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    GrumpyBatman reacted to pkreynolds in You lost me at $175   
    I feel like this version of Descent is going to push a lot of people to say “you know, I’ve been wanting a game like this for awhile, maybe it’s time to see what all of the Gloomhaven hype is about...”
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to roy.altman.7 in Announcing the Genesys Bestiary!   
    The Genesys Bestiary has been updated with *ELEVEN NEW* adversary cards for your gaming pleasure!
    Thank you again Chris Markham for providing new excellent cards and also thanks to Direach at the FFG Forums for providing the source material for adversaries from his wonderful Creature Catalogue.
    Head over to the Bestiary and get your free cards:
    And also check out this section on the site dedicated to Genesys with a lot of more free stuff:
    Spread it around people 😄

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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Johan Marek Phoenix Knight in The Unseen World v2.0   
    Hello again everyone! It's been a while since I've been active on here, so some of you might not know me, but I created the Adventures in Azeroth (Warcraft) and Adventures in Middle-Earth (Lord of the Rings) settings for Genesys, and way back when Genesys was brand spanking new I made a little series of settings under the title of "The OmniSphere." One of those worlds was the Unseen World, an urban fantasy setting.
    Well, after a long absence, I'm back with The Unseen World 2.0, a revamped urban fantasy sourcebook set in a fully realized urban fantasy world, complete with unique supernatural factions (utilizing the Favor system from Shadow of the Beanstalk), a new Wealth optional rule, an Agency system, and an in-depth look at Las Vegas, the City of Sin, and the various supernatural factions, threats, and individuals that can be found within the city. This book has everything you could want for playing an urban fantasy Genesys campaign, complete with a ready to go city to fight and/or be monsters in.
    I'd welcome any feedback you have for the pdf, and I hope some of you enjoy running your own campaigns in the setting!
    The Unseen World is also the setting of the first season of an upcoming podcast, The Genesys Archives, coming in August/September 2020.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to HedgeWizard in Folenn — A Fantasy Setting   
    Also added the first part of my 4 part bestiary. 
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to GM Hooly in [FORMS]: The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast - Genesys Vehicle Dashboard [UPDATED]: v3.3   
    The Forge: A Genesys RPG Podcast - Genesys Vehicle Dashboard v2.1
    Check out the latest offering from The Forge, a Vehicle Dashboard to use in your campaigns. Feedback welcome.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    Totally flawless, nothing to see here.
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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    I want to think Space Wolves are flawless!
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    Starting to build out Deathwatch character creation. I've tweaked the Elite Advance to simplify it a bit, and I've added flaws to every chapter (not too happy with where Ultramarines are at, they're a tough one to assign a good gameplay flaw to). 
    Decided to include Primaris Marines as well. 

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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from DarthDude in Dracula Imperator   
    I know of Dracula's America game, but have never played it.  It would certainly be an interesting world to play in like Deadlands.  Do you have any session reports out there?
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    P.S. here's the vehicles I'm currently planning to include for the ground vehicle section. (Bolding stuff as I complete it!)
    Achilles Ridgerunner Atalan Dirtcycle Atalan Wolfquad Autocarriage (civilian car) Baneblade Basilisk Chimera Armoured Transport Goliath Truck Land Speeder Land Raider Land Raider Crusader Leman Russ Razorback Rhino Salamander Command Tank Sentinel Walker Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicle Taurox APC Taurox Prime Veloxic Bike Not looking for this to be an exhaustive catalogue of every Imperial Guard tank ever, looking to just get the broad strokes relevant stuff, and prioritise stuff which might get some use in a Dark Heresy game. 
    If anyone else has any other good suggestions let me know. Civilian vehicles are unfortunately pretty un-explored in 40k material, but Genestealer Cults vehicles provide some nice examples of what industrial vehicles look like. 
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    Here's some vehicle weapons. May add more depending on what vehicles I end up including. Everything here is planetary scale unless stated otherwise.
    I'll probably gut out the prices and rarity for the final release as these are all purchased as part of a wider vehicle profile (vehicles specify what you can swap out for weapon slots), but I've calculated them for the sake of making vehicle prices easy to work out. 
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    Not sure if this is what I want to focus my attention on next but I felt like doing some cover and intro chapter work so I made this 👀

