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  1. Whether you prefer one or the other largely depends on your gaming preferences: you may prefer Whitechapel over Dracula because the absence of random elements puts more emphasis on the strategic aspects. You may also appreciate the fact that the game is skewed towards Jack, making the hunting players' task more challenging (although I believe long term players somewhat dispute this and claim the game is essentially balanced - It certainly doesn't feel that way to me, but I haven't really played it that often to dispute that claim). The larger map adds some tactical diversity. OTOH, you may prefer Dracula over Whitechappel, because the random elements add some more variance. Even though the theme is reasonably well represented, Whitechapel may feel more "dry" to you, more of a "mathematical" exercise than a game. It can also be downright frustrating for the detectives, as a competent Jack player will probably be very difficult to trace, at least in the first few games, leaving the other player fumbling for clues more or less at random. IMHO, Whitechapel is closer to "Scotland Yard" in feel than to "Dracula". Playing as Jack, you may experience extended downtime as the game puts a lot of pressure on the detectives, who must carefully analyse and plan their moves just to stay in the game (incidently, this suggests that the sweet spot is just 2 players - It can be challenging to accomodate more than one Detective player, as not all players will be able to manage the frustration and complexity of the task at hand. YMMV). My own personal preference goes to Whitechapel.
  2. "When a figure performs a move action, that figure receives a number of movement points equal to his Speed. A figure can interrupt its move action to perform an additional move action, which gives that figure additional movement points." FAQ "When a hero player performs a move action, he receives a number of MOVEMENT POINTS equal to his hero's Speed." pg 8 "A hero may also decide to perform two move actions consecutively, in which case the hero receives movement points equal to twice his Speed." pg 8 I think it's not far fetched to interpret from from these sentences that, when a figure interrupts its move action with another move action, it should be handled in the same manner as consecutive movement…. (e.g: you just receive twice the movement points overall). With no shrinking/expanding shenannigans in between. Thematically, you just never stopped moving (as is the case if you stopped to perform some other action). It seems to be in spirit of the rules and is a viable interpretation, within "reasonable doubt" of the rules as written. Rules text isn't always perfectly unambiguous and some interpretation is almost always necessary (e.g: if you interpret the last sentence too literally, you could reasonably argue that that the hero should receive mp equal to twice his speed WHEN he decided to make the second, consecutive, move action (in addition to the MP from the move actions, for an overall of 4x speed MP). I don't think anyone believes that is intended meaning. Interpretation is always necessary.
  3. arkhamresident said: I second Yggdrasil and Death Angel. They're both pretty quick compared to AH but have some of the same feelings of hopelessness and overwhelming odds. The Mage Knight board game has been getting some pretty good reviews and it can be played solo, co-op and competitively. While I like Yggdrasil, in the same style Ghost Stories is vastly superior in just about every aspect IMHO. Try it out if you haven't. Mage Knight is also a good, meaty game i like, but having said that, it may not be for everyone. It is a very tactical game, even walking around is not trivial as every turn you must analyze the the cards in your hand to find the ideal way to play them and maximize their utility. I think that "frustrating" is a very apt description of MK. While AH may be frustrating in the sense that "we never had a chance of winning no matter what we did", MK tops this 10x by making even simple tasks like moving across the board an optimization exercise that can sometimes be impossible to solve. If you like cooperative fantasy games, check out Mage Knight (supports competitive and cooperative play) and also defenders of the realm (purely cooperative). The DnD games are a possibility but I find them to be slightly inferior overall. In the horror genre, some games you may like, if you are willing to let go of the cooperative/solo aspect are: - Betrayal at the House on the Hill (half game cooperative, then 1 vs many) - Last Night on Earth (1 vs many) There is also another Cthulhu themed cooperative game you may like: Witches of Salem. I haven't tried it yet so I can't realy offer any advice on that one.
  4. Musha Shukou said: Well, based on AH is an awesome game called Elder Sign. It's become one of my game group's favorites as it is basically a simpler version of AH. I also really like Descent: Journeys in the Dark and Fury of Dracula. Hi, I'd recommend you read some reviews at www.boardgamegeek.com before committing to any game, so you know what you are getting into. We, for example, did not like Elder Sign at all... While Fury of Dracula and Descent are good games, they aren't truly cooperative. It's one player versus all other. For truly cooperative (and soloable) games check these out (there are a lot of different styles of games here, read a bit before chosing). I've inlcuded my subjective rating: - Ghost Stories (10/10) - Gears of War (8/10) - Pandemic (or Defenders of the Realm) (7/10 ; 8/10) - Castle Ravenloft / Wrath of Ashardalon /Legend of Drizzt. (8/10; 6/10 ; ? ) - Lord of the Rings (excl. 2nd expansion) (7/10) - Death Angel (8/10) - Yggdrasil (7/10) - Sentinels of the Multiverse (7/10) Good luck, tib ps: other options would be Shadows Over Camelot or Battlestar Gallactica, although in both of these games a traitor may exist so they are not 100% colaborative, and they are not really suited for solo play.
