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  1. Graspar said: But you've got something wrong there. A kilotonne tungsten sphere would have a radius, not diameter of 2.3. A 2.3 diameter tungsten sphere would weigh ~114 000 kg, so it's about a tenth of the weight given by the rulebook. www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects/cgi-bin/crater.cgi But yeah, it's going to hurt a lot more with tungsten. Oooops. I spotted that error a few minutes after posting and tried to correct before anyone else saw it. Just what I deserve for doing mental arithmetic after midnight. Thanks for the correction
  2. Graspar said: It would do nothing at all to a planet. Assuming the projectile is a sphere made of iron or something of similar density it'd be about 6m diameter, that comes to 904 tonnes. At 67 km/s (240.000 km/h) such a projectile would break up in the atmosphere, if you are unlucky some of it might hit you, but that's about it. Sure, a kilotonne SOUNDS awesome. But it's really not that much when it has to go through the atmosphere. Macrocannons won't work on ground targets. www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects/cgi-bin/crater.cgi Try changing your macro-cannon shells to be made out of Tungsten (19.25 tonnes/m^3 and a 4.6m diameter shot): http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/impacteffects/cgi-bin/crater.cgi You get a few hundred kilotonnes of boom at the planet's surface. Edit: Oh, and aircraft carriers tend to displace tens of kilotonnes (supercarriers displace over a hundred) so a kilotonne for a single macrocannon shell sounds pretty reasonable.
  3. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Sci-Fi/latest/50115 Cyclops lady with a sci-fi gun. Carve the normal eyes yourself.
  4. I've got a group which does this. I simply have their RT a drunken buffoon who asks the PCs what the ship should be doing and then orders them to get on with it before he heads back to his amasec.
  5. Cambridge, UK. I tend to recruit from the local University RP society.
  6. <quote>I was just curious about how other would deal with it.</quote> Ah. In which case I offer the following anecdote: My entire crew have taken to wearing their "ceremonial" carapace armour to all occasions. The armour is best quality and after an off-hand ruling that best quality was so well decorated and venerable that it was acceptable in most of the Imperium (which was funny at the beginning of the campaign) they have been to numerous state banquets, interstellar casinos and trade summits packing their best quality armour and weapons (I'm changing the ruling next campaign). In their defence, such dinners tend to be ambushes in disguise more often than not (or at least the ones which are role-played out). At one such dinner I decided the antagonist (a petty drug dealer) would instantly realise the futility of a full-on assault and went for a more subtle approach. He poisoned their cutlery. I went into agonising detail describing the room (usual for many of my ambush-dinners), describing the people in the room (ditto), describing the food (not unknown) and the poison sniffers passed over the communal food bowls (standard since the PCs demanded it in the first session). And then when I asked if they were eating and they all declared yes I started to make poison checks. I decided the drug dealer had bribed the serving staff to substitute the cutlery with a set that had microscopic holes drilled in it and then dipped in poison. It very nearly took out the Arch-Militant that session despite his carapace armour. After this the PCs started to bring their own cutlery to meals.
  7. Well if we're using stuff from other sci-fi, how about a Tribble or two?
  8. Don't necessarily see it as a problem, just work out some interesting encounters which will test the abilities. Swarms of weak creatures can be fun, wave after wave of gretchin are pretty much designed for this sort of fun. Alternatively something that really, really calls for the big guns. I'm thinking a T-rex here.
  9. A little more prosaicly, it might be worth considering the unique industries which must exist on the vessel for it to exist: vats for bilge fungus, sweatshops where old void suits are patched and recycled, a carpool for the ship's internal transport system (or at least a place for storing the handcarts if you're going really low-tech)
  10. I tend to use a mix of Brahms and Metallica with the player on shuffle, usually it's just there for background but it occasionally throws up a real gem of atmosphere at the most unexpected moment.
  11. I envision something like the following: Rogue Trader Crassus Linicius keeps a large nest of Vaporian Golden Polypides in his personal palace complex aboard his ship the Providence Incarnate. These golden shelled creatures are long insect-like burrowing creatures with irredescent golden shells and thousands of tiny legs. The Golden Polypide lays soft black eggs approximately the size of a human eyeball. These eggs (if fresh) are highly prized halucinagens and intoxicants and are served as a delicacy for the most favoured of guests at the Rogue Trader's masquerade balls. The polypedes themselves can vary in size between a few centimetres and over twenty metres. They are carnivores, with a highly toxic bite from their impressively sized mandibles. Crassus himself often attends gatherings and official functions with a long juvenile Polypide wrapped several times around his waist like a belt with the head (firmly secured and drained of venom) draped over his shoulder. He will occasionally take a deliberate pause to feed the beast a morsel from his plate, usually distracting and wrongfooting his opponent in conversation or debate.
  12. I'm currently running 3 games due to having too many starters. It's wonderful fun but I do miss my weekends.
  13. A primitive feudal world with a plentiful supply of raw labour and worshipful souls. What's with all this "Building" nonsense? All you need is a thousand guys with las guns and a missionary. Voila, instant colony.
  14. My PC's Light Cruiser has about 20,000 corpses on board after a pretty heavy battle followed by an emergency warp jump. The players really hope that those 20,000 people aren't doing very much at all!
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