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  1. I don't think they should trash the pathfinder system, it's part of what makes this game unique and simple enough to grasp yet adds it a tactical side of really stealth play. I must say, that we shouldn't really expect FFG making big changes to the game, this would go against what they've done in the past (Talisman, Battlelore). And I wouldn't really like them changing the pathfinder system or anything else that would render my game obsolete. What I do expect, is for them to clean up the rules a bit and maybe add some new rules of their own. I would finally love to see the unpainted minis available in the US and hope for a scenario booklet a la Tide of Iron or Descent, which could flesh out a bit more the story mode. The game as it is has the potential of becoming a miniatures games or a boardgame (right now I feel it's a hybrid), and by either providing more scenarios or releasing more forces and maps you could push it in one direction or the other, so it'll be interesting to see how they wish to handle this game.
  2. I don't think they would remove the pathfinder system, that would make everyone's map obsolete and it's not in their nature to do so. I would look at the examples set by Talisman and Battlelore, the core mechanics will remain the same but they'll clean up the rules a bit to make them easier to grasp and could possibly add some additional rules. I wouldn't rule out an scenario book like they've done with Descent and Tide of Iron. However, I think we have to be a bit patient to wait and see what's in store for this game, my guess is that it'll take them at least 6 months to announce any new expansions they make for the game. What I am rooting for is getting the unpainted figures released in the US and the card game as well. Cheers;
  3. Guys, This is a basic (and maybe stupid) question, but I've got to ask it. When having exchanged my adventure counters for experience counters, let's say I got a +2 for range attack, will this bonus be added only to the ranged value or is it also added to the ranged damage? Thanks;
  4. Hey guys, I've been pretty interested in this movie since I first heard of the concept (alien ship falls down on viking land). Once I read about the backstory for Frozen Wastes it piqued my interest in the movie and the game a lot more, since they seem to have similiar settings. Has anyone seen this yet or has anymore info or thoughts on this? Cheers;
  5. hi, I'm actually starting to paint mine, I'll put up the photos once I'm done.
  6. yeah, I already have one like that for carrying Descent only because I had to leave the box behind as it wouldn't fit on my luggage. anyways, as much as I'm tempted to buy that GW big bag I think I have a very similar piece of luggage in which I could carry around the game without throwing away the box.
  7. Thanks a lot for the measurement and the translation to metric system, much appreciated. Games Workshop has released a set of Bags to carry around figure cases, you can find them here. These are the measures for each of the bags: Heavy Support Bag (H: 80cm, W: 45cm, D: 25cm), Tactical Backpack (H: 55cm, W: 35cm, D: 15cm), Fast Attack Bag (H: 33cm, W: 40cm, D: 6cm).
  8. Guys, Quick question, has anyone taken the measurement of this game box? I'm thinking of getting one of the GW's bags to carry this baby around but wasn't sure if it'd fit inside one. Cheers;
  9. Well the thing with the outpost is that there are no zombies, hehe, just keep that in mind and at the ending you'll understand it's a ghost story. By the way, I seem to recall a movie about Nazis in the Moon being launched this year, anyone has a scoop on that? And Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow it's a great movie, even though it's a bit of a stretch from a Tannhäuser scenario it's still good to watch. Have fun;
  10. Guys, Just finished watching THE OUTPOST and it's definitely a good action movie that I recommend to any Tannhäuser fans. It's set up in modern day, but it's a group of mercenaries that's sent to an abandoned Nazi bunker where they find out that the germans were involved in strange research procedures, trying to build the invencible army through a machine that would reign over the 4 elements. Definitely worth watching, let me know how it goes. Cheers;
  11. That's awesome, thanks. Coincidentally I had this printed out a week ago at a plotter and just wasn't big enough, hopefully I'll be able to get it in the proper size now. Cheers;
  12. If you like tactical miniature games you'll be pleased with this game, as for the boards don't worry about it because there are many official and fan maps that can be downloaded and printed which I can attest that are great. So go ahead and have fun.
  13. However, I'm still in the lookout for another idea, one that would provide me with transparent disks or colored rings in the right size that are a bit sturdier, so they won't move as easily.
  14. Thanks for the explanations on colors that's really helpful. I've already got the hybrid tiles (as I own and love that game) and even printed some additional maps but this is a project I'm really interested in developing as a way of using my MK:Dungeons 3d pieces, as they were a hefty investment that I haven't used as much as I'd like to. The projector tranparencies seem like a great idea so I'll be givin it a try, but instead of using sheets cut out to the room's size I'll be cutting out the circles so I can put them as I wish. Really apprecciated, great help.
  15. Guys; I've been thinking about using the MageKnight Dungeons 3D walls and floor tiles to create a 3D map for Tannhäuser. My idea is to simply create rooms and corridors and put them together in any way that I want. For the colored circles I've thought that the best option would be to get some transparent circles and then paint their circumferences in the different colors that are needed. Now, I have to 2 questions: does anyone knows how the guys that make maps determine the paths and colors that will be used, especially how to split the circles in 2 or 3 colors? does anyone have an idea about how you could make or get a transparent circle in the right size for the miniature bases? Cheers;
  16. You know at this point I don't care when the expansion gets released, I just want it out. Hopefully, this german company delayed it because they need time to translate. So anyway, what's up FFG? Any words to your faithful fans? Cheers;
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