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  1. I'm pretty pleased with the changes brought by the fifth edition, actually. I have GMed Vampire almost since it came out, back in the nineties, and know the setting very well. The metaplot changes from V20 to V5 fit well, I think - I like a bit of a shake-up every now and then. The reduction in the number of Disciplines is interesting, and I think it works fairly well. Most of all, I love the fact that the game now is a lot more focused on the personal horror of being a vampire. My current campaign is about a "Vehme" group in Oslo, Norway, where I have adjusted the setting as I have used it for years with all of the metaplot developments. I love how the very familiar game (and setting) is throwing a few surprises at my players, who now have to contend with a Banu Haqim Primogen, Ministry Anarchs and an ever-present Second Inquisition, all the while trying to cope with their Beasts and the constant Hunger. All in all, I'm quite happy with V5. If I ever get to the point where I want to start a campaign featuring powerful Elders, I might want to return to V20, but for a "normal" Vampire game, V5 is excellent for my needs.
  2. I have played many different RPGs over the years, though it is currently reduced to a few active campaigns, after having had a few major changes in my life. I still play with different groups, though. Currently, I am GMing a Vampire: the Masquerade game (v5), as well av playing in two different D&D 5E campaigns in addition to EotE. It's not enough!
  3. Well, the transport costs will have been lower, if you actually bought it in Sweden. But I agree, there is little reason to skimp on the sturdiness of the cardboard. That's not going to make the price skyrocket. That said, Swedish roleplaying seems to be in something of a golden age these days. The number of high-quality games coming out is staggering. I am especially fond of Fria Ligan - they are doing some great things. Yeah, I haven't really played anything Swedish since Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare stopped, but Mutant: År Noll might get me back in (that's the game I bought btw) I absolutely LOVE Mutant: År Noll. I backed Coriolis as well, so I'm looking forward to getting it, but man... M:Å0 rules! But this is getting very off topic...
  4. Well, the transport costs will have been lower, if you actually bought it in Sweden. But I agree, there is little reason to skimp on the sturdiness of the cardboard. That's not going to make the price skyrocket. That said, Swedish roleplaying seems to be in something of a golden age these days. The number of high-quality games coming out is staggering. I am especially fond of Fria Ligan - they are doing some great things.
  5. A new Beginner Box is nice and all, but I don't get if this is supposed to be stand-alone, tied to one of the existing games or a cross-over kind of thing. The box makes it look like a Force and Destiny thing, but the careers do not. I'm looking forward to more knowledge!
  6. TFA doesn't really provide enough information on the status of things in that period of time to warrant a new core, IMO. I haven't read the books and comics, though, so I might be missing a bit. And a second edition at this time would feel like punch in the face, really. But SOMETHING's up, for sure.
  7. To me, it feels like FFG is waiting for something before they announce a new slew of books. Or even a brand new core book, IDK. In the meantime, they try to tide us over with this scrap. I'll take it for now. But I don't agree with Brian Young on how to use Ahsoka, necessarily.
  8. I would be VERY interested in more Adversary decks, no matter the theme. TFA adversaries might not fit all that well into either of my campaigns, but I would find a use for them anyway. And like Richardbuxton, I buy everything except the spec decks, which I find useless.
  9. I'd start with building Anakin as a Jedi, and then adding cybernetics (and xp) to make him more Vader-ish. I'd say Anakin's strongest stats would be Agility and Willpower - Vader probably has higher Brawn after adding cybernetic arms.
