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  1. That's a ton of typos! It leads to the question of whether these cards were proofread at all.. (Or if the proofreader was being chased by a chain saw killer at the same time..) Not exactly a boost to the credibility of the product in general. I completely agree with DerDelphi. Whatever reason they may have for not following that suggestion must be pretty compelling because their end result has clearly suffered mightily!
  2. I agree with all points that have been made, and would add that I've also been slaughtered by the Azathoth scenario playing with four investigators each time (about four times now). I've defeated the Feast for Umordhoth scenario twice, after last night's somewhat (relatively) easy victory, but never once have defeated any of the other scenarios. I've played around 12 games total now. It's most certain that the Will stat has been relatively marginalized, in stark contrast to Arkham Horror Second edition, Arkham Horror the Card Game, Eldtritch Horror and even Mansions of Madness, and this does seem very odd. Occasionally I've wished for higher Will on an investigator after getting slammed hard by a Headline, but that's really about all. So you can get burned by neglecting it at the wrong time, but it's so random and you have so many other higher priorities. Influence feels almost completely unnecessary, and I never focus that stat. What I think AH 3rd edition most excels at is the compelling narrative aspect it creates. I always wished for more of that in AH 2nd edition and you could manipulate the encounter and mythos decks to sort of trend the game in that direction. (Don't get me wrong, I still was hopelessly in love with that game.) But AH 3rd edition totally succeeds at creating a cohesive narrative with the brilliant use of the codex and monsters that are specific to the scenario, while also maintaining replayability, at least for me. And while I do agree with each criticism that has been made of AH3 above, I still love it and happily play it nonetheless... It has shoved Eldritch Horror to the side for now. I do fully expect it to get even better with the addition of more encounter cards and, well, just more of everything, as additional expansions are added to the mix, as Soakman alluded to. So Mikethebuilder, I think you would certainly like AH3 if you like Eldritch and also I find it to be an outstanding solo game! It can be easier to just let your imagination run free and get immersed in the story when you're not squabbling with another human being over what is the best strategy to employ or whatnot. Lastly, I think there is definitely something to be said for a game where winning doesn't come easily and you feel like it's a notable accomplishment when you do actually manage to win, and for me, this is certainly (obviously) such a game.
  3. You were correct. I sent the question to FFG and got this reply (from Grace): "When face up, Rage makes it so the player cannot prevent damage. If another player has an ability or card effect that could prevent damage dealt to the Rage player, Rage does not effect them and the damage can be prevented that way. However, a player who has a face up Rage cannot use guard to prevent damage dealt to any other player either."
  4. I would add that I believe even Elite enemies cannot be provoked when stunned, and also cannot counterattack. You're not going to kill every enemy. I have found this harp to be very helpful at times.
  5. Elite enemies don’t become exhausted when they counterattack. Non elite do.
  6. I think the reason it is stated as 4 facedown damage and fear is because you can discard a combination of the two (definitely a total of 4), and not exclusively just one or the other.
  7. I've almost certainly missed something painfully obvious.. Possible spoiler alert. (If you want to be surprised by the conditions in The City of Archives, stop reading here.. ) In the setup instructions for The City of Archives, you're told to remove all unique Item assets, but there is no mention of allies. On the face of it, that would suggest that your allies accompany you there. Is that supposed to be the takeaway? (I've searched this forum for the subject but I never have any luck with the search feature on this site..). How do people play this? Bring the allies along? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Klatschi! That's not confusing and is actually just the information I was looking for. And thank you for the welcome, as well! At the end of the day, I now see that I bumbled into deeper water than I expected to be in. There is really quite a bit of work involved in being the GM. Way more than just being a player. It's not so much that I mind that, but more like I didn't really fully understand where/how to focus my attention, leading to all of these stupid questions I've been posting on this forum. Thank you again for the helpful and detailed response!
  9. Continuing with the investigations questions.... In the first two beginner adventures, there is red text that should be read verbatim to the PCs, and there is a great deal of other informational text that is written in black. What is the best way to present the information presented in black? A lot of it just has to be paraphrased or narrated. But presenting all of it in that fashion is just sort of reading the players a story, without making them earn anything.. So there has to be a balance. Is using NPCs in some fashion (that isn't clearly stated in the adventure instructions) a good tactic for revealing key information directly? In some instances, it's made clear how this is supposed to happen in the adventure. But for the most part, it's not clear, at least to me.. What are some other mechanisms people might use, or have used perhaps, to relay some of these key facts without simply reading them to the players? Thank you!
  10. Spoiler alert: Anyone who is playing as a PC in the In the Palace of the Emerald Champion adventure should not read any further. I'm a greenhorn GM just now reaching the investigation phase, at the castle, of Satsume's death. (The PCs arrived at the castle at the end of our last session, after their approximately 8-day journey to get there, which went pretty well, in my opinion. But this particular transition point is entirely a horse of a different color..) I'm hoping someone might be willing to share "best practices", or ideas or a process that worked well from a GM perspective. I remain a bit vague as to how I'm going to go about running the PC's investigations. And after reading the conclusion of the adventure, I now see that there isn't even necessarily a black and white resolution to it that has been scripted, which doesn't really help, at least in my case. I had expected the adventure to be less open ended, so I'm concerned about exactly how I'm going to run the investigation side with relatively little to work with, if that makes any sense.. Do you just make stuff up? And it's not that there's nothing to work with, of course. But how did you go about pushing the investigation forward? What process might you have used to reveal necessary information to the PCs? How many sessions did you play once the adventure arrived at the castle phase? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome, as I'm feeling kind of short in that department at the moment. Thanks for any help!
  11. All good points, thanks Sidescroller. I should have been more clear. My question was should I reveal the NPC's demeanor values, that is, the ring values (plus and minus values to the check based on demeanor), not the TN of the check. It's my understanding that the TN of the check does need to be revealed. If it isn't, the PC gains a Void point.
  12. Good idea, thanks Avatar111. That seems perfect. One of my players suggested that very thing, in fact, but we surmised that it should kick in after missing meals for two days. (It didn't come up, they killed the Rampaging Boars and ate them..).
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