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  1. I'm sure they will get the FFG one working again quickly, but you can try the Nexus one, there's a link to the .pdf at - http://www.nexusgames.com/read.asp?id=3714
  2. Sorry to hear you have so many problems with your copy... if by 'outside the US' you mean in Europe, try http://www.nexusgames.com/nexus.asp?op=contact
  3. and of course while I was picking up on that and writing about it ... FFG have got something on their own site about it already too... http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=1494 Really can't get used to these efficient companies, it's not what I've come to expect at all...
  4. Just spotted this over on BoardGameGeek - www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/546004/bon-card-errata-now-available-on-nexus-website "From Nexus Website A number of small errors appear in some unit cards of the first print run of Battles of Napoleon - The Eagle and the Lion, which become relevant when certain optional rules are used. An Event/Reaction card (#53) also included an error in the "reaction" part of its game text" The link on the Nexus games site, which also has a link to the .pdf for the revised cards, is http://www.nexusgames.com/read.asp?id=3714 (for some reason trying to paste that in to this message as a url loses the ?id=3714, which makes it pretty useless!), and FFG have already posted over in the BoardgameGeek thread how to get the replacement cards in the US.
  5. Ran across this at Boardgamegeek as well ; www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/74169/grand-melee "Grand Melée, the first expansion for Battles of Napoleon, contains additional game boards, in addition to more than 200 French and British figures that will allow players to reproduce and fight new and especially larger battles, as the boards are modular. Also Grand Melée will include an alternative set of bases with different colors to create a greater number of unit groups. The scenarios included are from the Peninsular campaign, the Waterloo campaign, and one from Egypt, with some interesting variations created by "zooming" in and out from the level used in the core set, and a Peninsular War scenario (Vimeiro/Ventosa) which can be played as two separate battles or one larger battle (even if historically the two battles were spaced a few hours apart, it's a reasonable "what-if" that they could influence each other more). Source: Nexus spring 2010 catalog, and thread/539499/arrived-at-last"
  6. Stalin said: Thanks to everyone who has had suggestions. While I appreciate them all, I am most eager to find solutions that don't require a high level of skill to use (i.e., glue is simple - drilling pins is way beyond my skill level). It's not as scary as you may think, honest. If you can't pin from the underside of the horse (I don't have a copy of the game yet, so didn't know the base of the figure was an issue), you just need a fairly steady hand, some cheap pins, and a pair of wire clippers. Push the pin into the saddle of the horse, until it's in deep enough that you think it feels solid, and then clip off the bit that sticks out above the saddle,and push the rider down hard onto that - must clippers leave a sharp enough 'point' on the piece you have cut that it goes into plastic soldier modely pretty easily, the only 'skill' is in estimating how long you need to leave the pin projecting above the saddle, and if in doubt it's worth picking up any of the 1/72d scale plastic cavalry sets around cheap and experiment for a few minutes until you have the hang of it.
  7. One suggestion (from a lot of time spent tabletop wargaming using 1/72nd scale plastics!) use a pin driven through the underside of the horse and up into the rider.
  8. Edit - Silly mistake by me, easier to get the rules for this one ( http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/battles-of-napoleon/minisite/battles-of-napoleon-rules.pdf ) than use the link I was going to mention, since it only gives them in a Flash 'readable on-screen only' version! Whilst both look more 'stylised' rather than 'tactical simulation', the GMT one looks to be muchmore abstracted, as with most of the C&C games, whereas this looks to add more touches to get a more distinctly Napoleonic feel for the battle. Sadly for my bank balance, I'll almost certainly end up getting both at some point when I can raise enough cash!
  9. I suspect The Professor's right, although I seem to recall it's more a 'mention' of the Tcho-Tcho than them 'starring'to any large extent. A few short story collections would fit your description - any clues about the setting, time period, or anything else you can remember about the story would be appreciated!
  10. Dark Young said: That's close but not quiet right. Even if the attacking player has no characters commited currently, lets say they (the attacker) commited one and then it was removed for some reason, the defending player can still move the military bike'd character there. Thanks for that - I had a feeling I hadn't quite got it right, but wasn't sure what I was missing!
  11. Nice work, needs a printable version and another edit purely for legibility, as well of course as some more clarifications - for example,the 'Military Bike' clarification is a bit murky, can someone please turn the following into English... "No, the defending player may not commit characters to stories where the attacking player has not committed characters to." I think it means to say "The defending player may not commit characters to stories where the attacking player has no commited characters", but I'm not quite certain!
  12. Dark Young said: I think it's actually only available with the "King of the Sea" expansion for the AGoT LCG. www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp I think what Robertlain is referring to was the old Stone Domains that were once made by FFG and purchasable with "Sanity" points torn from the CCG packages and won at tournaments. Yep, that's what was in the back of my mind - and now I've seen the link you have for the AGoT card, I'm hassling my local game store to make sure they get me one, it's superb - and if FFG make a similar set for Cthulhu, I'd buy them in a second!
  13. chicklewis said: Where can one purchase the house Kraken resin thang ? I believe they were only available from FFG by using points obtained from purchases or won in official tournaments, although it's not impossible one or two might make their way to EBay.
  14. Very nice quality videos (although I'm not too sure about the 'Choo Choo', that's most certainly not how I'd have pronounced Tcho Tcho! Or is the implication that train spotters are actually cultists...). I'm not sure if the slowness of the video is a bandwidth issue at FFG, but it's due on YouTube soon so you may find it's a quicker download from there. I used Real Player to copy the various sections onto my laptop, I can't get the neat front page/presentation screen but at least I can the videos to show to folks when I'm running a 'learn how to play' session
  15. Not yet, but as mentioned in this thread http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=35&efcid=4&efidt=105724&efpag=1 something is coming for Call of Cthulhu LCG, "Hey everyone, Keith here from the FFG media department. We are in fact working on a real CoC LCG demo video at this very moment. (In the same style as the AGoT video we created back in Feb.) Unfortunately we don't have the budget for actors in black cowls and poorly lit studios like in the old video, so we'll have to rely on good ol' fashioned motion graphics for this new one. Still working on the script this week, so we'll likely start production 1st thing next Monday. Stay tuned! -K" But there's always the original video for the earlier CCG, as posted by a 'countmarius75', who I suspect of being around here somewhere with a cunningly disguised username...
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