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    GrumpyBatman reacted to roy.altman.7 in New website for Genesys resources and much more   
    Hi all and good health!
    I finally had the time to setup a special place for all my roleplaying creations over the years:

    There's a section specifically for Genesys with free stuff here:

    In addition, in celebration of my website's launch, I'm giving a special 40% discount on my Genesys Foundry products for new subscribers to my newsletter:
    Subscribe to my newsletter

    I plan to add to the site a bunch of RPG stuff for Genesys and many other systems and content so stay tuned!
    DISCLAIMER: This website has nothing to do with narcotics or any other illegal or controlled substances. It has to do with my burning passion for RPGs and how most aspects of my life revolve around it.
    Happy gaming and good health!
    Roy Altman. Addicted to Roleplaying games.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    And here's a Google Drive link to all the individual chapters in a folder, for commenting on with any proofreading feedback/suggestions.
    Keeping it to separate chapters for annotation should make things more manageable I think. Also might be somehow useful for people who want specific chapters on their own?
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Tom Cruise in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    The third edition (I guess I'm calling it that now) PDF is ready to go! Huge thanks to everyone who has provided feedback, proofreading, etc while I've been working on this overhaul, it's been very helpful!
    I would encourage people to download the PDF, as it is fully bookmarked and has toggle-able layers to facilitate easier printing. Those features don't work in Google Drive's document view.

