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  1. Have never been able to beat either of these AO, if we went to the final battle. Both have Physical and Magical Immunity (Zhar only one each round, but have to fight him twice), only a -3 to combat/fight checks but, their attacks just devour 1st player. Just can’t crack these AO’s, any one had a success?
  2. zealot12 said: Umm, you have to fill the doom track completely before battling the Ancient One, even when he awakens prematurely. Ahh missed that one, I just looked it up in rule book and found it. Whoops. Well we did a reset that game and got eaten the second time around.
  3. There are many “combo’s” that make it an easier win scenario. Our group’s latest one was, Marie Lambeau was been played and someone drew the Massa di Requiem per Shuggay unique item in setup, (4 move pts and Will -2 check, Immediately awakens Ancient One). This all happened 1st turn so, movement phase; Massa Tome is read, then straight to AO battle. Marie uses her remove doom token, as there is only one, game over. Easy win, no real fight all done 5 mins. But to get this Marie was a pick and then we are playing with both Dunwich and Kingsport boards, plus 76 unique items to get lucky enough to draw the Massa. It happens, we look at it as a small ray of sunshine, in what can otherwise be a quick run to been devoured by the AO. We always draw our Ancient One after Investigators are drawn, can limit some having strengths against the AO’s attacks, abilities.
  4. Board expansions Dunwich (Good increase to all stuff, plus Injury and Madness can alleviate the loss of items) Innsmouth (Deep ones, keep coming) Kingsport (rifts are a hazzard, but can just tie up one player) Small boxes King in Yellow (Good building drama and definate end game) Dark Pharaoh (goes well with just the base game, nice theme spin on it) Black Goat (corruptions are great temptation, but slow to occur) Whenever new AO, investigators and heralds are in the box, it is all a bonus. They all add new elements to the game and change the play from base game. This makes it one of my groups fav games, just on sheer replay as never is a game the same.
  5. I have all of the expansions (except Lurker) and we have played with all 3 extra boards’ a few times and all extra boards plus small expansion sets once. Always with 4-5 players. Just give everyone one board to be in charge of to ease any problems. Always a long game but loads of fun, felt like it took longer to setup and pack-up then it did to play. Best game was Cthulhu with Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, we were doomed from the get go as everyone wanted to shop for cool new things. In the end fight it was to see who last to be devoured. All because we played one game against Cthulhu (base set only) and won via gunning him down in final fight and friend said he was a “*****”. He hadn’t played with new expansions and said “Bring it on” so we did!
  6. I have found it depends on the quality of the sleave in how it aids or hinders the shuffling. Sleaves save cards so worth the investment If you want you board games to last spent the extra bucks. The FFG and sleaves of the same quality are hardy and almost bullet-proof but add thickness to the decks. Big towering decks when played with all expansions, we end up making half decks and start with one pile then onto the next. Cheaper sleaves thinner decks but can become more slippery when stacked up. Also can break after heavy use and constant shuffles.
  7. I hope there is a 3rd league. Currently playing the 2 leagues scenarios, as it adds a new level to the game and my group love them. Praying to one of the gods to see what portal opens up
  8. Avi_dreader said: Heh... Some of these miniatures are spot on, but some of them look like cosplayers dressed up as Arkham Horror characters. I'm disappointed that Mark Harrigan isn't holding a flame thrower. I think $4 a piece isn't that bad if you don't feel compelled to collect them all. Maybe just five or six. Or ten. Or twenty :') (I probably won't get any for a while though). [/QI UOTE] The poses are great and convey the feal of the character. I have to agree, was a little disappointed that Mark Harrigan has a Tommy Gun (that is Mike McGlen's sig weapon) and no flamethrower (my fav char). They do look good and it is going to take some buys over time to get them all. I will have to start with the favourites 1st.
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