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  1. I was wondering if the community had any ideas to help me flesh out an all-dwarf campaign. Here is a basic outline as far as I have it: - players begin as members of a diminishing clan; they work at some chore that is generally looked down on and may be embarassing, but nothing outright illegal or reprehensible; my original idea is that they work as a clean up crew for the Diamond Guard. - the players are called to clean up after a small skirmish with goblin/hobgoblin/humanoid skirmishers who had been harassing draven miners - while working they discover a hidden or concealed passage that leads to an abandoned housing colony; I am planning to make this a Kobold colony; because Kobolds withdrew from these parts many decades ago the creators of the complex are not readily identified and the characters find themselves exploring a mostly abandoned system of rooms and passages - not everything will be empyt or easy; there will likely be some untriggered traps (something simple like pitfalls), perhaps some new vermin that have taken up residence, and a crazy xorn to make things interesting * this first adventure will likely be something light in mood and rather fun to allow the players to get to know their characters, each other, and the setting - while exploring the complex, the players will find some kind of clues to a vast amount of wealth; I'm not sure exactly what form the clues will take, but they should be enough to be plausible and enticing; some examples may be: if the characters make friends with the Xorn - s/he could give them the informaiton, they could discover a series of frescos or stone carvings that they later research and confirm are actually a map to some distant place, or something along those lines (perhaps the value of the clues won't be fully understood, but an attempt to steal them or something similar could motivate the characters enough to follow the lead - perhaps an augury or magical tip) - I would idealy like to place some kind of close-to-home adventure here, maybe an interlude before they beging searching for the treasure; this would be something where I would need ideas - after some clues are explained, the players will be lead to a curious mine where dwarfs and humans are working together; the mine is unique because the inhabitants live mostly underground, even the humans, they are lead by a powerful human mage who lives deep in the depths and is experimenting with lichdom and creating undead - here the players will discover that the mage had enslaved a clan of kobolds - the same who's complex the characters initialy discovered; in order to be able to chat with the kobolds the characters must do something for the mage: kill a mutated dragon, fight some underdark nuisance that is attacking the mage's holding from below, etc. - once the players succeed, they are told by the kobolds that they must find the bones of an ancient dragon who once protected the kobolds; unfortunately, the dragon was slain by none other than the Storm King himself - the players must find a way to contact the Storm King and get his permission to cast a 'speak with dead' spell on the dragon's remains, which are now incormorated into the Storm King's throne - in order to allow such an unusual request, the Storm King demands that the players travel to northern Zangala where the Storm King's brother was last seen - in Zangala the players could have a variety of adventures with the Dominion, the renegades in the Highlands, etc. - eventually the players will discover the Storm King's brother has been turnded to stone; they can come up with some ingenious way to turn him back, or take him back as is; the Storm King may honor his agreement either way, depending on how the campaign is progressing and how much fun everyone is having - finally, the players will be allowed to consult the ancient dragon's remains; it will tell them that they must travel to Anderland where they will find Kobolds who can help them find the treasure they are seeking - the players travel to Anderland, have an adventure or two in Maruphel's Delta, eventually make their way into the interior where they contact a kobold tribe with the help of some lizard people guides, and discover the true meaning of the clues they had uncovered - at this point, there should be some kind of climactic adventure with the players finding some truly amazing wealth and being forced between two hard decisions: taking the wealth for themselves or allowing the kobolds to keep it… I haven't worked out the details completely, but the "wealth" could be some real worldly treasure, but it could also be the secret to immortality, or some means of restoring one of the kobold's slain heroes who was on his way to immortality and becoming the kobold's racial protector and perhaps even God So, what do you think? Any ideas to flesh out any of the ideas presented are welcome. I have many other ideas and details for side plots involving the Storm King's brother, the Council of Voices (ogre thralls often used by the giants as ambassadors to other nations), the need for secrecy amongst other dwarfs as news the the players are consorting with giants could hurt their clan name, kobold culture and the history of kobolds in Anderland, etc. This is a setting that I really love, and I want to do it justice by maintaining that 'golden age' feel. I want the players to be awed by the magic and granduer of these idealized giants and kobolds. I want them to we mystified by great magic and grand adventure. I want them to feel like they are participating in the making of history. Thanks in advance.
