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  1. Try this: http://battleloremaster.com/images/guild/SiegeofJuvage.pdf It's a break-through scenario and has a nice story to it.
  2. Poor character can start with a crossbow but not a longbow which is cheaper. Spears being fast, and therefore better than hand weapons. I would think hand weapons are better than spears since that is what they used in the middle ages. 12 arrows = 2 encumbrance. I’m going to rule that the 2 enc is for the quiver not the arrows. I think I’ll let my PC carry 36 arrows inside the quiver for the 2 enc. cost. Every additional dozen after that is an additional 1 point of encumbrance. (I’d like to hear experienced GM opinions on this house rule.) One quick question: Is the only way to get defense and soak is with armor? (I know toughness = soak but apparently agility does not confer any defense bonus right?) So an unarmored PC with a toughness of 3 would have 0 defense and 3 soak correct? (I’m aware of the defense action cards but I’m interested in knowing what happens if I don’t have any defense action cards to play.) BTW, I'm still reading through the rules and creating PC's but I can safely say I already love this game.
  3. There is no such thing as a FLGS ‘round these parts. So… As a person who hasn’t got the game yet because I need to rely on online shops who don't charge an arm and a leg to ship to Puerto Rico, (there’s only 2 I know of) I just wanted to say: I HATE YOU!!! ALL OF YOU!!! EVEN THE CAT THAT IS OUTSIDE THE PICTURE!!! Oh and happy holidays!
  5. I went to Border's today and bought Gortrek & Felix First Omnibus which starts with Trollslayer. 55 pages in and so far so good. That Slaanesh cult was very creepy. Impossible not to love a suicidal dwarf. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  6. I’ve preordered my core set and want to have something to immerse myself in while I pass the time. I would like a novel that has 2 things: 1. A lot of history and background information on the warhammer setting. 2. Can be adapted as an adventure to start off my WFR campaign.
  7. Pipisongo


    toddrew said: Yes, the cards/rules could have been more explicit that the ability to ignore a flag or multiple flags is equivalent to bold morale. Yes, the trample rules could have been more concise (the root of this issue, however, I believe is due to a conflict between those involved with designing/publishing the game about what exactly those rules are). Thank you. I’m glad we agree on this. Some people seem to think DoW and FFG are gods and everything coming out their presses is sacred. Now the only thing I’d like to convey is I don’t take these “rules-that-need-to-be-clarified” lightly. I’m sure many people who don’t bother visiting the games forums are on my boat as well, but there’s no way I can prove that. My way of looking at it is pretty simple: You either can play the game out of the box, (without having to get up from the table to look in a computer), or you can’t. With BL you can’t. With many other board games, you can. I would be willing to print out a pdf and keep it in the game box, only that pdf does not exist. And the compendiums in their current form take way more paper and ink than would be needed to convey the information. (Though I admit I’m a sucker for the nice graphics) toddrew said: Aside from those two issues, I think the remainder of the game and its expansions (up to Heroes, anyway - I haven't had the opportunity to play it yet) are certainly up to acceptable standards for rule clarity. I haven’t played heroes either, but reading through the rules and cards made me want to come here and post this thread instead of playing it. Too many ambiguities, many which Richard has clarified already but I would like an official errata where everything is gathered into one place so I would only need to print that and keep it in the game box. Maybe FFG can make a good color document with nice-looking graphics and make it downloadable for free and sell the printed version for $5 like they plan on doing with the new Tannhauser ruleset. Now wouldn't that be something.
  8. Pipisongo


    Lothiam said: Your comment about Days of Wonders rules being so error ridden is the exact opposite of my experience. DoW has some of the clearest rulebooks out there and other than some very minor clarificiation I have not had any questions arise out of the instructions received from them. I have not purchased an FFG expansion yet, so no personal experience on that one. Apparently you’ve never played BattleLore. There DoW ruleset is riddled with errors of omission. This game is impossible to play without the Lore Cards and Creature compendium. you would have to arbitrate 2 or 3 times per game. The trample rules were sketchy at best. The hero rules and text on the cards are poorly written as well. When does double bold apply to heroes, creatures, troops under influences of spells, landmarks? Look, when you see the game designer having to clarify rules many times it just tells you the game is poorly written. It has been from the beginning. I appreciate Richard clarifying doubts in the forum, but this is not the way to run a successful game franchise. Only a small percentage of us come here to read the rules clarifications, and it is a pain in the butt even then. The rest have to “wing it”. And “winging the rules” is pretty bad when you are in a competing to win a game. In any event there is competition; you don’t see the competing parties making up the rules as they go do you? It always leaves a sour taste to the looser that (well if we would have ruled it this way…) By the time the same situations come up again it might be a few months since you played so you have to wing it again, this time maybe opposite of what you ruled it last time. I’m pretty sure BL has lost a lot of casual board game players to poorly written rules. Why play a game where you lose due to some ruling when you can play many other games where you lose mostly because you made poor choices. I don’t mind losing at all, in fact I enjoy it almost as much as winning, but I have to lose because of bad strategy or bad luck, not because of incomplete rules that had to be improvised. We need consistency. We need structure. Heck this system is so messed up I think the only thing to save it is a BL 2.0. Re-written Lore and Command cards, rules, etc. Everything integrated, not spread across numerous booklets and downloaded pdf’s. Or at the very least WE NEED ONE LARGE PDF WITH ALL THE ERRATA
  9. Pipisongo


