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  1. Hi there i have just seen on everyones fav auction site a set of the above mention assest he is saying he is letting them go for someone i know all the team andhe is legit in regards to this and has more than one play set if youemail him he can sort out more
  2. i belive patriot games has some boxes of the new stuff left from prerelease kit give them a holla on 01442731762 i also remeber seeing 3 knight breakers in thier folder from some where (which are on line)
  3. Hey guys unfornatly i have been in since i wasin partiot games and kev siad there was a ccg with street fighter in.That was pretty much me in to even wining a penny arcade box set at teh first tourney run in the uk iwth steve horvath at patriot games as a side event for a 40k storyline tourney (we played with the demo decks). As much as block 5 suits me it is still kinda sad that it is too one sided even though this play group is in comparison to to the raw deal play group a grea bunch of players and have fun times . I have also finally had enough of the poor management and way that the uk get treated as a 2nd rate or worse state of players. steve who slogged his guts out for us at all points and as well as mr beedle. If people are after my block 5 cards they can all go i am not letting go of any legacey stuff form street fighter or snk but everything else is pretty much fair game. i am willing to let go for wow cards or l5r or other things if you wish to email what ya looking for. Email is Jfb_parker@hotmail.com chaoschild can you email me about what we were disccusing at gome 09 and any news on it as jim is unable to get any joy will be sad to see this go as it is the card game i always wanted but due to what appears to be a lack of "want to keep this alive" from ffg cos looking at the spoilers on an american site for the new sciv set it owuld have been a better release than tekken though yoshi and his weapon are both horribly wrong andthe chara tbh needs to be banned stright away.
  4. Kev may a suggest that is as bad as being forced to play as charater that you pull sicne you may be unable to mount any sort of real offense with the cards you get. i.e the last pre release in notts i had 12 playable attacks outa 6 booster for the charater i was forced to play. I suggest that you allow people to use a foundatiopn they pull but with no abilty and 30 hp simlar to the universal fighter but with the abitly to play more than one symbol. Going by the set creation of tekken the cards wont be like the shadow war ones where they all share teh symbols of the chara they are created for.
  5. http://fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=869 this is a link to 2 spoilers on site with art work with one of my current fav artists ( he does some good l5r art work as well) i am happy to see that the sciv art is not the tekken abomination we have had i am a little happyier now
  6. I have picked up a wring deck box with remnants of a deck in it with written proxies on paper Please email me on jfb_parker@hotmail.com with information of what the contents were i will sort out getting them back to you
  7. Patriot games now have posted up singles for our fine game as well as sealed product guys Tekken 6 Sc 4 and shadow war are all online for singles ready for nats with added bounus Every £10 onlineorder gets a copy of Patriot Games assest added in free they will send abroad as well
  8. Patriot games now have posted up singles for our fine game as well as sealed product guys Tekken 6 Sc 4 and shadow war are all online for singles ready for nats with added bounus Every £10 onlineorder gets a copy of Patriot Games assest added in free they will send abroad as well
  9. man i hate the way i have to log in onto the forum but hey ho Kev is there any of the older Snk promos you coudl bring along to the next notts tourney your at i can have a look over to see if there are any i am missing and can you gimme a holla bout wow email me at jfb_parker@hotmail.com
  10. steve can you give me a phone call at work tomorrow i have an idea if people want a bbq and i can make it down we can organise something
  11. i am currently trying to see if i can get a coach down to the regional steve if i can i will be there and may i ask why has the bbq been cancelled?
  12. sorry mate i have been though my bag and all my cards and i have not found anything extra
  13. The final was Matt Hewitt (chun Li) vs Jason (i cannot remeber surname though he is a newishplayer in sheffield) Sakura It was spike vs spike deck though matt's ingenious use of darkenss blade on chun li's react to tap them out for the spike to follow next turn is very hard to stop Matt won 2-0 Standings were Matt hewitt Jason Son Gopul (hanzo KicK loop) MIcheal ( idont remeber surname agian sorry) Kyoshiro Order control 5-8 no particlualr order Kevin "the Brit" Beedle (Mignon spike) Felix ( Nagasee dmg soak collect data) Jim Freeman ( alex punch only 4 rare cards in deck and they were coming out ) Justin Parker (Songmina Defenda / spinta leap)
  14. probably since iu am not going to suitcase this set. Up above is all the ultras i am missing so by a process of elimination you could work out which ones i have, Though the named stuff (ie ragnar and co's ultras are nto going and i may be a little loathed to let the scrolls of the abyss go.