  2. FFGs. It doesn't look like there is much excitement for this game… How much would it cost me to buy the rights?
  3. So I have been fascinated with Dawnforge since the first time I saw it. Unfortunately, I have noticed that no one else seems to share the feeling. Does anyone use the setting in any form, or with any system? I have been thinking about a game using the GURPS rules and would love to bounce ideas off of someone and share notes. Anyone out there with similar intentions or an already established game? I think this may be the best, unused setting out there. The writing itself is worth a look. And the world bleeds with adventure ideas and hooks. Needless to say, I love it and have been terribly disapointed that it hasn't gotten more attention.
  4. I kind of liked the idea of entering a tomb or dungeon through the graveyard. What if it was something like a dream realm or valley of bones type idea? I have also thought that, to please all of the folks asking for something to spend gold on, they could make an island expansion that you could reach through the city - following the river out the an archipelago or something like that. There could be all kinds of different creatures and inhabitants intent on eating you or trading their exotic wares. Not sure exactly how movement would work, but perhaps you would need to pay gold to visit some of the further islands or even a gold per turn or return to the City space. This would give some options for those seeking to use their gold, and it would provide for lots of options and cards that wouldn't fit in the game like tsunamis or monsoon rains or a leviathan. Anyway, just some thought for whoever is listening.
  5. I have kicked around the same idea for quite some time. Are you planning to set the campaign/adventure in a time period other than the present? (By that I mean the current cannon of pre-Storm of Chaos.) I recently looked at the Warhammer Online resources and some of the maps and quests there might be of some use to you. If nothing else, much of the artwork could probably be useful if you like that style. I don't know that I have any suggestions on elven society or culture but I imagine that with a little work a campaign there could be just as fun as anything set in the Old World. If it is pre-Storm you could include Dark Elf agents on nefarious missions and the PCs are trying to discover and stop them. Perhaps in your world the Druchii are planning to corrupt the ley lines of Ulthuan in hopes of causing major problems for the Elves internally as they launch their attacks from the sea. You might also include some kind of antagonists from the coasts of the New World. Undead fleets or pirates subtly manipulated by Morathi to test the strength of the borders or act as a diversion for something else. Or you could use many of the cult/coven ideas from the old world and adapt them to Elvish deities and settings. (Slanesh may be the most easily integrated as he/she seems to be the Chaos power most associated with Elves.) In the first Malekith (spelling?) novel there was a slight touching on some of the chaotic/evil groups that had once infested Ulthuan. It would be up to you and your campaign style to determine if they still have any sort of foothold or if the Druchii are perhaps seeking to newly establish something like that. Perhaps secret assassins of Khain have been sent to eliminate key targets and are being sheltered by sympathizers. Elves do have long memories. Or maybe Malekith has designs on a certain artifact or magical device. You could also try something a little more ambitious that includes internal unrest such as social conflict and/or political intrigue. Depending on the scale that could be a very ambitious undertaking. In all things I would suggest that you get your hands on some of the older High Elf Warhammer Fantasy Battle books. There is quite a bit more fluff and background in them than the newer versions. Anyway, just some random thoughts more than anything. But do keep us posted on your progress. I would love to see what you come up with.
  6. Llanwyre said: A lack of posts doesn't necessarily indicate boredom. I just think that other forums are more conducive to talking about the history and social aspects of Warhammer than this one. The breakup of the sections here imply that we ought to talk about primarily rules and gameplay; they don't encourage discussions of Warhammer history and/or general chatting. There's only so much rules discussion that one can have. I wish they'd open up a forum for discussing the Warhammer universe and culture, but maybe they think that'd end up being too much v1/v2 discussion, since most of the source books for culture come from previous versions of the game. (I also wouldn't mind seeing a straightforward RP section, but that doesn't seem to be FFG's style.) Going along with that, some people (like me) haven't ever used Warhammer rules/mechanics. Since that is what is mostly presented and discussed here - it doesn't make much sense to keep coming back. And that isn't a complaint, it just is. The earlier forums had a bit more discussion of fluff and the world in general. That has essentially stopped, although I couldn't indicate any overarching reason for it. I pop back in from time to time to see if I can gather any good campaign ideas or if there have been any really good fan materials posted, but that is about all that interests me. Maybe in the end that is why others have stopped as well - it is a consumer's world. If you can't find what you want here, why come back? The internet just offers too many alternatives.
