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  1. Solder piano wire ( or a medium gauge plain steel B string for a guitar) paint it black, use VP or Miliput to make the studs for the fighters to mount to.
  2. I was thinking about painting my bases black...now I know I will.
  3. How about an age of sail game using wings of war movement mechanics with 1/1200 scale multipart plastic ships.
  4. I have the original english version published by GW way back when the earth was still cooling. Assuming not much has changed. DQ can be played solitaire. NO DM REQUIRED. The dungeon is randomly generated. The rules are short and few, you will be playing within ten minutes. I've never played Descent, but in DQ when you get to the treasure chamber, there is a REAL temptation not to search for treasure.
  5. Well after reading Richard Borgs post... I'M WAY OFF BASE!
  6. I find that putting the magnet on the bottom of the figure and using cheep sheet metal in the storage is more flexible, that way you can make smaller metal trays for each unit to use in the game. Not that big of a deal in battle lore, but try moveing a hundred and eighty individual GW figs. It's fast to apply the magnets, I did the above mentioned GW figs in less than ninety minutes. Just peel off the backing on the magnet, press the fig on, then use a hobby knife to cut around the base. You'll find your magnets go farther this way too.
  7. didn't I see this on you tube? or did it just inspire you? I like the chest.
  8. I have found that playing on felt works the best, as the cards are easier to pick up. It would be nice if the mat were made of some similar material.
  9. It's the way the game is designed. develope a strategy and deal.
  10. the darken the skies card was most likely inspired by the actual battle. if one could take a thousand welsh longbowmen from Henry's army transport them forward in time 390 years , put them in the service of Mack, I'd dare say they might have stopped Davout's corps at austerlitz. so all in all, if the historical result occurs the majority of the time I would venture to say 'good scenario design'.
  11. as far as letting the owner decide whether they run or die, I would say absolutel NOT! they're out of your control, they would be out of the control of any unit commander, much less the army commander. of course if the army commander is represented on the board as a fig (hero rules anyone) thus representing the location of the CnC on the board, I could see giving the player some sort of control over an individual running unit.
  12. I'm just wondering, since battlelore figs are soft plastic, did you have any problems with your basecoat? If not, did you use standard spray paint or some other medium?
  13. buy it I did, just so I could have the complete DOW set. plus the troll figure is pretty good for soft plastic.
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