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  1. I've enjoyed the star wars game for star wars. But my tastes for the L5R setting would go towards a more descriptive set of mechanics. I love Ars Magica where when you cast a spell; you're incorporating information about the character's study of two or more magical arts, their stamina, their relevant work in their laboratory, their study of the art of penetrating magic resistance, the magical influence of where they are standing and (chances are) one or two relevant virtues and flaws. In Ars Magica spending experience points is tied so tightly to the character's history that you can accurately recreate most of a character sheet by looking at the books a character has read and the list of laboratory notes they've created. The new L5R need not be that descriptive but a little finer grained than the new star wars would make me happy.
  2. I'd be a fan of Altansanai even if it were only to avoid this, as if I'd have non-calvary followers in my deck. It irked me not to have a better champion, Once the Scorpion Clan Coup inexperienced version came out I never played that card again.
  3. I want to gather the background we have so far on what the deal is with the Phoenix and meishodo. I more or less dropped out of the game around the time of the Y2K bug but I recall meishodo as an, in my opinion underpowered, option in the 1rst ed rpg for unicorn shugenja that gave up flexibility and control for speed (IIRC). Is the idea that the Phoenix suspect (perhaps with reason) that the difficulty with the kami (as shown in the recent fiction) may be a result of shugenja in the empire using amulet magic and thereby messing things up? What have we been told so far, and where can I read it?
  4. Which clan do I think will be revealed last? I think that it may be the Phoenix , because I think that someone who doesn't know the setting will come closer to the phoenix by extrapolating from peripheral information available in other write ups than they would for the Unicorn, Scorpion, or Crab (and we've already had the Dragon, the Lion, and the Crane). I suspect that this is the same reason that they were the last of the major clans to have a "Way of the [insert clan here]" book when the 1rst edition RPG rolled out back in the day. As for your other question, I think it will be the Scorpion because: Scorpion was the last major clan revealed in the original game, not showing up until the first expansion. The Scorpion write up will be full of revealed secrets that get everyone excited for the release of the new game.
  5. There was young Hoturi fiction in the first winter court book. If memory served the characterization was different, he and Kachiko wreaked havoc on the winter court in a sort of social fu courtship/ on upmanship/ childish game thing.
  6. Accidental post, nothing to see here, please delete it if possible.
  7. The app plays differently than a human. It doesn't know the board and doesn't think in the same way. As a result, the app only works with altered rules to allow the app to use swarm tactics in a way that isn't silly. The app wins by killing you, a human player wins by other victory conditions.- thus the scenarios wouldn't transfer well.
  8. That's the only way I ever played much. Two player games were a sort of weird thing that the tournament folks did. When we got together to play we did it in groups.
  9. :o You're right!! I did go with Quellen but I told the app I was using Rendel as a bard but really proxy-ed my first edition Ispher. The app must have known because it gave me the worst major peril effect I'd ever seen. (Does the app communicate with the blue die as well, because I think I got more than my fair share of X's?)
  10. Other than a lot of the CK heroes being wildly overpowered, no it won't cause any problems. Was Mad Carthos one of them? It seems to me that the other three characters I choose, Trenloe the Strong, Laurel of Bloodwood, and Ispher, were all powered up from their conversion kit versions when they reappeared.
  11. Of course, it is my intention to lie to the software about what the name of my hero is and then use whichever card I wish. That's not going to cause me any problems is it?
  12. Thanks. This is my first time playing through an entire full campaign (previously I did the short goblin campaign and I played kindred fire up to the interlude where after my tablet died in a way that prevented recovery of my files) I think that I'll go with the simplicity of the runemaster for this go round, (I'm thinking of High mage Quellan, Leoric of the book, or Mad Carthos from the conversion kit).
  13. I'm planning to play seeds of corruption and in doing so I'm choosing a party, (so far it's Ishper as a bard, laurel of bloodwood as a wildlander, and Trenloe the strong as a knight). I'm looking a the geomancer class; the text of summoned stone says; "Each of your attacks targeting a monster adjacent to a Summoned Stone gains 1[surge symbol]." My presumption is that "your" in this statement only refers to the geomancer, otherwise it would say "Each attack by a hero....." Is this correct?
  14. Anyone care too spoil the city action(s)?
  15. I've removed things from my collection and been told by the app that I could no longer play a saved game that was started when I had the item.
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