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  1. That is very useful, thank you alemander! Glad it seems ok, I'll take a look at that thread too. That's true but it's not what I'm doing.
  2. Hi all, so I want to have my players travel from Calixis to Askellon, and I'm having some trouble mapping out the warp route. I've found the maps I need but can you help me work out if what I've got makes sense? They're starting in Calixis, at Canopus. From there, they travel spinward to Prol IX and leave the sector coreward. Entering Scarus in the Antimar Subsector, they continue to travel coreward to Gloricient, then on to Sarum and Sleef, to exit the sector. From there I think they can come into the Askellon Sector at Aventine in the Thule Subsector? Is that right? I want them to end up at Desoleum...
  3. Alternatively: Semi-auto applies a -10 penalty to the attack roll, but adds [DoS multiplier] damage to the attack Full auto applies a -20 penalty to the attack roll, but adds 1 to the DoS modifier Sorry if you've thought of that already, I haven't read the whole thread
  4. The default rule is that offering items in trade/barter/bribe adds a bonus to your Influence Test equal to the difference in Availability between the requisition and the offer, IIRC. This is very similar to the default rule, except for being able to exchange items for Influence at 1/10th rate. This would need to be a bit more restricted, or else you'd have PCs swapping every Scarce (-10) weapon they loot from a ganger for +1 Influence.
  5. You could use the character generation rule, which IIRC is that you can replace it with another Skill Training or Talent of your choice (within Tier, presumably).
  6. Correct answer. "The Plan" - in all it's epic WTF-ness, was to hide the Grey Knight squad inside the ship's plasma engine as it maneuvered in to dock, then walk out through the cooling engine nacelle once the drive shut down. Standing inside a starship plasma engine whilst the ship is actively maneuvering under power is a bit beyond the original intent even of the exosuits terminator plate is based on, but a combination of best craftsmanship armour and brotherhood of psykers enhancing one of their number with pyrokine talents juuuust about stopped them from dying a horrible burning death before the ship docked. Ah! I see. Clever. Or, rather, "clever".
  7. Thanks both, some really useful information for me in terms of what might be out there! Does any of the discussion in those books go into what factions the Inquisitirs are in? Rather than Ordos, I'm thinking of the kinds of things we've seen in Dark Heresy material (especially the various first edition books like the Radical's Handbook, detailing what factions there are and what they think).
  8. Hi all - for a game I'm thinking of, I need to know what Inquisitors and/or Inquisition factions are present in the Reach. Can anyone give me a rundown of who and what is out there, because I can't seem to find anything in the core book except the liaison...
  9. Great topic - and thanks for sharing about your campaign. What was the original use of terminator armour?
  10. I'm playing in a game which is influenced by Abnett, so it's possible to play a 'normal guy' psyker (not totally normal obviously) and for psykers to be monstrous at times as well. My psyker is supposed to be on the 'normal guy' end of things, so I am not planning on developing his powers all that much. I do think that many powers are kind of pointless. I mean, you have a 10% chance of triggering Psychic Phenomena every time you use a power for anything, which I think is pretty harsh! So things that give a small bonus, or for a very limited time (or both) I'm not too keen on. The game is quite young so the only experience I have of my powers is using Telepathic Link to extract more information from a subject during an interrogation, which went super well; and of using Psyniscience on stuff constantly! It's very useful. What I did spend a long time looking at when I was making the character is that you have to have the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background to be sanctioned, but there are two ways of getting the Psyker advance - either take the Mystic Role, or buy the Elite Advance separately with 300xp. For a more 'normal guy' character, I wanted to take a different Role and buy the Advance (having picked AAT of course), to represent that diversity. But it was pretty difficult to fit it all into the 1000xp you start with, and it was pretty tough to get all the Aptitudes I wanted as well. If I was making a more experienced character to start play with, with more than the default 1000xp to spend, I would definitely think hard about using a different Role and buying the Psyker advance separately. As far as I know, it might be possible to take the Adeptus Astra Telepathica background, choose a non-Mystic Role, and then pick up the Psyker Elite Advance separately later in play, and still count as Sanctioned?
  11. I was surprised to discover that Smoke (such as is produced by a Smoke or Blind grenade) doesn't actually block vision completely. It counts as poor lighting, giving -20 to BS Tests (and I'm sure a few side effects that I forget for the moment).
  12. This has always been a problem in DH and other 40k RPGs!
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