  15. Complete list of what i have for trade and stuff i want form shadow war. assests Hidden beastly powers Vampiric aura Romanian Valley Us air Base Looks that kill Ankou Side Harpe The blowfish Blade x6 Doll from grandma x3 Ayame's scarf x 3 Fan Blade x 2 Pigeon Games Yumeji's Sword of No name Treasured Gift Orange Gi Kyoshiro's Naginata x2 Leather Jacket x2 Yasakani No magatama Lost cathedral ruin Sparring gloves Anklets x 2 Psycho drive x1 OLcadans mentoring lynettes shop Dark chichiushi Yoshitoras girlfriend Actions Fist Of rage Summoning Evil x 6 Crippling Strike Backlash God Hand Taking in Students Collecting Data Self-Diagnosis Program Reckless and impulsive Ulterior mottive x 2 taking them down a level x3 No I in team x2 final confrontation x 4 malicious intent ostracized Attacks Fei Long's roundhouse Oni Muso Machine Gun Dog Chikemuri kuruwa x 4 True shrike dash .. Kama Harai Keri Psycho Canno x 2 Amazon River Run Wild Fang Solar Flash Dance crazy ivan Foundations Stand off x 2 Chester's Backing x 2 Cutting edge x 2 Kuna's Encouragement x 5 greed's influence x 4 revenants calling tira's contract giradoots leadership x 5 realm of midnight x 4 searching for a real challange x 4 strifes patronage x4 aurelias companionship x 6 nefarious plans x2 Priotiy wants are for ragnar, astrid, yi shan,Rashoptep and temijin, siegfreid, asteroth and Ivy Ufs Wants Assests Stormhammer x3 Ymirfang x2 Valkynserd x3 Valkyrja's shield Claws of Chian Tang x4 Monastery of Mt. Lao x 3 Scroll of the Celestial Dawn The Double Crown of Egypt x3 Wandering Dragon Staff x2 Kulutues. x 3 Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient Sailor's Rest Soul Calibur* x 4 Soul Edge* x 4 Wolfkrone Monument x 4 Pseudo-Soul Edge x 4 foundations Anger Towards a God x 2 Artificial Soul x 2 Atoning for Wicked Deeds x 2 Challenge to Battle x 4 Controller of Souls x 2 Memories that Stain its Armor x 3 Mesmerizing Dance Researching Anywhere No Mercy x 2 Intolerant of Failure Unstoppable Warrior x 4 Bloodied but Unbowed Paying Respect to Your Ancestors x 4 Determined to be the Best x3 Driven by Fear x 4 Atoning for the Past x 2 Calming the Mind Endless Years of Practice x 2 Dead for One Thousand Years x 4 Valued but Not Tusted x 3 actions KNEEL BEFORE ME x3 Unnatural Grace x 2 Hunger for Souls x 4 Attacks Alshain Najm x 3 Double Grounder Beta x 3 Raging Gnome Menuett Dance Lightning Horn x 4 Knight Breaker x 4 Howling Spirits Hades Destroyer x 3 Hades x 3 Shredding Vibrato x 3 Siegfried's Earth Divide3 Command the Sandstorm x 3 Crane Strike x 2 Descending Dragon Spear x 2 Dragon's Flame x 2 Jotun's Fury x 3 Fury of the Ancients x 4 Mighty Knee Strike x 2 Odin's Wrath x 4 Rage of the Dragon x 1 Striking Thunder x 2 Wrath of Heaven x 2 two Deadly Rings Technique x 2 Twilight Embrace x 2 Please reply here or email me at Jfb_parker@hotmail.com
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