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  1. Having taken about a year and a half out of GM-ing due to various reasons, I've desided to start up a new game involving 2 close mates and my gf. The opening lines will be something like this: "The first thing you are aware of is the throbbing pain in the back of your head as, gradually, you start to regain conciousness. Around you you can hear the rattling of chains, laboured breathing and the occasional moan. You open your eyes are greeted by more darkness and blurred shapes. As you adjust to the gloom you can make out 5 other figures in various states of decay chained up against the wall. You try to move and the high pitched rattling of cold steel chains assaults your ear-drums as you realise you aren't going anywhere. A faint moan comes from the centre of the room and you force your eyes to focus on the figure strapped to a pinth. Two large glass containers hang on iron stands to either side if the man, 1 empty, 1 filled with a bright green liquid, with tubes puncturing each arm. To your horror the empty jar starts to fill with blood as the green fluid level starts to go down. There is a brief moment of silence followed by a loud scream that echos around the chamber. You turn your head to avoid the grizzly sight only to see a green fluid filled jar and a tube leading to your arm........." What do you think guys?
  2. Hi Guys, I've got a one off game to run this weekend, I want to make some pre gen characters at about level 5 but I don't want to make them over powered. What would you suggest for the number of skills & talents at that level? I've wracked my brain and come up blank.
  3. I know this isn't really the place but I have lots of gripes about the BA codex but the main one is this The new shiny vehicle is called a STORMRAVEN......... WTF was is not included in the Space Wolf codex. It's got Fenris written all over it?
  4. This one is a simple one. Hand them over to the nearest eldar fleet/craftworld and make sure they are well treated, well fed and understand the fact that 3 other ships were destroyed is just the way things go sometimes. Today you are the pigeon but tomorrow you may be the freshly polished car.
  5. Dude, your stuff absolutely rocks, 10/10 for the conversions and the writing. Where did you come up with idea for using tryanid guns as heads?
  6. Gregorius21778 said: VarniusEisen said: Before any of you go off on a rant about how he shouldn't have the Exitus gear, I'm not some noob GM with no clue about the rules but my group likes high powered gear and high powered enemies. Well, may I then rant about how you first allow your players to make a mess and that afterwards you rant about the mess they made? I'm not ranting about the mess he's made because he hasn't made one and neither have I. He just insists he carries everything all the time. It's nothing I can't handle, I was just curious about how other would deal with it.
  7. Hi guys, I have a slight problem in the form of an imperial guard gun bunny who insists on carrying around the following: Exitus rifle, Exitus pistol, bolt pistol, bolter w/ underslung grenade launcher, sawn off shotgun, and about 10 turns worth of ammo for everything. Before any of you go off on a rant about how he shouldn't have the Exitus gear, I'm not some noob GM with no clue about the rules but my group likes high powered gear and high powered enemies. Anyway, getting back to the point, using encumberance just doesn't seem to cut it seeing as he has a higher than average STR & T. The players reasoning behind carrying a small arsenal is that he wants to be prepared for any situation. How would you, as a GM, deal with him? I've got a few ideas but i'm also looking for some outside inspiration.
  8. Hi guys, I'm a GM with a medium sized group and a huge story line. All the characters are about level 5-6. I really like the idea of having an evolving story/game. What I was wondering is this: How easy is it to convert characters from 1 game system to another. The group consists of the following, A psyker, guardsman(sniper), cleric, assassin and a sororitas. when you read my brief outline of my story you may understand why I'm asking thing question. The story The Inquisitor has recruited the group from various planets over the course of about 3 years(in-game), he's helped them out, bailed them out and given them everything they need for a number of reasons. First and formost is that he wants them on his side WHEN the poop hits the fan. The =][= had some dealings with the Serated Query in the past, when he tried to get out of it they kidnapped his wife and handed her over to the Dark Eldar. The =][= now works for them to ensure that his wife doesn't get tortured. HOWEVER, during this time he has grown to see the Imperium as a festering stinkhole and not worthy of protecting. Eventually he will disappear for a few years and use his inquisitorial resources to re invent himself as a rogue trader before spreading the news that Inquisitor Varnius Eisen and his whole team were wiped out persecuting some foul xenos species. Without his peers and other puritanicals watching over his shoulder he's then free to go after the SQ and get his wife back. What do you think?
