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  1. I could explain the obvious logic, but if you didn't understand the first time, I see no point in developing it further. I take you didn't pick the Munchkin reference? If you see this as "a problem", there's not much more I could say except to go on and exploit the "bug" to your advantage. Well, if we're going to be pedantic, trauma refers to the investigators, not the scenario, properly speaking. So the scenario is actually reset, the investigators' previous state is not. Still not interested in munchkining the game, even if the rules could allow you to do so. Have fun if you like to play it that way, anyway.
  2. If this seems like a problem to you, I'd suggest playing Munchkin instead. The spirit of the ruling is to reset the scenario as it was, not to exploit a loophole. This is not a competitive game, it's often played for the theme and if someone in my group would try to upgrade his/her deck that way, I'd tell them to directly cheat instead and pick whichever cards they like or even better, redraw bad event cards or tokens, for this is tantamount to cheating. Or maybe I'd walk away and suggest playing munchkin instead
  3. Freeman

    Discover in a nutshell

    The box, the box!!!
  4. Freeman

    There And Back Again

    You lucky ones... I live in Spain, shipping costs are gonna wreck my wallet!!!
  5. I've always been a fan of Hawthorne and Valadir!
  6. Freeman

    Roam Across Rhovanion

    Yes, indeed: Louis, Rupert, Morris and Stuart do.
  7. I just verified my rulebook and you're totally right: I thought there was a window after drawing the card, but there's none. I stand corrected and happily admit that this makes Caroline's weakness a bit harsher.
  8. I couldn't disagree more with the evaluation of her weakness. When I first read it, I thought it was so soft it was gonna read "then, shuffle To fight the back wind back into your deck", but to my surprise it didn't. This fact alone makes her weakness not as bad as the ones that keep being shuffled back in. Although it's true that adding one doom to the agenda is generally something you don't want, in this case I think this will be more circumstantial and harmless than not: first, if this is drawn when the agenda will advance anyway, it's like playing arcane initiate: not a difference at all, since To fight the black wind doesn't read "This may cause the agenda to advance", like Ancient evils. Second, if this is drawn when you are "running against the act deck" and the act is about to advance, you couldn't care less about one more doom on the agenda. Third, this is discarded as soon as the agenda is advanced, so, unlike the weakness that are kept in play until satisfied (a lot of them), you may very well discard the weakness without any impact at all. Fourth, the triggering condition for the weakness is easily avoided by healing horror, something you'll be doing, want to do anyway and Caroline will be built to (we already have a lot of healing effects), unlike some other weakness that soak up undesired actions. What about the direct horror Caroline is dealt when this is revealed in the upkeep phase? Well, barring any fast healing horror cards that might get spoiled before Caroline is released, we already have the Smoking pipe, which will instantly nullify the effect in any action window, and playing Caroline I'll be sure to pack them x2. Fifth, further triggering of the weakness heavily depend on the scenario cards, so I could see it being hardly noticeable in some adventures, barely annoying in other ones and a thorn in the side in some ones. Other weaknesses are a pain in every scenario, so again I see this as an advantage. Overall, I need to see what cards can she include her deck before judging, and I'm not a big fan of Foolishness, as I stated, but I think her weakness is a piece of cake and she'll be very fun to play, at least to me. I'm considering buying the novella just for her signature. My two cents.
  9. "Let me borrow your Peter Sylvester with my Teamwork, and I'll become Jenny Barnes". That, and painkillers could be fun. Lots of shenanigans and Timmy plays (crazy 3 card combos) are expected. I like her. At first, I loved the cat, too. Then, the more and more I think about Foolishness, the less I like it: +1 to every stat is bonkers, but... 4 resources is not trivial, then it depends on your ability to heal him, so it's still circumstantial at best. The biggest drawback, however, is that he's occupying the ally slot (unlike certain doggy we all love). That makes charisma a must anyway, cause you want Brother Xavier (if Peter is too Timmy play for you). And overall, at the end of the day, +1 to combat and agility will not make a big difference, so essentially the cat is giving you +1 to willpower and intellect, and considered that way, is not that impressive. Anyway, I'm very excited to try her, as I'm a fan of guardians and she opens up very interesting paths. My guess is shell have access to every level of guardian healing cards, and then either mystic or seeker up to some level. Oh, and I don't find her weakness particularly punishing, so that's a big bonus for me. Really excited to try her and to see her definitive version...
  10. Few, if any, could give you better advice than the author of the blog Tales from the cards: https://talesfromthecards.wordpress.com/2013/09/13/new-player-buying-guide/
  11. I know it is an entirely different game, that was exactly my point: if they were the same, they'd probably need to shut down LOTR under OCTGN in order to sell this, which could be perceived negatively by some players.
  12. Because I already have the game in digital format covered by OCTGN. The real question is: why would people pay for something they already havefor free? They need to create something different because they know most people wouldn't pay for a refined digital version of OCTGN.
  13. Freeman

    Parting gifts and Mountain warg

    Thanks a lot for the answers!
  14. Freeman

    Parting gifts and Mountain warg

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but what happens if Fastred defends a Moutain Warg with a shadow effect? Can Fastred send him back to the staging area and you lower your threat by 2, or you can't because the warg returns before you trigger Fastred's response? Thanks in advance.