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  1. Ti3 is now 12-13 years old i had it also but just recently did sell it because it is harder for me to find 3 people who like to play for almost a day. So lately i did buy some games who are also playable with 2 people have less playtime and if possible can be played solo or in co op. And i have to say there are a lot of games who have also Sci-fy settings and are epic. I really like Ti3 and maybe i buy Ti4 because i did read that is a bit better streamlined and even playable in less time. But i did also play Xia Legends of a drift system and its expansion xia Ember of a forsaken star. Totally not to compair with Twilight but i really like it and u can play it alone or with 5 people and a lot of nice mechanics are in the game who would also be nice in Twilight. What i want to say is for the real Twilight players this new version is a no brainer i think but for peole who have less time like me there are lots of other games who are also nice and Epic.
  2. Wel i think it is a miss to not have an option for 2 players. It would also be cool if there was a Solo play maybe Co-op play variant but then a compleet different play stile something like playing against the board After a big War where most side's did Loose u are one of the few survivors and try to salvage ship parts to upgrade your own ship so u have a better change to survive against the others. Something like that many thing they could do. Lately there are more and more games who have some sort of smart AI Card decks, to control the enemy behavior make something like that.
  3. I was really hoping for a 2 player option as it is hard enough to find 3 people who are willing to spend betwean 6 and 12 hours for a game session. Lately i am more in to Co-op Board games where i am even able to play alone. But oke this is a RTS game so Co-Op is not really an option i guess but at least 2 players would have been nice.
  4. there is now also a Ipad Iphone version look here https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/ti3-race-sheet-for-twilight/id770959421?l=en&mt=8
  5. Mmmm oke diddnt read it that way so a wormhole in a empty system accupied by the creuss is not under there control so other player may enter from the other site to get to them how about there home system the ability is only for A and B wormholes but not the D wormhole so others can enter the creuss system by entering true the D wormhole ?
  6. u did play against the Necro and Sol did the Necro try to steal/copy techs from u the Slave Wormhole Generator is kinda useles for the Necro cos u can accupy the other end of a wormhole but the Dimensional Splicer could be usefull if they manage to get on a wormole tile btw i think when playing with the Ghost using the Nexus in the game is giving them maybe to much power if u have ships in the nexus no other player can go on any other A-B wormhole tile
  7. I play a lot of Ti3 but mostly with only 2 players next week 14 september i host a game so who lives close by is welcome Country Netherlands place Gouda
  8. I did play 3 times with the Necro Virus and i noticed im my games that others are not willing to attack them because they don't want to give them a change to get a Free Tech. while i think if i whould have the Necro against me i whould try to keep them small afterall they are a Virus and spreading them makes them extreamly dangerous if u are with more players then try to get some agreements that races with lower tech attack them and there flagship is easy to destroy last game my flagship was destroyed by PDS fire that whas pre battle so it was destroyed without destroying all the other ships in that system, afcourse i was a bit stupid to go in alone with my flagship should have bring in a fighter or some other cheap support . personaly i have more problems with the Arborec ones they settle on a planet it is really hard to kill them they spread really fast.
  9. Last weekend i did play 2 games together with a good friend and it was a lot of fun we used from the original game the option distant suns and from the charts of throne option 1 2 3 4 5 and 7 especialy 7 political intrigue is a good option and stil working wih 2 player we also selected 3 strategy cards each. using all the strategy cards from the shattered empire expansion and the new Assembly II card the first round we did try with only 2 strategy cards but that was not giving an compleet game so the next round we used 3 cards each and that works very good. also we made a special map look at the picture the 2nd game we did use the same galaxy shape but placed some more resource heavy planets at the corners of the galaxy afcourse u need to be selective for what race u play first game i was playing with the Necro Virus and my enemy with the Arborec we wanted to play with the new race's so the problem i got was my only enemy was the only one who could give me new Techs but if he doesnt get new tech's i don't get them also so i had to change the strategie to try to put him in a corner and that worked for the most part but still he was getting some good objectives and finaly won the game but The Necro Virus with only 1 enemy is not the best race to use the 2nd game i played with Ghost of Creuss and my sworn enemy again with the Arborec this time i was able to get my own techs but i was to inexperienced to use all the Cruess ability's to its full capacity so at the end i did loose but this time it was due to a very nasty Action card from his site his last objective was to take over 1 system i did own this round, i had all system out of his reach who where easy targets but he got a lucky Action card giving him a extra movent so my 1 weak bad supported system was suddenly in reach of his fleet and that got him is winning point if he wouldent used that card i might had a change my objective was to controll all wormhole systems and i was almost ready to get that. loosing 2 times is not fun hehe but i am over it now haha so far lots of fun and we wil use it the next time maybe some tweaking here and there but for the most part it works good
  10. here i did find only 1 in the play store but u can also find them both in the Android Pit look for the Tech manager here http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.chaddington.ti3tech/TI3-Tech-Manager and the Stats manager here http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.skatecanyon.tools.ti3stats/TI3-Stats i use them both especialy the stats manager is very handy u can put in all players in your game and what race they play then every time they aquire a new Tech u add that to there stats and when ever there is a battle u know exactly if they have any + on there dice. if u have a Android tablet u could put it on the table and let every player add there new tech to there race so it makes it easyer to know what u have to do in a battle maybe a nice update whould be if 2 players going to battle make a extra option where u select who against who so who attacks and who defends and show all the + and - on 1 page instead of remembering and looking it up every time
  11. i did find a global Map where u can see Twilight Imperium players http://www.communitywalk.com/Global_TI3_Player_Network btw i am hosting a Game comming September 14 in the Netherlands place Gouda so who is interested PM me or Email me
  12. thx i think those are indead ones the Necro can't copy if some more people could check if there are more Race Techs who modify Racial Trait or ability's that would be welcome. about the TI3 tech app i use it also maybe time for the creator of that tool to make some modifications to exclude those techs from the Get list if u choice the Necro i use that tool when i am playing together with the TI3 Stats app
  13. Wow i hope u give us some more vids/ screenshots can't wait to see more from this
  14. i have a question does anyone know what Racial Tech from other races they can't copy using the Valefar Assimilator. i would say for example from the Arborac the Spore Aceleration but i am not sure it would be nice to have a list thx in advange
  15. what i would like is an option for 2 players.but with all the trading war and politics we have now. and what i think would be cool is if u start with only your Race Home system and then 1 by 1 explore the galaxy in search for some secret race or artifacts/ techs so when u want to go outside your system u draw a new haxatile and see what happens or maybe put your home system on the board and then create the galaxy with ohter hexatiles but u put them upside down so u already got the shape of the galaxy but u are uncleare what to encounter maybe call it the Fog of War. u could be surrounded with Red cornered system so then u first have to learn the tech to travel true them and u can get an encounter with one of the other existing race's in the game find new systems to explore and enemy's /friends this would even be playable with 1 player but i stil would like to have some deep politics in the game and trading options
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