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  1. I just found that one as well I do see he posted a 31.7.14 file in posts above but can't find that one to see what differences there were made.
  2. I know I'm replying to a VERY old thread but does anyone have the last version Askil release for this?
  3. If a character has two power fists can they use other weapons with the power fists? Like bolters or power swords or something else if they don't have the fists activated to attack with them as melee weapons?
  4. Most of the stuff I got was from RT but the base for the race itself I got from Tome of Blood as the Orks/Kroot seem a bit different there than the ones in RT. I did not want to use class system but keep it generic like Black Crusade/Only War. Was just going to make them always Unaligned for exp spending purpose except for some Attributes. Not even sure if anyone would play one in my game was just throwing the idea around
  5. I took stuff from a couple different books to try to come up with Asphodel Kroot Shappers and Berin Ork Weirdboys to be playable characters in upcoming BC game. Not sure how balanced they are would like some thoughts on it. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44967224/BC%20-%20Asphodel%20Kroot%20Shapper%20v2.pdf https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44967224/BC%20-%20Berin%20Ork%20Weirdboy%20v2.pdf
  6. Anyone got any ideas how to incorporate them into this system? I figure can use the SM template from Black Crusade but what about codex powers and Grey Knight powers?
  7. Actually shouldn't it be Heavy, Solid Projectile? RIpper isn't really a weapon class but it falls under SP.
  8. So if ripper gun is now considered Heavy does that weapon training on the ogryn change from ripper to heavy? I'm assuming so.
  9. Skitari for sure. Also looking forward to tech-assassins.
  10. nethru

    Vehicle Weapons

    Yes they do. Has vehicle listed in the book for that talent. Answered my own question.
  11. nethru

    Vehicle Weapons

    When someone jumps up into a vehicle and takes control of one of the weapons do they incur the -20 penalty to shoot if they don't have Heavy Weapon Training?
  12. Still looking for a few more. May change time to 10AM EST or possibly evenings on Sunday.
  13. I plan on running a game over OpenRPG have a few slots open. It will be once every 2 weeks on Sunday mornings around 9AM EST. If your interested shoot me a message. Regiment: Catachan (Most likely)
  14. Cifer said: Various daemon-possessed vehicles make an appearance in Only War. Was just about to say that. Stats for some of them (defiler) are in Only War book. Good stuff.
  15. The way it reads in the book Medicae is a crafting skill as well now. I'm guessing you can use either or to craft so say your not a doctor type player but still have trade chymist you can make the drugs but if you already have medicae no reason to have chymist.
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