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  1. Hi Guys! I've been working on an experimental scenario for Arkham Horror that, if effective, can become a really good ruleset. In my long tenure of running Arkham Horror games of nearly every single expansion combination possible in our group, I've found that giving players the knowledge of where the monsters and gates actually spawn give them a rather omnipotent view of the game itself. I find it too absurd for an Investigator in the Asylum to "know" that a gate has opened up in the Woods and knows exactly how to get there. In my aim to make the Arkham Horror experience more 'realistic', I've thrown in together some rule modifications and put them together as a Scenario with a matching Herald. Let me share them here: It comes with this Herald: Basically, the player who serves as the game's 'GM' is tasked with the responsibility of concealing the monster and gate locations for the rest of the players. This can either be tracked through a makeshift board or other means (writing them in a sheet of paper, using photoshop, or something else). The players have the advantage of not meeting monsters along the way but they run the danger of setting off the terror tracker. Little knowledge of gates and clues means that everyone has to work together to scour the entire town for the gates and clues themselves. I've run two legs of this game with 6 players on both games. They won over the scenario with the terror trackers at 8 and 10 respectively. They didn't even know that their Ancient Ones were Shub-Niggurath and Azathoth for the first and second games. Leave your comments and suggestions. Thanks guys!
  2. After reading that Session Report of the 4 investigators vs Nyarly I just can't help but recount that experience I had when I ran Scenario 6 with my friends at the Dice Project. As the title suggests, our victory was most owed to Professor Harvey Walters himself! Before I get too excited in recounting my experience, I'd just like to say beforehand that we aren't that familiar with the true potential or possible godlike potentials of the Professor in our regular games - we normally take him as a tome-reader or a spellcaster, one who can handle encounters in places where there are notorious instances of losing Sanity. But this one completely changed our view - maybe we were just lucky there, or maybe it was just in the hands of an experienced player, but our future league (and even regular) games would involve him in the lineup! It started with Scenario Six, the one against Shudde M'ell. As early as game setup the Professor was already given an Enchanted Blade. Okay, that seemed good enough to have for a magic-oriented person. His teammates revolved around Diana Stanley, Sister Mary, Kate Winthrop, Jenny Barnes, Wilson Richards, and "Ashcan" Pete. The first Mythos opened a gate in the woods, and out marched a Cthonian and a Byakhee. Without further ado, the Professor went up and hobbled to the gate. Much to our surprise, the Professor, armed with his somewhat-average Enchanted Blade, took down the Cthonian and the Byakhee and entered the other world! Several turns passed later and the Professor's killing spree went higher and higher, not minding in the slightest that he's squaring up to monsters that regularly take out 2-3 sanity points (which he always fails on horror checks, thereby receiving the discounted sanity loss), just regularly spending turns at the Asylum to refill his sanity. We normally task Jenny Barnes with fund support so the Professor was always kept in check. It was when Sister Mary paid a visit to South Church that our fate turned from the better to the best: She blessed Professor Walters! After that singular investment that seemed just normal for any fighter to get (we normally treat blessings as supplements and not uber buffs that can completely change the tide) and somewhat easy to lose with an unlucky dice roll, the Professor's kills just went off the chart. Sometimes when monsters appear on streets due to the Mythos he marches straight up to them and decimates the entire lot. Really, we were all surprised as the Professor gathered up monsters in droves and to think throughout the game he never lost his blessing. The Professor's unworldly skill did give us the chance to clean out the gates and eventually we won with an all-gate closure, with three locations sealed. When we started counting for scores, the monster trophies that everyone else got (summed up) was dwarfed at the single pile of monsters that the Professor collected by himself. So yes, now we've changed our views: This scholarly, elderly, frail old man isn't someone you ought to mess with. Not even in class.
  3. A 6-seal win is hard, but by all means not impossible. In our games we normally let a certain few people get the essential clue token amount to seal a gate (usually we stock up on 6-7 just in case something bad happens in the Other Worlds) and the others, as what was previously mentioned, perform the other tasks of shopping for goods (the Dilettante for one LOL), kill monsters roaming around the board, among others. The books that yield clue tokens are a big help as well, as with the Alien Statue and the Ancient Tablet. Any item that can spare us extra clue tokens to seal gates are always worth keeping even if the Sanity losses are there. While we normally don't play for scores unless it's the league, Elder Signs are always good items to have in regular games. Thematically speaking, they ARE good tools to seal off the Ancient Ones so it must not be discouraged for the first-timers to have an Elder Sign or two used every game, especially in a game where the core game is the only one being used (more chances of getting those 4 Elder Signs!). However, league-goers or the advanced players can go for more challenging win criteria by closing off all the gates or winning in the final battle.
