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  1. Warmness to my heart this suggestion brings. . .FFG can you get somebody on that license this sounds awesome! .
  2. I just finished supper, mashed potatoes chicken bar b q sauce broccoli with cheese and topped with 1 slice of bacon just for flavoring . . . . on a Samich! Only thing I forgot was the pizza and that's cause the grandbaby got to it before me.
  3. But if you drain a bottle of Bacardi 151 then call him at 1 in the morning it would just be a real fantastic time and I am sure your friend would be so thankful. I know I would . I say go for it But for reals down the booze first it helps to really get the point across. . .
  4. Look in the phonebook probably listed as plasma services . Usual pay out is $20.00 for first "donation" of the week then $40.00 for the second "donation" limit was 3 donations in a 7 day period spaced out every other day. And whatever you do don't tell them about the weekend in Vegas that you don't remember cause that's automatic rejection. . . . . I mean not that I really know what happened on that weekend cause it was real fuzzy but I did have a ring and was wearing Elvis shades when I got home.
  5. I smiled .Not because I found it funny, Just a good remake of the song and telling what really is a dark story .Just wish a better actor could have been chosen for the fall from grace. And thanks for the link its now on my youtube favs list.
  6. I really wanted to spend a lot of money on that Kickstarter but I just didn't trust Battlefront. Really sucks that I was right to be worried , but at least I did get my $1.00 worth, I got the pdfs and I can use them no matter how bad Battlefront screws that pooch. Oh yeah Gadge , Andy Chambers was involved with Dust Warfare a FFG product that used the Dust Tactics minis. Same minis just 2 different rules sets and I agree with your description of those rules I am still a Dust Tactics player just letting it sit in the closet until the "dust" settles. Matter of fact now that I think about it the stink from Battlefront started just as my son got me interested in X wing . Go Fig .
  7. Katman

    Dear FFG.......

    We stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb. We put in the house rule to the old rock paper scissors. . . It was a shotgun, . . . Yup nothing like a face full of double ought buck to stop the whiners. Course it does have the unintended side effect of reducing the player pool but it really is a whole lot more fun than watching Francis flip another table cause he cant play toy soldiers with the big boys.. . . . .YMMV . . .. No animals were harmed in the making of this statement . . . . May cause constipation if read in too serious of a mood. . . Before taking any meds please consult your doctor first and share if he gives you the good stuff.
  8. After hearing the explanation in the movie I couldn't get the image out of my head. . . . Ice Pirates . . . Space Herpes!
  9. Bonus points for going there HungryWulf !
  10. I have been spending a lot of time with the old Robotech Macross series and the Shadow movie. The new Veritech fighters look to be close enough for some cross contamination fertilization off the wall gaming soon. Just gotta get them Destroids painted up in proper Imperial colors.
  11. Doctor Who, Judge Dredd I think Rogue Trooper too. Ahhh the good old days .
  12. I Facebook to post Karaoke night and incriminating pictures. . . Granted most of those pix are me but , Hey I am a Karaoke Rock God. And I swear you have NEVER heard The Back Street Boys Larger Than Life until you have heard it Country Fried!!! Karaoke night starts in 2 hours and I have 3 buckets of beer callin my name saying how much they love me. Y'all have a good night
  13. That was a good read thanks for the heads up.
  14. Hey oneway have you actually put the bases up against each other? There is no couple of mm differences in the bases the differences are "COSMETIC". They both fit the range rulers the same way they are both the same width and length. Since Shapeways aren't eligible for tournament play they are actually a good choice. In my opinion .My local game shop sells them in the standard Wiz Kids package of 4 bases for $4.99. As I come up with more new unofficial ships I have a ready supply of bases locally. The link you posted hammerghast is certainly more economical and I probably will pick up a package or 2 so I have a large base for the Bird of Prey I am working on as a small freighter. Now if I could just figger out how to make some GOOD looking dials I would be set.
  15. The Wiz Kids attack wing bases work great for casual play. Just expect a very frosty reception if you try to use them at any kind of tournament. Once you get the small bases and do a direct comparison you will see the ever so slight differences that do not affect gameplay.
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