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  1. The more I read bout it, the more I like it. I think this is going to be one fine product.
  2. First of all my thinking is that players who want to go to a tournament will have to use one of the sealed decks provided by the tournament and not have the choice of using one of their own. They could try to pick the house combination of their choice (maybe through draft) or the closest thing to that (e.x. getting a deck 2/3 of what they would like) but even that will not guarantee that they will get all the cards of their choice. Some Keyforge statistics to facilitate the discussion. The actual combinations of houses/deck is 7C3 = 35 So there are roughly 35 themes. (The possible combinations in MTG for up to 3 color decks is 25 to give you an idea) I would like to point out after seeing a couple of mr Garfields tutorial games with press/gencon youtubers etc that it has come to my attention that there are staple house cards in each deck. By staple cards I mean cards that will always be included in a deck containing the corresponding house. The number and spread of these cards will vary BUT they will be in the deck in fewer or greater numbers. From what I have seen so far I think that around 33% of each house and resultingly of each deck will be staple cards. So by picking a deck you propably already know around 1/3 of your deck. sorry for the long post
  3. This whole argument is based on the principal that one brings his own deck in a tournament (competitive or friendly). Maybe there will be sealed decks provided to players and a player will have a say only about the houses included in the deck just to fit his style of play. We dont know anything, it is too soon to talk about cheating . BUT if there is one thing I like is bring the player not the deck feel I get so far.
  4. My sentence didnt have the proper syntax sorry...What I ment was every time you load, everything should be visible, and then by pressing lets say "continue" the map could revert to its previous normal state.I think this would facilitate set up .
  5. Everything seems very good.My only complaint is that I want to see the hero and vilain markers on the app...What if we have to cut a session short. Would be helpful if we could see the markers all the time so when you load a scenario in progress we could see where everything was the last time we played. Otherwise a stellar job.
  6. I think that if they took the BIG step to provide prepainted minis (even X-wing tabletop level of painting) they would just blow away the competition even with high price tags...but that is just my opinion...
  7. The last few turns of every game are usually hectic and require the ivestigators to solve a mystery (usually the third one) in two turns. To solve a mystery in two turns the investigators have to either be spread to collect clues/close gates or be together to fight an epic monster. These "manouvers" require tickets to travel distances faster so that every inestigator can be at the right place at the right time. BTW buy this game without hesitation. I think it will become the new FFG go to game like AH and BSG...
  8. It is the only continent that has two expeditions encounters, one of them being the pyramids so it is fine I think. BTW what ppl think will be the ETA on a possible expansion? Around six to eight months from now?
  9. Agreed on the above especially on the more encounter (of all kinds), mystery and Research cards for every AO. No NEW hard cardboard XPAC is needed. The map serves mighty fine and the monsters are not that few to begin with. Great game btw, ppl who havent tried it are missing quite a lot me thinks. Defininetely our new co-op to go game great job
  10. I will agree with Alando. Lannister works well with condemned by the council. Maybe you could post your deck here to give it a look.
  11. I would like to do some account changes and the system requires from me to insert the Postal/zip. I have been trying to do exactly that and the answer I get is that my ZC/Postal code is not valid. I tried to use the "XXXX" pass but still no goo. Ay help would be mostly appreciated…
  12. Well they got us there ...didnt they?
  13. I would love to see a TI3 space battle card-driven like runewars....Has anyone actually tried to replicate anything along these lines?
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