  9. Hey guys, I've got a slightly odd group that just doesn't seem to (a) work together or (b)work within the setting of the game. The group consists of a guardsman who speaks to everyone like they are a piece of s*** (including his superiors), a cleric who recently joined the Red Redemption and is under the impression that anyone the disagrees with him should be shot at and a psyker that thinks it's funny to summon weird gribblies out of the warp. As characters they have been working together long enough to know about each others strengths and weaknesses but they just don't work as a team. The guardsman wants to lead from the back as a sniper but he carries so many guns and ammo that any hit he takes should have him going up like a fireworks display. The cleric just wants to kill the pysker and the psyker doesn't seem to pay attention long enough to keep up with the plot. Whenever something goes right they just accept it as being normal but they ***** and moan something chronic when things go wrong and they take a beating. The group is in short, a bunch of power gaming noobs despite the fact that I've been GM-ing with this group for a few years and it's almost enough to make me jack it all in and say "Screw it, game over" I'm at my wits end........HELP ME!
  10. Personally. (in game of course) I would drag the pysker into the middle of the village, get 2 people to hold him up and then kick him in the nuts. While he's doubled over in pain I'd then force feed him some raw meat. Thing don't tend to be as funny when they are happening to you. It's upto the group leader to keep tabs on everyone and met out punishment as and when it's due. Still there is always the favorite idea of using an explosive collar on the pysker.
  11. Yes the medical bills were worked out more or less from the rule books. However the bills were so high because I wanted them to think about all the implications involved in going off half cocked and getting shot up. Also they can leave the planet simply by saying "Kiss my ass! We work directly for the throne" or something like that. But I told them they can't leave just to see their reaction. What the group doesn't know is that their wonderful Inquisitor that helps them out, provides what ever they need and smooths out any problems is buying their loyalty because he actually works for the SQ and wants them onboard.
  12. Actually the group spent a week sodding about doing nothing with the 3 downed members got healed up. During that time Theodosia cleaned house and fled the planet. After the week was up I presented the characters with medical bills totalling about 15000 thrones and told them that they can't leave the planet unless they pay up. When they started investigating again they found that everything lead to a dead end. Blown up buildings, mass murders and no trace of who did it. They have yet to go to they JC place in Ambulon but when they do they will see their inquisitor emerging looking extremely pissed off. they will then have to give reports to 2 inquisitors. cue grilling.
  13. Hi guys, I could really do with some input from my fellow GM's. Here is the situation. *SPOILER* The group of Acolytes are in the alabaster court. Mingling with the crowd and generally making a good impression. It gets to about 1 A.M (game time) and Theodosia walks in and starts to talk to Shoal, having dragged him off to one side. So far so good. The group is well spead out and are keeping an eye on him. BUT (here is where it all goes Pete Tong) Then the cleric decides to walk up to Theo and Shoal and declares "Imperial Inquisition! No body move!". As per the book, Theo shoots Shoal in the head, stabs the cleric with his 2 power blades, reducing him to 0 wounds and runs off. At this point Shoal hadn't mentioned anything about Ambulon and the cleric got him killed. The groups psyker the tried to heal the cleric and failed biblically and ended up summoning an aetheric storm and electrocuting about 40 nobles and taking the cleric to -4 Critical. The magistratum guard then turned all guns on the psyker and took her down. Here is my problem. I have two characters in intensive care. An Inquisitional cell with blown cover and 3 characters wondering what to do next because they have no leads. I was thinking about sending a merc team to take out the 2 characters in the ICU and another merc team to take out the remaining chars at the Strophes house but I don't want to punish the group for 1 persons mistake. Thanks for reading.
  14. Here is how I play it. Guardsman X buys a new lasgun for 100 thrones (just an example), thro wear and tear that lasgun is now worth only 50 thrones if it is sold. However Guardsman X looks after it and cleans it only a daily basis (+10% to resell price) making it worth 60 thrones. He also has a Ad Mech friend that gives the gun all the proper treatment , blessings and sacred oils (+10% per level of success on Trade:Armourer test) and scores 3 LoS making the gun now worth 90 thrones. Guardsman X then tries to sell the gun to a trader and bigs up the guns history and is polite and respectful to the trader. The player rolls Fel vs Traders Int scoring 3 LoS to the traders 1, upping the value by another 20%. The lasgun bought for 100 thrones on one planet was sold on another for 110 thrones just thro maintenance and a few nice words.
  15. Funnily enough I had exactly the same situation occur the other night. The only players were the tech preist and the guardsman . the Techy was making the exchange while he was covered by the guardsman. Theo wastes the bounty hunter grabs the case and legs it. In a display of emperor like awesomeness the techy whips out his bolt pistol and fires off 2 rounds rolling "03" then rolls 2 tens on the damage and thro the roll ups, manages to do 45 points of damage to Theo. My ruling: The bolts blast straight thro his lower arm, severing the hand at the wrist causing him to drop the case. As GM it's up to you to make sure that Theo stays alive for the final scenes. Now, however my player know that he's hard but they still don't know HOW hard.
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