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  1. I agree with your observations, but I sticked to small shields because of the small size of the images I managed to geather from the Internet. Given samples of the appropriate size, I could have lot of fun trying newer designs. Anyway, that's what I managed to do with Baratheon sleeves, as you can see in some cases the symbol is the full size of the card, although the resolution doesn't make it looks good....
  2. With all the love and respect we all have for Komark, I think that abstract house themed sleeves would be better, more elegant and going to sell well. What do you think? Has anybody at FFG ever thought about it? I made those in fifteen minutes with photoshop, but I'm sure that some of you could do a better design.
  3. I heard Vamapire CCG has died. But this is because it was basically at the end of its product lifecycle, and White Wolf let it go, whitout even trying to turn it in an LCG. But I liked White Wolf's policy and its non-rotaional "coherence" approach. Yet, I'm not sure if it can be efficently applied to AGoT.
  4. Hi As I stated in another thread, in Verona a little but lively community is rising. To tell the truth, we might be the only case in the world where, in a gaming club, Call of Cthulhu is played more than the other LCGs... We play in a club called ALS (Associazione Ludica Scaligera). Whoever wants to confront us in this game, for friendly matches or whatever, is kindly invited to PM me, or post in this thread! Link to my gaming club: homepage -> www.ludicascaligera.it/ forum > als.forumcommunity.net/ Also, I'll be demoing Call of Cthulhu LCG on november 6th. BYE
  5. Ciao Henry, e grazie del link. Per qualche motivo il tuo thread mi era sfuggito. Posterò lì, è inutile avere due threads simili. BYE!
  6. I start this thread to set up a sort of locator system for the Italian Call of Cthulhu LCG community. Although, at the moment, every form of organized play is unlikely to happen, still it could be useful to know how many players there are in Italy, and where are they located, to plan something interesting for the future As for us, we are a small but growing meta in Verona, 3-4 players at the moment. We are memeber of the group Associazione Ludica Scaligera and we plan a simple demo to be held on october 30th. http://www.ludicascaligera.netsons.org/als/l BYE!
  7. Awesome artwork, and one of your best so far! Strong feel in the facial expression...
  8. We gave it a try, and it works great! Congratulations for your idea!
  9. We still lack a modern/scifi LCG, so I'd say Metal Gear or Dune. Metal Gear would be commercially more appealing, expecially to younger people...
  10. thanks for the link Wytefang approach looks interesting, and Vesper's too... I wonder why hasn't FFG released the multiplayer rules, yet...
  11. Are the Multiplayer Rules for Warhammer: Invasion still to be made, or I just missed them?...
  12. I'll gladly answer your question, as I own and love both games, and, lately, I've been playing Call of Cthulhu more than Game of Trones. Honestly, once you truly get the meaning of its mechanics, it's a nearly perfect game. Great artwork, good at recreating that Lovecraft atmosphere, deep, tactical and fun. The resource mechanic is one of its most ingenious aspects, as it forces you to play in a sort of "climax" fashion, just like Lovecraft's stories!... A thing that in my opinion turned my meta towards it, at the expense of Game of Thrones, is the consistent marketing strategy of the product line. A Cthulhu Core Set gives you ALL the factions, with an average of 20 cards each. You can therefore play what you want, and adding some Asylum Packs and some Neutral cards, you can instantly build a regular 50 cards bi-faction tournament deck which will be fun to play, mildly competitive and packed with some nice sinergies. Moreover, the first LCG cycle "Summons of the Deep" (which I improperly call "The Julia Brown Cycle") is perfect for giving muscles and suprises to an LCG beginner's deck as it offers good and sense making cards, without forcing you to new mechanics and to complex deckbuilding to exploit them... On the opposite, a Game of Thrones Core Set gave you only 4 Factions out of the six available. Then, the first two white border LCG cycle were centered around two precise game mechanincs, while a beginner player would have asked, maybe, for some more generic vitamins for his/her core set deck... In the end, I would judge Call of Cthulhu a solid 9 out of 10. For your comparative information, I judge Game of Thrones a 10 out of 10. Although my critics about its marketing still stand, I love every aspect of it, and I consider the Plots (which no other card game has) the aspect that really make the game stand out in regards to strategy and fun. Finally, I point out that I'm in no way a super-competitive player, nor I've ever purchased a CCG product in my whole life, not even Magic (expecially Magic!... ), nor I would ever buy three copies of the Core Set to have 3 X Cthulhu in my deck!. I'm rather a wargamer/roleplayer who loves both Lovecraft and Martin's literary works, and got the games as soon as they went the LCG way. Same goes for the people I play with. So this is the point of view of my judgement from; if you come from the CCG world and you love compeititive playing, combos, scientific deckbuilding and so on, then you should take my comments very carefully...
