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  1. I definitely want to find a good idea for replacing the Aember in a fantasy setting. I know Terrinoth has the runes people can find, Warhammer has warpstone, etc.
  2. I know of Dracula's America game, but have never played it. It would certainly be an interesting world to play in like Deadlands. Do you have any session reports out there?
  3. So glad you have been working on this again! Good stuff!!!
  4. @Colgrevance - I think Tannhauser has a lot of possibilities. Sure, you could do a military-centric campaign, but I'm thinking more of special ops type scenarios. Monster of the week, Cthulhu Mythos type investigations, etc. are what I am wanting with Tannhauser. There probably won't be any adventures, so Tannhauser will be another sandbox to do what we will with it. 🙂 It is a genre I want to see represented in a more official capacity... then a Western one... maybe mixed with some Steampunk for a Wild Wild West type setting.
  5. We need Tannhauser for the life of the game. Without it, Genesys will die. Just an opinion.
  6. As long as my dice don't wear out, I think I will stick with Genesys whether it's officially supported or not. Especially with awesome settings like this one already fleshed out... or flesh torn off, or whatever.
  7. This looks like a great start. I hope you post some session reports and progress on development. This might be the only Tannhauser type setting we get.
  8. It's definitely no Tannhauser. Bigger sigh.
  9. I've been perusing DrainSmith's collection of Talents. Having only looked through the Tier 1s I am already having visions how the talents are so ripe for super hero light stuff. I'm thinking Batman, Green Arrow, Punisher, etc. I'm not sure how well those character types would do in a world that digitally tracks everyone everywhere, but the new talents offer some beefy tough characters. How much trouble is it for vigilante types to avoid the authorities in the Android world? I just imagine cameras in every space capturing everyone's movements.
  10. Cool! Since it's a "catch" I thinking that means you will changing it. I love the layout. It reminds me of the short Savage World's one-shots. Those were great and easy to grab and run with for a quick impromptu RPG if needed. I will be watching this with anticipation.
  11. Hey Verdantsf... this is pretty cool. I do have a question and maybe I'm looking at an older version. Some of the Rivals only have 3 wounds. I'm thinking maybe that's a typo or is there something in the Android setting that makes for a low wound threshold? I wish more of these adventures were floating around.
  12. I went ahead and ordered all the Android stuff last week. I'll still buy the PDF when it happens. I was surprised when the novella showed up as a PDF, but glad I ordered a physical property to get the RPG part.
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