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  1. 52N6's ability is interesting, and looking at the the consequences of using this ability on the basic techs, the one that seemed possibly confusing would be against Stasis Capsules. If a fleet of say 3 cruisers w/ 3 GF's on board attacked an enemy with 52N6 and he nerfs Statis Capsules, what happens to the GF's? Does this change if he's involved in either Space Combat versus Planetary Invasions?
  2. Heroes felt like a little mini-game within the game to me overall, but that's not to say they don't have a direct impact. One of our players had a hero who at the end of his move eliminated an enemy or neutral unit within his hex. Also, 3 of our 7 heroes ended up drawing rewards that got our respective sides additional dragon runes, which influenced the game in a big way. And finally, heroes make great spies, since you can freely walk through enemy hexes and examine the runes in each one. So while I personally would have liked to see heroes having a direct influence in battles, they certainly can be a major impact to the overall game, with a little bit of planning and luck.
  3. Yeah, the errata will be coming soon, i'm sure. Give the community a few weeks to find any other issues (hopefully none). Thank you for the quick response, Corey. =D
  4. Got my copy from my LGS today, and 3 buddies were more than happy to help me break in the game. Ran into a slight hiccup during set-up, though. On Hexes 2A, 3C, and 6D, each shows the symbol for Giants as a starting Neutral unit for that hex, followed by the number 2, which we had read as the number of the indicated units to be placed in that hex at the start (per page 7 bubble and setup phase 4). However, there are only 4 Giant figurines in the game. This lead us to 2 conclusions: A) The afformentioned hexes should have only read as 1 figurine per hex, not 2. -or- B) There should be 6 Giants in the box, not 4. We ran under the assumption that option A was the correct one, and only placed one Giant in each hex. Just looking for clarification on this from the designers. A thought has also occured to me that perhaps hex 2A should remain at 2 Giants due to the extra resource it produces, while 3C and 6D should only be at 1 Giant each. Otherwise, the game ran very smoothly, and I managed to get completely demolished as the elves. ;(
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