  4. Thanks! Looking forward to your comments and to those who would want to try them out as well I actually have several other scenarios made, but I'm still in the process of refining 'em. Let me know if this works out XD
  5. Hi to all fellow Investigators out there exploring the depths of the Mythos that is Arkham Horror! My online pseudonym is Dave Aflaris, but you guys can call me Dave. I'm a big fan of the Arkham Horror series and me and my friends frequently play the game during our weekly gaming meets. We've even come as far as to join the official Arkham Horror Second League and we're progressing quite well in our exploits under the name of "The Dice Project" Inspired by what the creative minds of Fantasy Flight Games have been scheming to make a truly challenging league for all of us, I was struck with inspiration to start drafting scenarios to challenge everyone here and hopefully appreciate more the game and its expansions. Also to keep you guys occupied while waiting for the next scenarios to come. Since the League has been putting much emphasis on Ithaqua and Shub-Niggurath for the past five scenarios, even going as far as to integrate the Black Goat of the Woods and Dunwich Horror of late, I've decided to put a much-set-aside Ancient One in this entire scheme of things - Hastur, The King in Yellow. My first set of drafted scenarios covers Hastur making his foray into the already mad world of Arkham Horror, league-two style! You'd notice a similarity in format to the current League Two scenarios but I've done my best to make it as original as possible and as challenging as I can. To start off, here's a starting story for my first custom scenario: ***** From the diary of Julianne Smith 3rd of May: Everything was a blur today, murky as the mysterious waters around the River Docks at night. I do not even know how long I was walking home today, walking home from Miskatonic University theater after watching the first Act of the famed "King in Yellow" play currently visiting Arkham. To be honest I halfheartedly attended the performance at the behest of my parents, who both worked for the University and insisted that I be immersed into some culture and not be cooped up at our mansion. Now I come to truly regret even going there at all. I was even glad that one of my trusted friends, Kate Winthrop from Miskatonic University, was there attending the play as well. Although she has seen more madness than what transpired in the first Act of the play, she could not help herself but be disturbed by what the strange cloaked actors intend to portray to the public. Why, just last week we witnessed Father Michael lose his wits in the middle of his preaching at South Church, throwing the holy chalice at a mass attendant and almost injuring the poor young man as his words trailed to the play we had just witnessed a while ago. Then there was poor Ma Mathison, driving all of her tenants out of her house and barring down the entire area right after heading home from the theater. Goodness knows what that play does to the human mind! My father was kind enough to let some of the people that poor mad Ma had chased out of the house - some of them being notable dilettante Jenny Barnes, who had come to Arkham to look for her missing sister; infamous gangster McGlen, among others. And just now I've come back from supper to learn from my father that poor Sheriff Engle, whom I chanced to see earlier today at the theater, had gone on a frenzy and shot three civilians who passed by the Police Station after watching the play today! Arkham has changed since this play started at the University. Lately a thick mist hung in the air while the first Act commenced for the past few weeks and as we passed the creepy Silver Twilight Lodge on our way home, we get glimpses of unusual activity and festivity of the members therein. Apparently they are relishing the fact that such an insane play is manifesting itself in our poor town! I pray to higher forces that whatever this unsettling feeling I'm getting is, I hope it doesn't turn for the worse. As I write this entry in my diary I see Jenny in deep conversation with Sister Mary, whom we also have taken in after the mad priest chased her out of the church, and on the other end there's McGlen, being held back by Ms Fern from the Asylum and being attended to by Dr Lee from the Hospital. Our mansion's become a beacon of hope for these people, it seems, and I don't want them to lose it now. Even I am getting weird and insane thoughts in my mind. I just hope it doesn't drive me to the brink of insanity as well. ***** This Scenario puts Hastur in power against the Investigators, being heralded by a fellow Ancient One - Ithaqua. Allow me to present, The Mist of Madness: Act One www.filefactory.com/file/agg148c/n/The-Mist-of-Madness-Act-One_pdf Will appreciate comments, suggestions, or any reactions. Many thanks, guys, more power to everyone!
  6. Like the one they did for the Prologue? Yes that would be nice for compiling / future use
  7. We played Scenario 1 with a team of 8 Investigators and took 2.5 - 3 hours (that resulted in that epic win they had) Scenario 2, however, we played with one sitting after our regular tabletop RPG session. We ended about the same time with a win So yes, in the average, maybe 2-3 hours for a League game
  8. It looks deceptively easy, yes, but I won't say anything final until we get to experience this scenario for ourselves XD
  9. We had a paltry score of 4 for 8 investigators. It's the first one on record and I'm wondering whether to post it or not. It sucks for a large team! T_T
  10. NOTE: My post is purely prediction and deduction from what the Scenario Flavor Text has had so far. It may or may not have a direct bearing with the upcoming Scenario 2. I will justify my guesses when the Scenario itself appears. The flavor text has had a bearing upon the Scenarios, from what I see. Last time Chapter One talked of giant hooves of a goat marked on the ground and people losing sanity everywhere, which was justified with Shub-Niggurath as the Ancient One for that (The Black Goat of the Woods) and the sanity modifiers being - well - modified. The characters, while most of them appeared in Chapter Two, did come out as they are and Calvin Wright's presence was of course, predictable. With Chapter Two, the appearance of the Cult of the Hundred (which may or may not differ from BGoTW's One of the Thousand Cult) might suggest an Ancient One with a powerful Cult in Arkham. From what I can see on the Ancient Ones, its either Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep that have powerful cults at work (Cthulhu having an elite cult of worshippers, while Nyarly has innumerable cults). I'd predict that Nyarlathotep makes his appearance in the next one. The characters of the story didn't seem to change, they just added in those that were in Scenario 1 but were not mentioned in the Scenario 1 flavor text. Maybe Michael McGlen would disappear or something would happen to him as he went out hunting for monsters as said in the story. Regarding that, I would assume as well that monsters would have another status modified this time (since McGlen swore he "took care" of a monster already but it didn't die, which may possibly mean that they'd have either added toughness, modified combat ratings, or some other combat-related thing.) What do you guys think?
  11. We had a lucky win against Shub-Niggurath with 8 players. We were hit by several consecutive monster surges and the terror track went high hell to 10 as early as Doom Track 6. The Investigators held out for several rounds until the monster count exceeded 22 and thus prompted Shub-Niggurath to wake up. Miraculously, though, the Investigators defeated Shub-Niggurath with only Ashcan Pete remaining. The score, sad to say, was dismal. 4 points. Not hardly worth placing in the annals of this Scenario's records for ranking T_T
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