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  1. I take that as she's not a mystic nor a guardian as her main class (she's not a researcher into the arcane, but she may be a bit curious about it between violin recitals), but you could be absolutely right. We'll see!
  2. I think the line about throwing that fits here is: "FOOL OF A TOOK!!! Throw yourself in next time, and rid us of your stupidity!!"
  3. Alternatively, you may grow up. Walking away and slamming the door to "make sure you have the last word" speaks volumes of immaturity. You come across as arrogant, confrontational and condescending. I would bet you're coming back to check out if the rest replied anything. It's a pity, because this forum is usually full of interesting discussions and people respecting each others' opinions while debating.
  4. Oh, and this translation of AH:LCG's rules reference is definitely a winner, too: "Unlike the fight and engage action, an investigator can only perform an evade action against an enemy engaged with him or her." That was translated as: "A diferencia de las acciones de combatir y enfrentarse, un investigador sólo puede realizar una acción de evitar contra un Enemigo enfrentado a él." Although in most cases the proper translation for "a (an)" is "un" or "una", here it should be translated as "la", as in "sólo puede realizar la acción de evitar contra un Enemigo enfrenteado a él". Since in Spanish "una" means both "a" and "one", the translator did not foresee the ambiguity, causing that some people understood that "Unlike the fight and engage action, an investigator can only perform one evade action against an enemy engaged with him or her.", instead of as many as you can. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
  5. Thanks a lot for this thread. Very often, Spanish translations by Edge are awful. I remember having an argument with one of their translators in the forum (he was quite unprofessional, confrontational and condescending by the way) because of the way he translated Chaos in the Old World. I know this is not an option for a lot of people out there, but if you can, avoid translated material and stick to the original version. Just to give a couple examples: 1. In Lord of the Rings, they translated "Burning Brand" as "Burning Mark" (dammit, there's even a picture in the card to know what that means). Merely aesthetics, but that gives you an idea of their level. "Celebrían's stone" was translated as "Celebrían's Rock", instead of "Gem", and so on. I decided to buy the game in English and not touch the Spanish translation with a ten foot pole after cheking out that disaster. 2. In Netrunner (which is admittedly very difficult to translate), they didn't understand what the original card "Gutenberg" meant by "Johannes Gutenberg ignited the first Information Revolution by inventing the movable-type printing press" and they translated something of the like: ""Johannes Gutenberg ignited the first Information Revolution by inventing the transportable printing press". 3. Warhammer 40k: Conquest was a joke, in general, changing so many things just because, that it was ridiculous. Also, the words were badly chosen and sounded akward, in general. This translator thinks of himself as a misunderstood genius and generally speaking, any game translated by him is to be avoided. Sadly he translated a lot of warhammer games for Edge. He was the same genius that translated "Dark Knight" as "Black Knight" and "Berserker" as "Furious" in any Terrinoth game. No comments. 4. Speaking of Terrinoth, in Rune Age, they translated correctly "Stronghold", but when it came to translating the Deepwood Archers' ability to refresh a stronghold, they chose a different word (something along the lines of "citadel"). That one is funcitonal, although more or less easily corrected. Same thing happened with Death Angel, when they transalted "Corridor" as "Pasillo", only to find that one location card made reference to the "Corredor" terrain card. What the... 5. Chaos in the Old World told you that "Ruining bestows X points", instead "Ruiners score X points", mixing bad wording with a functional mistake. The answer was that "it is properly explained in the rulebook" (No **** Sherlock!). The Slaneesh card displayed a severe mistake regarding the advancing wheel condition and some Khorne cards in The horned rat were translated with functional errors, allowing you to do things you were not supposed to. The translator told me that I was being "over pedantic" when I pointed out those mistakes and some more. Unfortunately, I was forced to buy Arkham Horror in Spanish because of lack of distribution in English here (it is already a pain to pay a lot for LOTR when ordering online), but I'm not surprised by the lack of quality and support: if you are lucky, translation errors are purely formal; if you are not, they heavily affect gameplay. Now I have to look for erratas every now and then, besides playing with "Pete, Trash Can". It is shameful. 😞
  6. For the Horn of Gondor, I'd propose: "Item. Artifact. Restricted. Attach to a hero or Boromir. Response: whenever the attached character is dealt damage, reduce your threat by one for each point of damage dealt." This will give threat reduction to the tactics sphere, which is unusual at the moment the horn appeared (in the core set, basically), but that's something that eventually has happened. My point for the design is that it creates a splendid and thematic synergy with tactics Boromir (hero): the more damage he receives, the more he blows his horn and is able to trigger his extra actions for free (with or without errata). Thematically, blowing the horn could imply catching Sauron's attention (thus increasing your threat instead of reducing it), but actually Boromir is distracting the orcs to prevent Frodo from being captured, so it works in the sense you're reducing Sauron's attention to the true point of the quest and buying time. I know this subverts completely the original design, but I hope you like it nevertheless!
  7. We need a "Release the hounds" event card!!!
  8. Long yet will that march be delayed. Gondor wanes, you say. But Gondor stands, and even the end of its strength is still very strong.
  9. I think I'll give Leadership Frodo, Lore Aragorn and Hero Gandalf a try. I was thinking about Tactics Boromir as the third one, but I want/need Gandalf to stay and Ohoth Gandalf has a steep cost, although you could afford it with LeFrodo and LoAragorn...
  10. Gotta love Fellowship in saga scenarios like the Black Riders, since you can begin with 4 unique characters already in play. Likewise, adventures where you have to "protect" one unique ally, like The Redhorn Gate, Road to Rivendell, Trouble in Tharbad, The Nîn-in-Eilph, Across the Ettenmoors, etc., will benefit from the Fellowship contract one ally quicker than usual. I'm trying to think about scenarios in which you get to control two unique allies from the starting setup, but I can't remember anyone. Oh, and it's cool Into Ithilien gives you Celador from the start, too! I'm mostly a thematic player, so I'll love the contract and I'll try to build my Fellowship true to the book.
  11. Since they're revisiting old cards, "Power in the Earth 3x" and "Unexpected Courage 1x" back in the Core set seem like they could use an easy fix just exchanging the amount provided, no need even to resorting to errata.
  12. From hero to zero!!! (pun inten... I'll see myself out)
  13. I, on the other hand, couldn't care less about my local retailer. All he does is Magic tournaments (which I couldn't be less interested in) and doesn't offer interesting products, outside your typical Catan, Dominion and other CCGs. He can't be bothered to order products such as LOTR LCG in its English version, and so on. The thing that bothers me is that, due to the Asmodee politics, my typical online stores never offer LCGs packs at discount price. So seems they're not supporting either local nor online stores. I don't get it, frankly.
  14. The LOTR lcg digital game has little to do with the card game, except the art and the fact that it is announced as "lcg". Definitely different mechanics, though. It's like a simplification of the original card game. So they should know better than cannibalize themselves.
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