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  1. Im not saying your input ave no sense, meaning or interess. Just that if they wanted a Y-wing with no Astromech at all (totaly stupid idea in all aspect) they could just ave put a guy (kid) to snip the model befor the paint shop. It would look like a metal plating covering the hole.
  2. From my incomplet experience I see some constant whit the winning side of the serie. I ave play the three first game whit the rebel and the two first whit Imperial. All of them were rebel victory exepte the third scenarion whitch felt a bit more tight but the other were total domination. What your experience whit those scenario. Is ther a real bias toward rebel in the begining. Give me your tought.
  3. Im preatty shure those two reason ave nothing to do whit the decision to create Salvage astromec. First: The choise of ship. They did no ave to put the Y-wing in ther Second: They could just paint it black or the same color as the hull to make the miniscule bump in the ship beaing seamless. Third: What did cost more the time it took to adress the issue (creating Salvage astro, diferent ability, weighting for and against, thinking other solution, etc,) or create new moulds. Or even ave a enploye snip the Astromec of the ship... What ever the reason its higly unlikly that they made ther decision in relation off the ship model.
  4. I was looking to those thing whit adult male disinteres but deep down I knew I add to buy some one day good Idea.
  5. All good advice here but Im preatty shure the bigest problem you ave is experience. A thing I say to One of my "overthinker" friend: Stop looking at the dial the move you want to do wont suddently appear. Stop whit this 60 point non sense if you ave the ship. It take five second to build a fun and solid 100 point roster (not a tournement dasher). Four red squadron ... done. I think your missing the point here... or maybe Ha ha ha good one.
  6. Its probably to keep the diferent ability separate from faction to faction. The scum allready ave 3 rebel and 1 empire ship if they equip normal astromec the similitude would be off the chart.Thematiclly im not happy about that. Nothing, in theory, prevent the reble to purchase "salvage astromec" and vice verca . So we juste ave to be confident in the FFG team did that to maximise the fun factor and competitivness between two diferent faction.
  7. The rebel shuttle should not be a "any list possibility" juste to keep some distance between the faction. But as a scenario I think it a great idea to use it whit Han, Chewe and Lea
  8. Wacko___

    Pilot vs Ship

    Later on the game life I dont see why not. Ther is however some facter that we are not awere of. Anyway I would love to see that happen and personnaly I wont what for FFG to make some for me. Im still carefull beacus lot of you said it a huge risk on the gamme balance. So small change for now.
  9. Dont know wereyou are exactly but try calling some Toys store were they ave Playmobile and Book for kid. Its surprising what they ave some time and since ther costemer base is young mom and old mamy the x-wing stock stay longer. Good luck.
  10. Not a big fan of the mercenary copilot. But again I never add 3 co pilot option at once. Witch is awesome. Loved this ship at first sight.
  11. Wacko___

    Pilot vs Ship

    Like some of you say. A simple way to adress that would be to release some old pilot in other ship. Small cheap pack whit no model (most of us ave enought). But again like BaronFel said you ave to be carfull on who go where beacus ther is some major power combo that can break the game. Those of you who play MtG legacy know how that feel. Any Idea of who whould be nice piloting somthing else? For the guys who are well inform in the story did any one pilot more than one ship?
  12. You know you play too much x-wing when... You are in this forum.
  13. Wacko___

    Pilot vs Ship

    I tought about that since the begining of the game and my line of conversation in the topic Rebel Ace II decide me to starte this one. Is the ship equal the pilot. Do the Pilot make the ship? The one flaw that jump in my face when I open the boxe for the first time is the Pilot are stuck in ther ship. Of course is faster a to build your squad and easier on the game balance. But would it not be cool to mixe and match who is piloting what. The line of tought whas about Han Solo fleeing a small squadron of Tie right after it bought the "will be Millenium Falcon" as a old beat up YT-1300 whit her small stat. And be honest here, who never whise they could put Vader in anything else (exept a tie, that would be a sin). Give my your tought, your hate or silly idea to modify casual game. Tell me if ther a similar topic somewhere.
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