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  1. I also have an extra set of these I am willing to send out to someone. PM me your snail and I will send them out this week.
  2. Hmm, so you can use Strange Eons for Elder Sign too? ****, there goes my free time...
  3. I just started reading this today. I am going to give it a chance. I'm on chapter two. I bought the book because I love Fantasy Flight Games and I love Lovecraftian tales. This is not written in the style of Lovecraft, C. A. Smith, R. E. Howard, or any of the original pulp writers. I'm going to withhold my commentary until I get farther into it, but my initial impression is not good.
  4. OK so they are not sold separately from the LCG?
  5. Hey all, not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but I was wondering if the fine folks at FFG had produced a set of Cthulhu-themed playing cards? I am not talking a specialized game like LCG or a collectible card game, I am just looking for a set of standard deuce through ace Hearts Spades Diamonds Clubs playing cards. Would love to get my tentacles on a deck of these! TK
  6. kroen said: There is a monster thread? link, please. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=113&efcid=1&efidt=74704
  7. al you are doing with that card is determining the location of the Servant's entry into the game. It gets discarded.
  8. We've already had one investigator devoured. We played about 6 turns last night and have had 3 monster surges already. Wilson visited the Black Cavee and had a choice of gaining a corruption card and adding 2 to the terror level (or the other way around), or removing one token from the doom track and being devoured. He was fun to play while he lived... Yeah there are a number of ways to get devoured in this scenario, but it seems easier, so far, than the last one.
  9. as for what calibur of curses...I'd make it a range...just as there are a range of good items.
  10. just tossing out ideas.
  11. I have been doing some thinking about cursed items. Here is an alternative thought. Instead of putting the cursed items in the decks as normal...what if there were certain "artifact" items that were put into the Common and Unique decks, that once drawn or purchased, you then drew from a second deck to see just what you got. Say, there is an item like this... Then you put all your fun cursed items, as well as some good items in the Artifact deck, with at least 50% good in the deck. That way, you could get a bargain and get a really nice thing for $3 or you could get a +1 two handed sword that you have to use in any fight...
  12. 6 hours is a little far to drive to play.....meet me in Albany...
  13. Dark Jco. said: It might be a good idea to blitz the skill + common item shops and just prepare for the final battle while keeping the monsters under control so the terror level doesn't sky rocket. One of the previous games I gave all my money to Pete who went to the General Store shopping. Had some nice things when the GOO awoke. Considering there are a lot of monsters in BGotW that are treated as cultists, this is gonna be tough.....
  14. Dark Jco. said: While these items are fun I think that they shouldn't be shuffled into the decks until after starting equipment has been dealt out. Also I think that allowing them to be traded actually adds to the fun of the game as well as allowing them to be stolen.W Wow, I opened up a ncie thread! Nice! The way I see it when I wrote the item, is , yeah, it hurts to get those cluse to how to defeat the GOO. But hey...if you are in another world with five clue tokens, and get something that eats a clue...how many people would be willing to lose a temp sanity to get a clue back to seal the gate? I'd bet everyone would... You already spend sanity on spells that may or may not work, why not spend sanity to gain clues. Thats what research into the Elder Evils does...drives you nuts. And besides....buying Unique items is not the only way to get them. If you just so happen to find one in the walls of The Unnamable...you don't have a choice but to take it.
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