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  1. Warhammer: Invasion was supported for supported with new product for four years (2009-2013) Star Wars LCG was supported with new product for six years (2012-2018) Imperial Assault started in 2014, and still in development, so that's more than four years of new product there again. Not sure what you are looking for. If it's a guarantee that FFG will keep producing new content for 10 (or for ever?) before even a single core set has been sold, well, no company will give you that. Note also that unless I am mistaken, this game will resemble Imperial Assault, where even just a core set gives you a full game experience. No expansions are really needed. (Unlike with LCGs for example, where the core sets themselves are clearly just a small part of the experience, so new poduct is needed.)
  2. Well, I remember it differently. And I am a CCG player, started in 2004.
  3. Sets were rotated out after two years, so VED (=Valyrian), Winter and Iron Throne Editions were never tourney legal together.
  4. "Can I use his ability after someone declares an attack on me and has declared his attackers to sneak Ser Mandon Moore out so that I can use him as a defender?" This works. Both players can trigger any number of Challenges (or Any Phase) player actions between the attacker declaring attackers and declaring who he stealths (if applicable). Declaring stealth comes immediately before declaring defenders. You cannot bring Ser Mandon into play after your opponent declared stealth.
  5. I lost against such a deck in round 2. Was probably this one.
  6. It is time to bump this thread. Lot's of money to be had for a small piece of stone!
  7. There is a minimum amount below which no import duty is collected. I am pretty sure that USD 30 is below that treshold. Even if there would be, it wouldn't be more than a couple of euros (pounds). Then again, stuff like this often just goes through customs without any real check.
  8. Hello, I am looking to buy one of the original Targaryen stone house cards. There were two kinds of stone house cards released by FFG. The first series had the name of the House written on it and the sigil, the second featured only the sigil of the House. I am only looking for a Targaryen stone house card from the first series (Targaryen written on it plus a three-headed dragon on a shield). I think these were up for Gold Dragon redemption a long time ago and were handed out as prices. I understand that these are pretty rare, but I am willing to pay very well if the "card" is in good condition. Targaryen is the only house that I am still missing from my collection. You can email me at nagydavidka ( at ) hotmail ( dot ) com.
  9. I couldn't make it in 2010, but unless something unexpected comes up, I'll be there this time again. And then I will lose every game, since I haven't really played much for almost two years now.
  10. @Seznal I don't think I'll make it to the Austrian Nationals this year. I'm based in Brussels now, so getting to Salzburg is a little more difficult. Plus I have something to do that weekend in Budapest if I can make it there at all. @Old Ben Sorry for replying you here to your mail, but I simply can't find out how to send you a personal message or an email through this forum software. (I absolutely hate this "new" system.) However I would definately be interested in your offer. Please drop me an email on nagydavidka (at) hotmail (dot) com, so that we can discuss the details.
  11. It's a pity that the Cologne meta disappeared a few years ago, because otherwise I could go there sometimes to play.
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