  13. Hi In my quite limited game experience, I never managed to lose a game playing agency, nor to win one when I faced it. Is this faction overpowered? Or is it just easy to play by novices like me and my mates, so that it gives a false impression of power? As for now, we decided to "ban" it from our games, as they weren't really fun when the unstoppable blue cards were around. The cards I'm actually using are the Core Set ones plus some Julia Brown packs.
  14. I think that my story is quite peculiar, if not incredible. Actually, it was watching the card's preview on FFG website that got me into the books! In 2003 I was browsing FFG's site and stumbled in the Game of Thrones product page. I think that Westeros edition and also the following cycle were already out. I looked at the card's preview and thought the artwork was expressive. Even more expressive were the sentences on some cards, like "We think you northeners are made of ice, and that you melt when you ride below the Neck", or Eddard's classic "We hold to the belief that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword". I was hit by the power of those words, bought the first book and stood even more amazed by how beautiful it was. Yet, I didn't buy the game, as CCG games are not for me. Luckily enough, five years later, FFG was so kind to eventually switch to LCG format. YAY!
  15. Yes, it seems pretty rational to me... Thanks for the suggestion!...
  16. I had a similar question about Greyjoy (Kings of the Sea), but now I'm even more clueless. In your opinion, if I'm playing a multiplayer game using just the factory 45 cards decks of the Core Set, and a fifth player (or one of the three/four) wants to use Martell, which cards are supposed to be used to keep the game balanced?
  17. Well, as a boost for your characters, it's sensless, because Tcho-Tcho Talisman does the same, and more, without the downside effect. It's probably to be aimed at opponents', for some complex, misterious combo...
  18. Oh, so I'm not the only one who'd love to see UFS in LCG format! (I love it, but I'll never buy a single card as long as it's still CCG, same I did with A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu)
  19. +1 for the Domain Cards... standard, laminated, whatever... just don't do heavy resin soap blocks, please!
  20. Played a melee yesterday for the first time +1 for the Crown Regent fans and, by the way, the melee game is awesome
  21. I think it's a balanced card, certainly not in the "too powerful" category. This is also because of the timing... "Challenges:" When this phase starts, Marshalling has already taken place, and my opponent will have likely played the key character(s) for that turn. Would the timing have been "Marshalling: " (+ being First Player in the turn) or better yet "Plot:"... well, that would have make it quite different!
  22. First of all, sorry, for some reason I didn't see your answer in the General Discussion section, which by the way was the wrong section to post in... It looks like I didn't consider correctly the word "you"... so in fact, the Plot is punishing only the player revealing it; I guess it's the price to pay to get the 2 claim and the good initiative. Thanks for the answer.
  23. When such Plots are revealed at the same time, what happens? How many Intrigue Challenges take place in the turn? One, two or none?
  24. When such Plots are revealed at the same time, how many Intrigue Challenges may each player initiate? One, two or none?...
  25. I confirm that Europe is lagging behind (except maybe UK) We must order from oversea shops to keep somewhat the pace...
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