can the monster cause his effect to trigger even if he didn't do enough damage to get past the hero's armor? For example, a bane spider attacks a hero who has 2 armor. The bane spider does only 1 damage. Does the web effect trigger? 7. It says that figures with undying come back to life if a power surge is rolled, but then the leftover damage still applies. What if the original attack had piercing on it? Does the leftover damage have piercing? What happed last night: a hero shot a sorcerer, dealing 10 damage with pierce 2. The sorcerer then has armor of 0, the 5 damage kills it. It revives with undying, but 5 damage is leftover. If the piercing still applies, the sorcerer is dead (again). If not, then the sorcerer is left with 3 life. 8. On the leadership card, can the hero with this skill use this ability to place the order on himself? Thanks in advance for any help with all these questions. 2) No. You can use them on an adjacent target just like younormally use them. 3) If the heroes run out of conquest tokens they lose. No matter when this happens. Conquest = 0 --> OL has won the game 4) Yes. 6) Yes it does trigger. These effects always trigger excaept the attack misses (you roll an X). In the other ones I'm not that sure... so I wouldlet somebody else answer them Cheers
  5. teramaze said: BAsh says: A figure with bash may roll up to 5 power dice with an attack. If any of the power dice come up blank, the attack misses. Otherwise, the attack gains 2 surges to gain +5 damage and Pierce 2. may... thats the word which gives the answer. So you can, but don't have to use extra dice. Anyways two surges give you the +5 damage and + 2 pierce.
  6. SORRY!!! OFF-TOPIC.... but as there are no PMs available here i have one major quaestion to you KYLEARAN: I had a short look on your game-summary on the link in your signature... In every dungeon level you have two power card in the beginning (Brillant Commander and Hordes of Things I think). So my question is: WHY? All I know was that you start every dungeon with no OL-Cards... So am I wrong or overread something? (That happend to me 2 or 3 times already... ) So please let me know... Cheers and again: SORRY for off-topic!
  7. Okay... what you say makes sense! I never really tought about it. We did always replace the treasure cache with a new item (Think we just overread this rule) so my interpretation of it was the only that made sense for us... (reagarding our 'false' play). I'll present this new won knowledge to my party... but I see them crying like my little sister already, so I think we keep playing it that way. (Its okay... I've won the first two campaigns) so they can have it that way. But with the new feat cards (we're now in early cooper and play with then the first time) it's already much tougher... but they still don't stand a chance... hopefully
  8. Big Remy said: MaHaPaTe said: The way I understand it and our group plays it is that if you purchase one of the items in the market it is replaced by another... so there are always 5 items as long as you don't run through the deck... A different way of looking at it, but the majority of people I know play it the other way. Otherwise you could sit there in town at the same market visit and between selling and buying treasure go through the whole deck and find exactly you want since the Treasure Cache cards would get discarded. That's right... but thats still a lost of 150 coins per item. If my party wants to throw there money out of their pockets this way and not saving it to be able to buy upgrades, skills etc. i wouldn't be that sad The text of the town reads... the market ALWAYS fills up..... i think buying an item falls under the meaning of always But however... it's like many other issues on Descent (espacially RtL) which aren't that clear... so find a way to handle it your party and yourself is happy with and everythings fine and you can go on having a fun time playing.
  9. The way I understand it and our group plays it is that if you purchase one of the items in the market it is replaced by another... so there are always 5 items as long as you don't run through the deck...
