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  1. I think it's quite clear from the rules how it's meant to be played. The rules can't tell people what strategy to take, only what is and what is not permissible. In this case, placing a token illegally is allowed during placement, but you cannot resolve it and so it is removed when it's revealed. Whether a player intends to place illegally is outside the scope of the rules. And I've seen that the general consensus is that this is by design.
  2. What kind of house rule would you use? If I was in a game where players were punished for making illegal placement mistakes, I might just lie and say I didn't realize. I don't see a way to police it besides what has already been mentioned. It doesn't seem like a problem worth solving because people will always make mistakes. What is the fairest way to not punish unintentional mistakes?
  3. No, I don't mean that. If the attackers are tied and they are higher than the defender, the defender retains control of the province. If the attackers are tied and are less than the defender, the defender retains control of the province. If the attackers are tied and there is no defender, neither attacker wins the province. The rules are written in such a way that you can't imply anything about what is NOT said except from what is said. Page 9 in the rules is the section that answers all your questions. I'm not sure where there is confusion. Also, to the other poster here, there is quite a bit of chatter on BoardGameGeek. Maybe not here, but quite a few people are anxious for this game.
  4. 1 - In a direct tie, NO ONE wins the province if there is no defender. Storing: I have all the tokens stored and fitting in the original box. Here's a couple of pictures. I got the containers at the dollar store.
  5. I don't think there's a way to stop a player from doing this because all tokens are hidden. Unless you want to ask for a gentleman's agreement that everyone try to place correctly, it's bound to happen just from people not realizing it. Whatever the reason, they do act like a bluff so I say use them however you like, and if they're illegally placed, you just get more bluffs
  6. 1 - In the situation you describe, the player with the highest strength wins the province. 2 - In that situation, the OTHER player is the NEW first player. The first player changes since he is not closest to the right of the current first player. 3 - I'm not sure how you are storing the game, but I recommend removing the insert that Fantasy Flight Games provides. Almost always I get rid of these because they don't leave enough space in the box. They're mainly there to stabilize components during shipping.
  7. Two hour playtime for a civ game? Heck yeah!
  8. There's some rewording of the hero abilities at least. I have a question posted about what they mean.
  9. Some hero abilities say they are placed (thief). Some other abilities say a hero may not enter a room. Are these two terms used interchangeably? We figured the thief could be placed in a room with a cave troll via her action ability.
  10. Response from FFG: Hi Tahsin, Good question. Your interpretation was correct, the overlord does get to perform the action. Thanks for playing! Nathan Hajek Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games
  11. A hero has been stunned by a prior effect. The Overlord uses Dark Charm on that hero. Is the Overlord allowed to use the hero to do anything? Since the OL can't remove the stunned condition, does the card still take effect OR because of the magic of Dark Charm, it doesn't matter and the OL can take a move or attack action as indicated. We sided on the second one, OL can ignore the stunned condition when using Dark Charm.
  12. So the penalties from cheating tokens can remove improvements already gained? Sounds a bit harsh.
  13. This is the way I have always played. I don't see why it wouldn't be unless there was a specific mechanism to hide it.
  14. Are penalties applied after all payouts are gained but before specific improvements are selected? Or... Are penalties applied after improvements are selected? I've assumed it's the first, but I'm not completely sure. Follow up question too. I'm assuming that penalties only apply to your improvement pile and cannot remove improvements already gained from a previous round. Is that correct?
  15. I've sent the question in to FFG. No response yet.
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