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  1. What is the most popular card in your group for the adventure, spell, or expansion deck? The magic archive gets some cheers because its easy to get spells and sell the crappy ones for gold so you don't get stuck with them.
  2. It also depends on how many fields and hills there are. The middle board has hills but no fields.
  3. Velhart said: The Vampire almost looks like the 3th edition version. The only thing what the 4th R version does not have, is the life stealing from characters and raising dead followers compare to 3th But that's no problem. I like the 4th R version better What was the text on the 3th edition version?
  4. if you are enslaved at the temple can someone play the transport spell that switches spaces with two people? If you can does the person that switches with you become enslaved?
  5. Last game had some interesting turn of events. The three players were the gypsy, thief and prophetess. We play with the variant rule and deal three characters for each player. After the characters are dealt out everyone is flipped over so you can see which characters each player can choose from. Then everyone takes the cards into their hand and secretly picks a character then dumps the rest of the characters back in the box. When the prophetess was dealt out I knew she was going to be picked so picked the gypsy: the gypsy can pick up discarded spells after another player casts them. The other player was dealt the wizard, the thief, and I don't remember what the other character was. I of course hoped that the wizard would be picked so I could be picking up the prophetess and the wizards spells. He picked the thief which was beginning of my problems. The prophetess got off to an early lead using her ability to dump dangerous adventures for good cards. Like the other spell cyclers the prophetess was burning through the spell deck. One of the cool things about the gypsy is that you can talk people out of playing bad spells on you because they know that you will just pick the spell up and hit them back with it. A turn went something like this: "Are you sure you want to hit me with acquisition spell because I'll just steal the object back from you! If you hit the thief instead I promise that I won't cast acquisition on you when I pick the spell up." This kind of deal making meant that all the nasty spells were targeted at the thief. The thief had his revenge later in the game and I will tell you how next posting!
  6. If someone casts immobility on the gypsy, can the gypsy still pick up the immobility spell with her special ability?
  7. Dam said: Carrion Prince said: You can also use the transportation spell and switch places with the other player. Which is pretty hard, as you have to be in the same region as the char you swap with. If the other char is on the Inner Region, with the "take a life" Quest, you can't get there, SOL . There are there ways to enter the inner region if you beat the boss in the dungeon. If you win by 6 you go to the portal of power. If you win by 7 you go to the plain of peril. If you win by 8+ you go stright to the crown of command. If you have the transportation spell you can swap with someone on the as long as you beat him by 6 points. This is pretty hard of course, but not impossible.
  8. Gelmaron said: Although it might be possible to get around the situation (like defeating the Lord of Darkness if you have the Dungeon expansion),the options are few and time consuming, that you may as well just give up. You can also use the transportation spell and switch places with the other player.
  9. Have each person roll dice and the highest roll gets to go first.
  10. Velhart said: 8janek8 said: Hi 8janek8 You may not teleport to the same space. This would mean that you don't have move your character. Greetings, Velhart This seems to the intent of regular movement where you can't stay in the same space and encounter it again.
  11. JCHendee said: Hmmm... I thought this was a dead already. I think I'll just sit and watch the futility of both sides. Hey, Bantha, Tons... one of your want to grabs beers and chips and join me for the show... but make mine a glass of vino, if you would. Even if you through a hissy fit about a couple rulings on the faq you still have to admit that FFG is doing a pretty good job with the game. Everything but the upgrade kit and Frostmarch have sold out and Talisman is as popular as ever these days. FFG continues to support the game with promos, extra cards, the new faq....all while releasing new expansions at a good rate. Let's put all of this in perspective people, the future for Talisman looks as bright as ever.
  12. Mattr0polis said: @BRASKY What is wrong with you people? Dude, that's an article from the main page giving a general summary of the locations. They are not by any means going to post every single possible scenario that can happen at the Desert in an article that is mainly there to get more people to just buy the game. It's just a rough summary of how it works in the most general way, which is when you move there and are alone. Random news articles like that do not somehow trump the real rules. And "official rulings" are not a good defense? WTF, lol! Ok, here's a better one for you then! You're guys' whole point is that it "isn't as fun to play this way though"? Well guess what, to me and MANY others it IS! So oh look, we have the same defense: fun level. Only our side is backed by the Official rules you seem to hate so much. And I CAN "logically refute it" because it's a friggin board game! You're character doesn't need to eat every turn to stay alive, you're character doesn't sleep ever, you roll random dice & skip over a bunch of spaces on your move, etc, etc. There is no "real life" logic, so trying to say that it makes the most "sense" to lose a life in the desert is pointless. If you can somehow deal with all of those "real life inconsistencies" then why can't you deal with once every 10 games when there actually IS a person already on the Desert you would land on and then you don't lose a life when you attack them? It's ridiculous. Is that un-boring enough for you? Or what about walking around and finding bags of gold JUST SITTING THERE on the ground waiting to get picked up! I've walked through may fields and woods in the real world and never stumbled across a bag of money. Not even once. Using the word "logic" and "Talisman" in the same sentence makes me laugh every time.
  13. If I'm enslaved at the temple and a person casts transference on me, does he move to the temple and become enslaved? Am I still enslaved? I am thinking no to both.
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