  10. Depends really on what your characters do for a living; as smugglers give them sensitive cargo as conflict doesn't have to be about extreme decisions, just about opportunities. Personally I strongly dislike the concept of grey Jedi (the term is used for slander for those that don't adhere precisely to the Jedi order's conformity. Characters don't just use the dark side causally.) but I imagine the way of the grey jedi would also require a bit of selfishness. E.g. if a particlar person or crime lord has an artefact essential for rebuilding the order, you must have it for your purpose, even if you have liberate it from them unwillingly. Have the PC notice something in the middle of a deal, during a raid. Naturally wealth will rarely be enough, unless one applies the 5 digit discount. A force adapt, Tobin Stryder, robbed Kaltho the Hutt blind in a second daring raid to steal the jewel of yavin (after the events of the Jewel Of Yavin, it had remained in Kalthos procession after the dust had settled), though he failed (a mind trick later and he didn't notice a particlar character until that NPC was on a starship, blasting a hole through the wall), he was able to liberate several lightsaber crystals and a wealth of rare, experimental material for his alliance backers and the favour of a powerful ally in a rival hutt. He however, gained a healthy slab of conflict for robbing a innocent party and excessive property damage (the Hutt has never actually done anything to earn this PC's ire directly, he's a very real victim in a entirely unprovoked raid just as a call out for a reputatiable bounty hunter, Dillenger.), which sent him from 70 to 50ish after all was said and done*. In short, it's very possible to use conflict to gain very positive results but earn huge conflict to represent questionable methods. Present opportunities to gain very helpful resources for huge emotional consequences. *Totally worth it for a HWK-1000! Cool story, and I agree with much of what you say. The problem for me (as GM) is that the themes of the campaign do not fit well with a Force user attempting to stay balanced - almost all of the missions the characters are doing are heroic and selfless. I'm pushing the player in question to perform acts that will add Conflict, but it often ends up going against the flow of the campaign, so to speak. I don't really have an issue with the fact that a good Force user gets a high Morality, as such. It's more that it is insanely easy to become a Light Side Paragon without doing much of anything, really. Never mind, though, I don't really have a problem or anything. I just wanted it on the record that the game seems too heavily tilted towards the Light Side mechanically. You'd have to be pretty set on going Dark Side, and that's not at all how it's presented in the movies, where the Jedi have to be on their very best behaviour at all times to avoid temptation.
  11. I have a single F&D character among the PCs, and much of the game's focus isn't on the Force. The character in question is also pretty ignorant of the ways of the Force yet, so she doesn't use her Force abilities much. I have decided that she should only roll for the effects of Conflict in the sessions she is actively using the Force, and that works well enough. The main problem I see is that it is too easy to become a Light SIde Paragon - unless the player is using a lot of Dark Side pips and doing some horrendous actions, her character's Morality is steadily increasing. Since her mentor is a Grey Jedi, who stresses the importance of Balance between the two sides, this doesn't work so well for us. I'm considering replacing the Morality system altogether with something else, actually. We'll see.
  12. To my mind, Inquisitors should be unique. I'm not a fan of the conformity of the Inquisitors in Rebels, I would want them to be individuals to a greater degree. That's how I use them myself - my Inquisitors are uniquely statted, equipped and motivated. Like any Sith or Jedi NPC would be in my games.
  13. I really can't say... I didn't think anyone could say. I was more or less speculating on the possibility. More so since I don't own all the planet based sourcebooks so I wasn't sure if there was precedent for a planet to show up in an adventure and then show up again in a planet based sourcebook with a deeper look at it. I don't know about precedent, but I'm sure it would happen if the developers felt it was right.
  14. This one will be interesting. I just had my PCs sneak around in the Jedi temple on Coruscant. I have a feeling it will look quite a bit different in the book...
  15. Star Wars has been a part of my life for quite a bit longer than RPGs have. I started playing RPGs in about 1989, and mostly played Warhammer Fantasy the first few years. I remember seeing WEGs Star Wars game in my local game shop in, maybe, 1990 or so, but didn't really think much of it. I only recently startet combining RPGs and SW with Edge of the Empire. That won't end any time soon, though!
  16. I agree. A Coruscant sourcebook would be my first choice.
  17. FedEx is delivering the Core book and GM kit to me TODAY! Even though I live in the far, far away place of Norway! Yay for expensive international shipping!
  18. I'm Norwegian, and there are a few others as well, AFAIK. Not sure about Swedes, though.
  19. Ah, great, thanks! I didn't think any of the books had information on this. I'll check out Far Horizons and Dangerous Covenants as soon as I get home.
  20. I'm starting a new campaign in which the players are going to run a private investigation firm. I'm a bit unsure how much people should be paying for their services, however. Does anyone have any tips for this? I'm going to send them on different missions, but I guess I just need an approximate credit value for a simple mission, such as retrieving some stolen goods or exposing a cheating spouse. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I want the next book to be one of the two remaining Career books. While I don't think the EotE line will "die", I am a bit worried about indefinite delays on the splat book because of the new, shining core book. That said, I believe FFG is doing a pretty fine job with this franchise so far.
  22. Oslo, Norway. I doubt that makes kaosoe yearn for a specific drink...
  23. We don't know how much the ship was modified when Han acquired it. Maybe Lando did most of the customisation?
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