    BL is (or maybe was) my all time favorite game but I am very disappointed in the sloppiness I see in everything BL. I just got the heroes expansion and there are so many ambiguities it’s hard to believe they released something like that. I should not have to hunt down and group all the heroes clarifications from the forums to play a game. I should not have to get up from the gaming table to look at the lore cards compendium pdf to play a game. There are mistakes on the setup maps, on card text, on the card indexing system, wrong card backs, a creature without a FGG-produced summary card, etc, etc. Please get it together FFG and Richard! Just because DoW made an excellent games with crappy written rules does not mean you have to continue their legacy. It is evident that the only play test you guys do is for balance and fun. If you would have given the heroes expansion (with cards), as written, to anybody outside your play testing circle he would have come up with a long list of things that needed clarification. At the very least, you guys need to come out with a condensed errata pdf ASAP. That pdf should include every single correction to be made, indexed by expansion. And also the Lore Cards and Creature Compendium. If it turns out to be half the length of the rulebook so be it. Many mistakes were made by DoW so it is shared sloppiness. If I sound mean is because this has been my all-time favorite game but I am sick of all the errors. The heroes expansion has put me over the top. I’m close to selling off the whole system and publishing a nasty article on ErrorLore.
  10. Too little, too late. Sorry FFG, you simply took too long to hold my interest. I've since moved to better games... NOT! (It's supposed to be funny because we all know there is no such thing as a better game than Battlelore. It simply doesn't exist; you know, like the Boogieman for example.)
  11. Apparently no FFG employee reads these boards. I have another question: If I buy the Call to Arms Expansion now, will I get missing banners and incorrect card backs or has this been corrected?As you can see I'm looking to spend $$$ on BL but FFG is not cooperating.
  12. I have the original game and enjoy it but am not interested in any current expansion. Why? What I want is maps! What good is having an additional army, plus the new heroes that came out if we have only three maps to play on? Here is the expansion I’d like to see and I suspect I’m not alone: A new box, same footprint as the original with the following contents: 1. Five double sided game boards (for a total of 10 new maps). End of list. No instructions, no plastic insert, no tokens, no miniatures, no nothing. Just 5 double sided game boards with the beautiful art we expect. This game has very often been compared to a video game and I happen to agree. My favorite game is Halo. It that game, as in many other FPS, all the players have the same stats (unlike the Tannhauser characters). What makes for variability are the different weapons (like Tannhauser) and the many maps (unlike Tannhauser). And all these successful games keep the players coming back for more by periodically releasing new maps. On some occasions they come out with new weapons, but mostly it's just maps. Why on earth do we keep getting more characters and items to play on the same stinking maps!!! Don’t get my wrong, I’m all for new characters and weapons, but priority no.1 should be maps. Characters and weapons should take a backseat to maps. This is why this game has lost steam and conitues to lose fans. It’s so obvious it’s mindboggling. (I’m at the point where I’m considering getting rid of my copy because I’m not about to pay the hefty price of Novgorod to get a single map. Note: I’m not into DYI, less than-stellar-art map projects. However if someone from this forum were to offer me a single double-sided board (2 maps), with art of the same quality as the original game and which has been thoroughly playtested, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. (Business opportunity knocking)
  13. toddrew said: Besides, plenty of other reasons to complain about this particular "expansion" Agreed. That is why I'm looking for an "excuse" to buy it. That excuse happens to be: At least now they included the reference cards. Thanks for explaining which bridge graphic is used.
  14. I'd like to enter my scenario to the contest but I don't know how. The page translation is sketchy. You can find my scenario here. (The graphics were done by Universalhead)
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