    - LINK - 
    Unfortunately I haven't kept an exhaustive change log for this one, but I plan to keep more detailed errata for future updates to this. But here's a broad strokes overview of changes made;
    Whole book updated to a new, full colour format, aping the design of FFG's Dark Heresy Second Edition books.  Flavour text, player/GM advice and content in general has been expanded throughout. A lot more time is spent trying to contextualise things and explain mechanics, which hopefully makes it all a nicer read. Chapter I - Creating an Acolyte
    The steps of character creation are given a lot more attention; mechanically these haven't changed, but they are explained better now. Careers have been renamed and mostly redesigned. I've gone with much more generic names, primarily lifted from DH2e with some tweaks. They all have a set of suggested talents and gear now, like in Shadow of the Beanstalk. Two new careers added; the Fanatic and the Ace.  Step 1 - Determine Background has been added, with some useful questions to consider when making a new Acolyte. Chapter IV - Elite Advances
     Wyrd have been removed. Unfortunately couldn't find a way to make it mechanically meaningful enough to keep. Wyrds can be represented pretty well by just dropping only one rank into a psychic discipline and role-playing accordingly. Added Gland Warriors. Added a set of basic talents for Untouchables to expand their character options. Chapter V - Armoury
    A new Haywire weapon quality is added, functioning similarly to Sunder but specifically for electronics.  Low-tech weapons expanded - added Bolas, Bow, Flintlock Pistol, Musket and Sling. Plasma caliver and arc weapons added. Various other gear added throughout the chapter - I unfortunately did not keep a list of what I was adding during development, but there's a lot of cool stuff now that wasn't in previous editions. Chapter VI - Narrative Tools
    Downtime Encounters have been renamed to Interludes. Some tweaks to the Interludes rules. Chapter VII - Psychic Powers.
    This chapter has been entirely rewritten to be standalone - you shouldn't need to reference the Genesys Magic rules when using this chapter, as I found that this was a huge chore in play, flipping between the two books.  Some powers have been tweaked, with some options added. Perils of the Warp is now more deadly; extra despairs add +10 to the roll, not +5. Chapter VIII - Corruption
    Corruption checks have been changed to be something that occurs at the end of an encounter, not during.  Chapter X - Allies and Adversaries 
    Each adversary entry is given its own page now, with a lot more room allowed for flavour text and game-play advice.  New section for servitor NPCs so they can all be found in one handy place, along with some slightly tweaked rules for handling servitors. Suggested psychic powers are detailed on every psychic NPC's profile. Some general balance/design tweaks to a lot of the profiles. The first and second editions had an embarrassing amount of typos and rules issues, a lot of that is fixed now.   
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to BluSunrize in [Version 1.0.2] Mass Effect - Genesys Setting   
    ~ Main Setting Version 1.0.2 Download ~
    New version of the setting is out now!
    Just some minor fixes really, spelling errors, a wrong dice display on the Turian Spectre, and the Artificial Intelligence archetype now has their "Operating at Full Capacity" ability limited to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5.
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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from Warklaw in [3.1 Update!] Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000) in Genesys   
    As long as my dice don't wear out, I think I will stick with Genesys whether it's officially supported or not.  Especially with awesome settings like this one already fleshed out... or flesh torn off, or whatever.   
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to player1559568 in Weird War Setting - OSS 42   
    I've created a weird war setting of my own called OSS 42.  Its basically members of the OSS stopping Nazi cults, supernatural, crazy tech, the works.  The attached files are the game resources.  Feel free to tell me what you think.  I'll be running this at Fire and Ice convention in Manitowoc, WI in little over a week as well if you want to try it out.  The blurb below is from the Character creation guide.  
    "Welcome to OSS Group 42. The world of OSS Group 42 is very similar to ours. The wars of the 1930s and 40s, best known in the west as World War Two, follow mostly the same trajectory. Spain goes into civil war against the fascists, a militaristic Japan lays eyes on a pacific empire and invades China, forces of Nazi Germany invade Poland while Italy attacks Africa with dreams of an empire; all stuff well documented in the history books. Where history diverges in this game is in the cracks; the reasons, the details of the war. In our stories the occult and weird science are not fanciful tales or unfulfilled prospects for the Axis and Allies alike but are real and tangible things having weighty impact on the war effort. OSS Group 42 is the unit in Europe fighting against such supernatural horrors and mechanical monstrosities. They also fight fire with fire bringing Tesla-tech and druid magic against and all sorts of abilities, lost magics and new technologies against the forces of Axis Europe. The OSS stands for the Office of Strategic Services and laid the groundwork for the modern day Central Intelligence Agency. However, the OSS wasn’t all spies, and Group 42 is a collection of men and women from a verity of backgrounds with the goal of taking on the threats that the average GI isn’t prepared to handle. Your standard US Marine may be able to take out a bunker with a satchel charge but will be at a loss when a fire elemental bears down on his position. The people of the Group 42 aren’t average, this is what they’re here for. Group 42 is a US Army unit under Brigadier General George Carmel’s command. Obviously, there are several levels of between the enlisted and the good general but all of Group 42, and similar units tasked with the fighting of the supernatural and occult, fall under his command. The exact number of men under him is classified but Group 42 isn’t alone. At a minimum there is Group 16 preparing for the invasion of Japan as they island hop ever closer to the home islands and Group 10 embedded with the soviets as part of a mystic arts exchange, some of the reds are KDY with US forces as well. Given the rarity of the skills and abilities needed the British, Russians, free French and other allies have lent men, women and arms to the cause making Group 42 a de facto an international outfit."
    Charater Creation Guide.docx Genesys Talents Expanded Version 5.1.docx
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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from TechnoGolem in Official Keyforge setting book announcement   
    It's definitely no Tannhauser.  Bigger sigh.
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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from GroggyGolem in Official Keyforge setting book announcement   
    It's definitely no Tannhauser.  Bigger sigh.
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    GrumpyBatman got a reaction from Rationalinsanity in Official Keyforge setting book announcement   
    It's definitely no Tannhauser.  Bigger sigh.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to kaosoe in New official setting?   
    I'm pretty sure we will see books for TI and Tannhauser.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to Rationalinsanity in New official setting?   
    The Keyforge announcement was a big disappointment to me. Unless the book contains mechanics I'm interested in, I'll skip it.
    I've preordered every Genesys release this far, but I don't see much value in Keyforge as a setting or an RPG.
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    GrumpyBatman reacted to salamar_dree in New official setting?   
    As someone who tried the card game and didn't care for it, I actually agree that I would prefer something else.
    However, I highly doubt that they would use Genesys to produce any licensed IPs.
    That being said, they still have multiple settings that were mentioned in the CRB that I'd like to see setting books for.
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