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  1. I, on the other hand, couldn't care less about my local retailer. All he does is Magic tournaments (which I couldn't be less interested in) and doesn't offer interesting products, outside your typical Catan, Dominion and other CCGs. He can't be bothered to order products such as LOTR LCG in its English version, and so on. The thing that bothers me is that, due to the Asmodee politics, my typical online stores never offer LCGs packs at discount price. So seems they're not supporting either local nor online stores. I don't get it, frankly.
  2. The LOTR lcg digital game has little to do with the card game, except the art and the fact that it is announced as "lcg". Definitely different mechanics, though. It's like a simplification of the original card game. So they should know better than cannibalize themselves.
  3. Same info in the actual page here in the site, too.
  4. Don't wanna be pessimistic, but... certainly, just 30 skill cards don't seem enough for 5 skill decks. I really hope it is not expected that my four friends have to buy one copy each. If that's the case, I'll have to drop the ball, unfortunately.
  5. FFG has stated in numerous occasions that they do not read these boards, let alone monitor the number of votes a post receives. I applaud your idea, but the best way to reach to them with your request is via the official contact button on the page. Cheers!
  6. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    This apology honors you. It is ironic, however, when you realize that your original post has maybe contributed to make the recent stock sell very quickly again, because of fear of missing out forever... Let's hope that they're restocked faster this time.
  7. Freeman

    Arkham Novellas

    I've got To Fight the black wind currently back in stock in www.amazon.es (Spanish Amazon), but it is prized at 40€, so I'll definitely wait for my order at miniaturemarket to be back in stock and ship. No need to rush, they're being reprinted for sure.
  8. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    She was spoiled on a Spanish website selling the product, we could see her picture.
  9. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Uhoh, I didn't know that... Mild disappointment, then.
  10. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    While I agree that the official signature cards for Carolyn are strictly better than Foolishness and To fight the black wind, I'd make a case for Jenny and especially Roland (now that we have lots of weapons) having a way better replacement signature than the original (their weakness is not as punishing as the original). As for Marie, Silas, and Norman, we don't know yet anything about the original cards but their name, but to me, Silas skills are useful, fun and interesting to play, and I find Norman interesting in a two player game: the ability to control 50% of the mythos deck and an easy enemy to dispatch by a guardian come in handy. As for Marie, I've never played her, so although I think the Baron may be useful to activate her ability, now that we have more cards that add doom at will, I don't think her replacement signature will be bonkers when compared to the original. TL;DR: although they're definitely not a must, unfortunately most of the replacement signature cards are very desirable to me, YMMV (lucky you!).
  11. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    The end is nigh...
  12. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Of course, you're free to speculate and spread fomo, just don't try to make it pass for sound information. People may believe you have privileged information when it's not the case, just your wild guess based on typical delays or upcoming states. I hope no one is rushing out there to get scammed for the novels based on your "unofficial cancellation" claim. It certainly would be very sad. I'll make sure to come back here and look for your apology once the novellas come back in stock, or new ones are announced.
  13. Freeman

    Unofficial cancellation false alarm

    Cheers to that. Being unavailable for a longtime doesn't automatically equate cancelled, especially considering that FFG has dozens and dozens of products to produce and reprint, and the books are not a priority for any line of products, it's more like a luxury. On a related note, the status in the upcoming section is not a real status, more like a broad estimation of time, and usually doesn't update according to the real state of the product. For instance, someone in Australia got Return to the Dunwich Legacy in a store, by mistake, when it was "officially" still "in development". As Take That sang, have a little patience... Writing "unofficial cancellation" in a thread is misleading.