  7. I have always found slayers hard to deal with from a GM's perspective. I know they can be all sorts of fun to play, but their one-sidedness has a tendency to force combat and/or agressive situations that may not have happened without them. That said, I have toned down the anti-social, fanatical, suicidal, etc. in my campaigns. I encourage characters to play out the grief and shame in other ways like sullenness or exacerbating the inherent stubbornness and intolerance that dwarfs embody. I see the slayer oath as a very personal thing. Someone else can't step in and tell a dwarf exactly how to do it. Is someone really going to stop your slayer in the street and tell him he isn't doing it right because he wears a shirt or even leather armor? (I hate to railroad a player into something just because that is how it is portrayed in the fluff.) If a player really insists on playing a slayer, I try my best to help them have fun, but the suspension of disbelief only goes so far. We play in a fairly realistic campaign (relatively speaking of course). If they insist on playing in a suicidal manner - fortune can only get them out of so many situations. Eventually that kind of behavior leads to its natural consequences... Another concern is how the slayer's actions impact the group. I remeber one campaign I ran when no matter how carefully the party planned and prepared, nearly all of their efforts were ruined by the slayer. Instead of leading monsters into an ambush or even just sneaking past them, the slayer always forced combat. Of course the others all jumped in to save their buddy, but they suffered some serious consequences and set backs because of it. It lead to a lot of tension between players and although it sometimes enhanced the roleplaying feel, sometimes it was very negative. I guess everyone has to find the right balance for their game and players, but those would be my suggestions.
  8. I also had missed this material. Does anyone know if Mathias has done other publications besides this and "Mice and Men"? I would really like to see anything else. My compliments on everything: maps, story, detail, design, etc.
  9. Thanks for the ideas. I guess I was just having a mental block. The imagination was s...t...rug...ling. I agree that greenskins are somewhat 1-dimensional and I may just put in some of my own stuff, but I would like to maintain some of the comedy that has always gone along with them. I actually think that several of the ideas here could lead to a very interesting orc-centered series of adventures or maybe just interludes between our other campaigns. Thanks again, I appreciate the help. Another thing I thought about was perhaps using hobgoblins or gnoblars to change things up. Hobgoblins seem to be a bit more sneaky, if not intelligent, and I don't see any reason that a band couldn't make its way into the border prince region or maybe Kislev. Maybe gnoblars could have tagged along with a merchant caravan from the spice road or something or stowed away on a ship that ends up in Marienburg? Any ideas in that direction? Again thanks for the help, I always appreciate different thoughts - any contribution is wothwhile because they all get me thinking in directions I hadn't before.
  10. I wondered if I could get a little help from the other GM's out there. What have you done to make interesting and exciting orc antagonists? It seems the the only time characters encounter greenskins of any kind it is in a very impersonal (and sort of cliche) manner. You know what I mean: an orc warband is on the Waaagh and is coming to destroy the city/town/etc., or maybe a powerful orc shaman has united several clans and they are coming to destroy the city... you get the point. How do you make encounters with greenskins memorable? Do you even use orcs as enemies in your campaigns? I have had a hard time including them in substantive ways. Maybe you all could share some of your experiences or ideas? I once had the characters run into snotlings in the slums of Nuln, accompanied by some vicious little squigs. I did once use orc undead instead of the regular human variety. I have just been thinking about some way to throw in a little variety. Any ideas are welcome.
