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  1. Any word if they'll reprint the deluxe expansions? Every single one except Legends is unavailable on the FFG site. Same thing with Derricksburg and the Skavenblight packs.
  2. Signed. I would sign it twice if I could. I understand where FFG is coming from. Alas, I don't agree. I know they're wrong about this.
  3. Aww man, I have to wait for the NEXT big box expansion for more Anarch IDs?
  4. What they should've done is have the hobby stores organize the tourneys and post the votes with FFG. That being said, they should have created tourney kits for these stores and issue them to stores that will participate. Players can petition the stores to hold the tourney, so no one will get left out. When you think about it, the votes shouldn't be that hard to tally if done this way. This way, we can use the stores as magnets/hubs of tourney play no matter where they are in the world, and their voices can be heard re: the future of the game/metagame FFG, hope you're reading this.
  5. Cantwaitcantwaitcantwaitcantwait. Good think I didn't hit Ebay to buy this game.
  6. Anaheim, California. I have 2 people ready to play this.
  7. SICK_Boy has a point. True, the Core set allows you to learn the basics and play the game out of the box but without customization, you will have to deal with the same ol' thing each time you face a specific faction. At the same time, there is no such thing as a pre-built deck. There are specific cards affiliated with certain factions, but they don't form a pre-built or default deck, per se. Each side (The Corps and the Runners) even have "gray" or faction-neutral cards that can easily mix with any faction on each side. Working with faction-specific cards alone would leaving your deck lacking in efficiency and effectivity. If you get into the game, both you and your playing partner (i.e. your girlfriend for now) will learn and understand that customizing your deck to make it efficient and effective is the way to go. I said the very same thing to myself. "Lemme stick to the cards of each faction. Once I get the hang of it and learn the in-and-out of it, lemme learn deckbuilding." You and your playing partner will eventually find yourself in the same situation, even though you started with the "I'll play Netrunner just the way it comes in the box."
  8. Can anyone help me and my friend out? We started playing Netrunner last night and we both took turns playing the Corp and the Runner (1 win for each side). Does anyone know what are the most common overlooked rules in the game that new players might be making? I'm pretty sure he and I are doing at least a couple. Thought I'd ask the A:NR community their thoughts and takes on it.
  9. It's pretty out of the box game. It's a asymmetric game (Runners/Hackers vs. the Corporations) in which the Corps and the Runners never use the same cards. It's a 2 player game that allows a strong degree of variability. The Runners have 3 factions (Anarch, Criminal and Shaper) and 4 different Corporations (or Corps). Each faction has cards specific to their own. They also have gray cards that are factionless and can be used by any Runner faction, and the Corps have their own equivalent. There are guidelines the game uses to customize your deck. You don't have to do that at the start, but as you learn the game and start to "get" how it works, you will want to customize your deck for efficiency. I'm pretty sure that if your girl gets into it as well, she would want to customize her deck as well. The beauty of the LCG is that you don't have to buy endless amount of boosters to get the cards you need. The Core Set has everything you need. The monthly data packs (3 right now) allow for more customization. Check out the video tutorial found here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=207&esem=4 This will give you a feel for the game. Hope that helps. I would play with you both if you were local
  10. They recently announced that Warhammer Invasion expansion packs would be changed from monthly packs to 3 deluxe box expansions a year. Might this be the future of Netrunner? How do you guys feel about that?
  11. Thanks Miah! Your dedication and fanaticism to the game does you credit. ---bows
  12. Alexca1

    What year ?

    I actually asked this many threads ago. I've bought, but not read, the Android fiction that FFG has been coming out with. Perhaps the answer you/we seek is there.
  13. Oh boy. I can't wait. I wish for these things so it can really be a MERRY christmas at my house!
  14. Because great games deserve expansions! Grr! Hike! Hike! Hike!
  15. Doesn't look like he has a name. I'm gonna name him Deadeye!
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