  10. Big Remy said: As for where the Crushing Block comes from, all adventurers know that a smart OL has a Giant that roams the countryside with his Lts that throws things at the Heroes. Righty Right.... sorry for double post
  11. Okay... so its a legal move to have a rock fallen off the bright blue sky out of nothing
  12. Hello everybody... First, one really stupid question... In an encounter (assuming I have one Trap-Treachery Point) I can choose to get one trap treachery card OR two normal trap cards from the OL deck? Am I right this far....? Hope so! Okay.... for the fun of it I choose the two normal trap cards and one of them is crushing block (The trap where u put a rock tile on the floor ; got the german game so I'm not 100% sure if this card is really named crushing block but I hope you get which one I mean.) So my question... Where the f*** should this rock come from? A Manticore came by and lost the one under his feet??? It's not that important I know but its just loose. Second, am I right that a big monster only needs to have one space under him which is normal floor, e.g. coul it stand one 3 pits and one normal space? or 2 pits and 2 normal spaces. I have in mind with one pit and 3 normal spaces its okay.... THX
  13. Okay.... 1) TROLL!!!!! (bash + aim is the safest way to kill at least one hero... maybe two... maybe three....) Never forget the game is not about annoying the heroes but about killing them 2) Deep Elf... (The spawn card says it perfectly... assassin!) not annoying... but killing... yessir! 3) Sorcerer/Dark Priest.... Can't tell which one if these two I like more.... so we have two third places Sorcery, Dark Prayer, Dark Curse... gotta show love to these! It's about 'favorite monsters' but I have to use every single chance to scream out loud.... Screw these **** spiders. HATE them... sorry but now I feel better. Cheers
  14. That's how we played it... The attack after playing the aim card is aimed... the other one isn't. Yui... didn't do an illegal move!! My party would be angry.....
  15. Kylearan said: Hi, MaHaPaTe said: The Troll has Reach, too. ... Spawn him + Enraged + Aim can easily end (if the heroes stand close) in a total party kill. I don't think this is legal. As far as I know, you're limited to only one event card per trigger, and Rage + Aim would be two cards. -Kylearan Are you sure? Could you tell me where this is listed? We play a lot and i never heard of a rule like this. But still with one attack the Troll will (almost everytime) be able to kill at least one hero.
  16. apbevan said: The Giant is tough but slow. His attack is reach and sweep. Damage output may not be high like a troll but he can hit more than 1 hero. The Troll has Reach, too. In the master 'version' (which one you get by the spawn card) he gains Sweep. So it's the same... Spawn him + Enraged + Aim can easily end (if the heroes stand close) in a total party kill. And even if they don't stand this close he's still a 'one hit - one kill - machine' .
  17. But I do know this... Still reinforcement is a very strong/important thing. And as Kang-Amar-Atoth (is this right?) has a deamon on his side you can also reinforce a deamon. But also sorcerers or other monsters can be very nice to reinforce.... I'm playing the Deamon Prince right now and had three battles with Kang-amar-Atoth. All 3 ended in a total party kill. (I always upgrade Eldrich's first) So his minions are just brutal. I think he's the best lieutanent out there. (Don't forget the extra XP for razing cities or killing heros). Just love this guy
  18. In my opinion the Giant sucks somehow.... I'd go for Deamon, Chaosbeast (!), Dragon, Deep Elf, Troll Haven't played ToI yet so no experience with these monsters.
  19. Uppss... didn't know that. Hopefully my party never reads this But as I didn't play them it's not that bad... (but still illegal in this case). Got to take a look but perhaps 2 treachery cards without a treachery cost bring even more threat. Thanks for this information anyway!!!
  20. When i play the OL i always go for the Siege Engines... Razing Cities is important and somethind which is to be done the whole campaign. At least you should try ... So I think íts the best card you can purchase for the starting 15 xp...
  21. Okay... it's not in the rulebook. My mistake... but still you can't! From the gathered list of answered questions: Are lieutanents considered an avatar upgrad, e.g. can they be purchased before the game starts? It was not my intention that the OL be able to purchase Lieutenants with his starting free 15 XP. The heroes need a couple of turns to get into the swing of things. So no, you cannot purchase extra Lieutenants to start the campaign.
  22. That question has been asked before and the response was: No... the card allows you to attack two times which you can already do due to the battle action. In this case the card which allows you to move two times your normal movement is great because, if you declare a battle action, you can move 2 times your movement AND attack two times. Other great cards are (in my opinion): -Danger (gives you 10 threats for free... with the reinforcement during an lieutanent battle this is huge, a deamon costs 7 btw -of course Dark Charm and/or Animated Weapons (its almost a safe kill) -Lone Troll (put aim on him and that's (now really) a safe kill) ... i think every card can be nice in the right circumstances. I usually go for Dark Charm, Crushing Blow, Danger and/or the one which allows you to move two times your normal movement (**** the name would be great right now ... and if i got treachery left I pick some power cards just to discard them asap to gain threat. Again, in a lieutanent battle threat is really powerful (reinforce, spend for extra movement, spend for extra dice when attacking...) But that's just the way I play the OL. Don't know what others might think.
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