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  1. A young, beautiful girl outwits the dreaded witch of the woods. A prince rides a grey wolf, hunting down the elusive firebird. Drowned women dance upon the river's surface, seeking to sate their eternal hunger and sorrow by eating the flesh of those gullible enough to follow them. The most benevolent and kind of the gods becomes the avatar of evil and darkness for half a year. A mad sorcerer cheats death itself by hiding his soul in a place where none may reach it. Cold, dark tales from a cold and dark land, where only the strong and the merciless may survive. Where nothing is ever as it seems, where even the great kings live in fear of the all consuming winter. A wild place, a violent place, a barbaric place, a beautiful place. Have you ever considered how to integrate some of the more famous slavic fairy-tales into the mostly German world of the Grimmlands? Most of these legends are already horrifically twisted and dark as it is, but how do you think we can make them even scarier, hmm? I believe the style fits very well.
  2. I expect much from this game, which means I will undoubtedly be highly disappointed, just like I was disappointed by StarCraft 2. Such attempts to revive old, extremely good franchises (or a single game, for the matter) almost never work. Nevertheless, I will buy it.
  3. RED_RONIN47 said: WOW! wait....is that in the book. Or did you make that up. I hope you did...cause ive been looking though the book and never found it. So i hope im not going crazy. Well if you did make it up. I like it alot. That would really work. Thanks. As far as I know, I made that up. It's also possible that I read this somewhere and my subconscious saw fit to put it in my mind as my own idea, though. Stranger things have happened. But if you ask me, I think I made it up.
  4. Well, I think it's a beautiful thematic addition that also has great mechanical benefits for an Archetype that usually gets all the crap from the system(and the Narrator. It's in the freaking rules)
  5. I know it's like the big daddy of cliches, but I am going to suggest Lux Aeterna, from Requiem for a Dream. There is no dramatic situation in which this music isn't appropriate. The movie wasn't exactly a masterpiece, in my opinion, but the soundtrack... WOW.
  6. Arthur Rackham. The art of Arthur Rackham is what we all need. Google it, for some reason I can't put the link here.
  7. They live in the basements of the Clocktower and they sabotage the machinery. The gnomes positively hate them and have tried sending extermination squads in, but since all gnomes are clockhearted the gremlins made short work of them(their very presence ruins all advanced technology). Clockmaster Sarge is now looking for a band of brave kids to go down there and do something about the infestation...
  8. From what I understood, we were just trying a simple perversion of the original tale. How strange. This might work, though. It very well might.
  9. Wait, aren't the Oompa-Loompas paid with chocolate? I do however like where this is going. It's like the Clocktower. The kids don't know that, but whether they pass the tests or not doesn't matter to them in the slightest: they lose anyway(either they die horribly or they become eternal servents of the chocolate factory). The only way to "win" is to break the system.
  10. To say the truth, it's all based on a couple of drawings by a friend of mine. Most of the ideas don't make sense at all in the Grimmlands. The core is good, though: an eternal war between inhumane forces who don't even understand why they fight(or that another possibility exists)
  11. In my fevered imagination, I see the pawns as skeletal, mechanical soldiers, carrying all manners of arcane explosives and a steam-punkish gun, as well as swords and axes. They wear uniforms that look a bit like WWI uniforms and a bit like middle ages armor. It's all pretty wacky. Of course, they die by the dozens. The bishops are very tall, thin, and creepy, and their mechanical shells look like a strange mockery of priestly robes. They carry long staves through which they channel their battle magic. The rooks are walking mechanical fortresses, with dozens of guns and other weaponry, shambling behemoths of the battlefield. The knights are clad in ornate armor and carry massive lances, and ride flying clockwork dragons(that spit magical fire!) The queens are tall and beautiful, with masks of eternal tranquility. They carry two blades and dance across the field, slaying all who stand in their way. The king is incredibly obese(yes, being a mechanical construct, he was actually built round and fat and cumbersome. why? None know). He sits on a steampunk throne with many spider legs, and moves slowly across the field of battle, shouting orders and hiding behind the protection of his queen and the rooks.
  12. Makes enough sense, though I don't like the idea of them flinging lightning bolts around. Perhaps magically "reviving"(reconstructing?) fallen warriors(remember, they are all arcane clockworks, they literally break to pieces when "slain")
  13. Upon a massive Chessboard, the clockwork kingdoms of Red and White are locked in an eternal conflict. Mechanical walking fortresses, armed with a thousand weapons, rooks charge forward straight into the enemy lines. Cunning bishops, tall and thin, raise the moral of the pawn hordes with dread battlesongs. Queens made of the most delicate arcane mechanisms, their bolt and cog faces hidden behind beatific alabaster masks, waltz across the battlefield, swinging mighty blades in a chaotic dance of death.
  14. Oh, I rather like the cliched hollywood "cursed werewolves" approach. It allows you to play with the kids sense of morality and add a layer of fear and madness, since the monster they are fighting is still, in the end, a human(maybe someone they know). And there's nothing like the crushing feeling of impending doom when a kid gets bitten and has to find a rare cure before a month. The idea of the Moon taking their souls, though, I like. Maybe not just like that, but something similar(only the Devil and God should have authority over souls in the Grimmlands. The Moon can still take other things from you, though. Freedom, sanity, humanity, whatever) Vampires... make them Dracula style, I guess. Give them tons of special powers and also a ton of well known weaknesses. They are aristocratic and live in the family castle in psaudo Transylvania(Uberwald?)
  15. The pumpkin things are evil spirits in service of Jack Lantern, pumpkin king and master trickster. He delights in leading people astray from the path and into the dangerous places of the world... Literally, and sometimes figuratively as well. He draws his dark powers of illusion from an ever burning chunk of coal(rumored to have been given to him by the Devil himself) which he keeps in his lantern. Jack is deathless and cannot be defeated permanently, but without the coal he will be devoid of most power and relatively harmless.
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