  11. I honestly don't think that I would buy NDM's at the ebay price either. Maybe the Liber Necris ruined NDM's for me. I felt like most of NDM was a repeat of the information in LN, and with the game mechanics changing in 3rd edition I can't see NDM's really being that useful. You can get the majority of that content from other books and much cheaper. But I would consider Realm of the Ice Queen. I thought that was an excellent book with great maps and all kinds of fluff and background that I hadn't seen anywhere else. (I don't have any of the 1st edition stuff though so it could have been lifted from that.) My guess is that FFG will start putting out supplements that either copy or redo much of what was in the 2nd edition books anyway. If you could wait that stuff will likely start becoming available in the next year or so. If sales are as good as they appear, I would think FFG will capitalize on the market while people are still excited.
  12. My thoughts when I finished reading were: how will this influence Von Carstein's plans in the eastern Empire? He essentially came out of nowhere with a huge army to save the empire... This may have been more for the WFB enthusiists who love to play the Vampire Counts army, but it could lead to some interesting options. Could the Khornites perhaps reach an understanding with Von Carstein? Maybe the Khornites could enlist his aid to increase pressure from that direction long enough to solidify their hold on the north. Or perhaps Von Carstein will throw in with Karl Franz for some reason. Maybe the vampires are looking at creating some political capital by doing favors they can cash in for later. Or maybe Von Carstein will be a complete wild card and play up tensions between the two factions in hopes of coming in to clean up after the two have driven the Empire to civil war. Nights Dark Masters gives some really good ideas pertaining to Sylvanian and Vampire mindsets. Maybe this will be a good time for them to break away from the Empire and perhaps take a little extra territory in the process. Just throwing out some thoughts that came to mind. I really like the idea though. I think there is a lot of potential there. Hopefully it isn't too much work for you, but even if it is I bet it will be loads of fun. Good luck. And let us know how things go. I would love to see what direction you decide to go, and how you players deal with it.
  13. I did have one question for those of you who tried the demo - was the party sheet used? I haven't seen anyone comment on that yet. I know that some had their mind made up from seeing the designer diary that they likely wouldn't use it, but it really intrigued me. If it was available for the demo, did it work well? How did it impact the feel of the game? Did it encourage roleplaying? Was it more useful as a GM tool or for players? Did it just kind of sit there all alone and forgotten at the edge of the table? My impression was that it would help inexperienced players grasp some of the less tangible aspects of the game: party tension, cooperation, etc. Any thoughts or impressions?
  14. PS - that undead with animal parts came from Diablo II Horadric mummies in the Lut Gohlen area.
  15. Necronomicus said: The very best books on how to make undead/zombies/ghosts vamps etc, interesting and scary again were the Ravenloft van richten's guides I loved those books. I'll second that. The Van Richten series is still one of the best supplements for any horror/undead game. I can remember reading the one about golems and being so freaked out I had to finish it later. They give some really great options for unique undead and most of the ideas aren't framed in D&D rules/mechanics. It is much more of a tool set than anything. I actually go back to them all the time for scary ideas. Another good resource is GURPS Horror. It gives all kinds of ideas for creating suspense and even goes into a lot of history which can really help develop creative, plausible ideas. In my experience atmosphere can play a bigger part in an encounter than the actual opponent. The only other advice I would give is about pacing. I have seen how players can get sort of fatigued with too much weird stuff. If every encounter is something totally unique players tend to simply stop asking questions and just get on with the killing. One idea that I have been thinking about using is mummy-type creatures that have had various body parts replaced with animal/monster parts. It could be a viper head with huge fangs, paws in the place of hands, or even a vulture beak attached to a cow. This would allow you to modify stats slightly but keep the general characteristics of the monster. Another Idea I am going to use shortly is to make the undead, not actually undead. I am creating a villain who corrupts natural plants. Instead of being a necromancer he/she is going to use plants to animate dead corpses. I don't have all of the details worked out but in order to really stop the monsters the players are going to have to figure it out and then destroy the plants behind it all. I can't wait to see the players' faces when the zombie they just hacked to pieces starts to be put back together by the vine cluster growing out of its back.
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