  5. Trump said: We're not talking about being FORCED to draw a new hand. We're just saying that it'd be nice to have the option to discard at the end of the turn before drawing. Honestly, this would be a MASSIVE advantage to the player being attacked. He could just recycle his hand if he wanted to... I'd beg for players to attack me if this was the case. I don't really think there is a problem with the rules as written, and here's why... whenever a player is attacked, presumably he will defend himself by playing military cards, and then draw enough cards to replace them. Obviously, there is a very real chance that those cards are replaced by a mix of militar/non-miitar cards, in effect making it more likely that the overall militar power on his hand is brought down. (this may not happen, of course, but generally it should be the case). So, when you attack a player, you can safely assume you are probably making his hand weaker (in a military sense). A very direct consequence of this is that, as a rule of thumb, if you attack a player other than the player immediately after you in play order you are in effect softening him up *for the benefit of the players that will get to play before him*. In other words, all else being equal, the games promotes attacking the NEXT player in play order as the sensible/best default strategy. This naturally dissuades indiscriminate piling up of attacks on the same player, and balances the game. The OP describes a case where not only a terrible hand is drawn (an unlikely event unless you are screwing up badly your deckbuilding) AND the next player chose a play that is, in most cases, suboptimal for him... So no, I don't think that is a problematic situation at all...
  6. Master Fwiffo said: Either your getting spectacularly lucky die rolls, or you might be doing something wrong. Check your assist/ focus mechanics to make sure you're doing it right. Nope, playing it quite according to rules (assist is borderline useless anyway) ... Only thing I was doing wrong on first games was rerolling just a single die when spending a clue (but ended winning anyway...).
  7. About 10 games, give or take.... No loss yet... (yes, even against shub-niggurath, with even distribution of monsters, no buying of elder signs, etc...)...: And no Sdrolion, the game is quite close to being spectacularly easy. You certainly got lucky having the doom track filling up so fast .... I wish my games were challenging like that. I'm sure you'll find otherwise if you play some more games. Somehow, I think that it is utterly wrong for a Cthulhu game to be so blindingly easy... the game should hate me! It's probably getting shelved sooner than antecipated because of it...
  8. MajMalfunction said: tiborvadovan said: Jenkins said: Adding "Once per day," investigator so-and-so can... would solve several issues with investigator powers that are strong when there are less than 4 players. Unfortunely, this fix does little to fix Kate Winthrop's broken ability, since in that case you can always chose to use it on the last turn of every day, avoiding monsters placed by midnight cards and doom track advances.... I would interpret that her ability will only prevent monsters from appearing due to terror effects or adventure card rewards or penalties. I don't think "at midnight" effects occur during any players turn, but are their own phase, so monsters can still appear at midnight when she is the investigator. While that is one possibility and could work, the rules do clearly state that advancing the clock and drawing mythos cards at midnight is Step 3 of the player's turn. (see page 5). So a FAQ/Errata or clarification is badly needed...
  9. Jenkins said: Adding "Once per day," investigator so-and-so can... would solve several issues with investigator powers that are strong when there are less than 4 players. Unfortunely, this fix does little to fix Kate Winthrop's broken ability, since in that case you can always chose to use it on the last turn of every day, avoiding monsters placed by midnight cards and doom track advances....
  10. peterstepon said: Having had my first spin of the game today. I would also like to know, why is a monster considered a reward? That seems kinda strange to me. As a consequence of resolving some specific adventures, a new monster appears. This is offset by some other beneficial effects.
  11. It actually doesn't work at all (well, decently) if you play by the rules as written. If you have an empty monster space on the adventure card you just resolved and it has a monster "reward", then according to the rules you can (and indeed must if it is the only option) place the monster at the adventure being resolved, since it will only leave play as the last step of resolution. Of course, this cannot be the intended way to play and no one plays it that way, but it does should the rules have some holes in them...
  12. Hayzuss said: Any card that is <snip> a Unit card of three strength or more is discarded all other cards you take into your hand. That means gold and tactic cards go to your hand. fixed that for you
  13. Hi Avi Dreader, (i guess this thread is as good as any) I was AWOL from AH for a while and decided to check out new leagues to try out and get back into the game. I staretd browsing through your custom leage (great work) and my jaw dropped when I saw my custom Herald (Crawling Chaos) , I developed a long time ago,being used in your 13th scenario. I had just found the .eon files in an old backup folder, I thought I had lost that forever. I absolutely did NOT imagine anyone had ever kept a record of it and used it for something else.... Anyway, I'm just very happy, surprised and proud about that. Thanks avi dreader, for all the exelent work you're doing to keep the game fresh and alive!! I'll begin trying to run the campaign asap, let's see how I fare... BTW: is everything from Misaktonic Horror ok to include? Any special advice on that.? Again, thanks!
  14. Insightful posts by everyone. I particularly like the way you sum it up, i think it's quite accurate: SolennelBern said: Win the game in the most horrifying, insane, scary, and bloody way while keeping the overall experience highly enjoyable for us and the fun factor to it's highest! You're going to be a great keeper
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