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  1. Few, if any, could give you better advice than the author of the blog Tales from the cards:
  2. I know it is an entirely different game, that was exactly my point: if they were the same, they'd probably need to shut down LOTR under OCTGN in order to sell this, which could be perceived negatively by some players.
  3. Because I already have the game in digital format covered by OCTGN. The real question is: why would people pay for something they already havefor free? They need to create something different because they know most people wouldn't pay for a refined digital version of OCTGN.
  4. Parting gifts and Mountain warg

    Thanks a lot for the answers!
  5. Parting gifts and Mountain warg

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but what happens if Fastred defends a Moutain Warg with a shadow effect? Can Fastred send him back to the staging area and you lower your threat by 2, or you can't because the warg returns before you trigger Fastred's response? Thanks in advance.
  6. Off the Beaten Path

    No one's going to comment anything about the artwork in Coney in a Trap? I think it contrasts heavily with the superb artwork in the Nightmare scenarios; to put it mildly, IMHO it competes with Gather Information for the worst artwork in a player card. Just my two cents, of course, ymmv.
  7. The Long Arm of Mordor (SPOILERS)

    Not to mention the fact that classic Legolas will be apparently much better in the first quest (due to Seize Them!) than the new Legolas we'll be getting in the deluxe box.
  8. Another one?

    But they've put Ramsey in a card game since longtime... albeit disguised in the LOTR card game:
  9. High Hopes & Dark Dreams for DOOM!!!

    I don't think so, beyond the simple premise of minis in a board, good guys vs bad guys. Based on the description, this is a more sophisticated revamp of the original doom, which is the grandpa of actual Descent. Space Hulk is just one on one, and the hourglass is a factor. This is one vs many and the mechanics (dice and cards) remind me more of Gears of war (at least for the marines, since GoW is cooperative) than anything else.
  10. High Hopes & Dark Dreams for DOOM!!!

    I hope they produce properly the dice this time. A more or less balanced game would be welcome, also I love the old Doom, but discovered it too late to have my dice replaced or find the expansion in English. Too bad, I hope they clean the design and make it a blast from the start this time. Hopes are high, do we know who's the designer behind the new baby?
  11. Mushin No Shin (rules)

    I realise now this was already answered in the "rules forum" (which I also discovered), sorry for the useless post.
  12. Hi guys, simple question: When you play Mushin No Shin (or any other card allowing you to "place advacement tokens"), do you take the tokens from the bank and place them on the card, or do you pay credits from your pool to advance the card as per the usual rules? Thanks in advance!
  13. Guard pretty much suck

    Damm, you're right! My bad.
  14. Guard pretty much suck

    I've seen a lot times people stating that Straken is just a watered down Zarathur, but I can see some instances where Straken is better. Take a 1ATK warrior/soldier unit and attack your opponent. If he plays one shield, Zarathur does not get to deal +1 dmg, because no damage was actually dealt. On the other hand, he will take 1 damage if Straken is your warlord. Not saying that this will happen a lot or that in general Straken is better, on pair, or worse, but they definitely work differently, and their differences could expand even more with the card pool. Just saying.