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  1. Yes, sort of, if the "user" doesn't mind his personality and sense of self dissolving into oblivion over time and being taken over by the alien thing. Also, machine might be a big word for it: it comes in various forms, but as a small object that embeds itself in the "user's" flesh.
  2. While there indeed may be a drug called "halo", I currently have no recollection of any such thing. What I do know, however, is that there is a rather comprehensive section on Halo Devices in DH:DotDG, pp 96-103. In short: it is an archaeoxenon device of mysterious origins named for its place of occurrence (this includes both the Scarus, as well as Calixis sectors). It bonds with its "user" over time, transforming the "user" into an increasingly alien thing that eventually loses his human nature (and in the process acquires a tremendous ability to defy death).
  3. Do'nt wory, we fguired ot waht yu wer saing, DB.20
  4. I have to say that I post here with the regularity of a major asteroid hitting the surface of the Earth, but I simply had to log in and reward you with most heart-felt plaudits I can just about muster, guys! Where discussions on these boards are usually rather tame, predictable and pragmatic — this has been a marvelous beacon of inspiring emotion amidst that darkness of practicality! Thank you!
  5. These are very nice. I cannot help but appreciate the clear, crisp lines. Really nice, imaginative. Not awkwardly bulky - beauty.
  6. Sketchesofpayne, are you still around? Have you made any updates to this most excellent map? Could you, per chance, make the vector file available, so as to facilitate easy editing? I'd love to be able to make a clean version with little to no worlds marked on it and keep adding new worlds as the group discovers them, or learns about their existence. If not the original author, has anyone made the effort of transposing the jpg file into vector graphics again?
  7. GunslyHoneycutt said: Can't find any sort of Warhammer in that site. Try this: http://rpol.net/game.cgi?gi=35128&date=1319186206 (Apply to join and request access to whichever variety of WH interests you; WFRP/WH40k, etc.)
  8. TLG is right. Can the Acolytes present any credentials? A Badge of Office (Ascension), or a Rosette?
  9. Well, that's all fine and dandy for you all to brandish your abnormally long lore-pikes like that, but neither the Space Marines, nor the Emperor are actually normal humans, are they now? The question was about Rogue Traders, most of whom - though by no means definitely all of them, one could argue - are actually human. Tut-tut.
  10. blubbbb said: Ok, your complain is that an enemy capable of delivering 2d10 wounds after armor and TB is weak and not dangerous, how many characters are your players making per session? I don't often actually play role-playing games, but when I do, I find that four is a nice, round number.
  11. I have the nagging suspicion that any self-respecting agent of the Inquisition would not have let himself be brought down by skags. They'd have shot all that skag.
  12. As an indication, I've just taken a gander at the ages of the Cardinals presented in DH's Blood of Martyrs. One of them is described as "well into his second century", while the other one - "(p)erhaps the oldest member of the Sector Synod, [...] well into his third century of life". The latter is also described as "ancient and extremely frail" - physically, that is. Mentally, he is still a very capable political beast (see also the adventure in DH's Ascension). Thus, I take it that 350-400 might be nearing the limit of how long the ticker'll go on a-beatin'. Put it at 450-500 for High Lords of Terra for good measure, I reckon, too.
  13. Cool story, Avenger. I do wonder, though - how did Helos and the rest of the C-17 gang countenance the fact that the PC Acolytes ignore their order to return to Skane? How did that play out?
  14. Valdek said: I do have a question though, why a helmet lens? A Space Marine is unlikely to remove a lens from his helmet, and the Chapter is more like to repair and re-use the armour should it's occupant have been killed. A Bolt Casing is more likely as a relic, perhaps still covered in some of the Marines blood from the battle. Because it doth conform to The Rule of Cool.
  15. "Hi, I am Calligos Winterscale, THE Man of the Koronus Expanse, and I have just thrown away one of my prized worlds on a silly bet! Oh, wait, how did I get to be a dominant power of the Expanse again?"
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