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  1. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

  2. GM Binder and Genesys

    Whoosh! That's the sound this thread made as it went over my head. LOL! Looks like I have to do some research myself just know what all this means.
  3. A Land Raider would be pretty nice addition. Off topic a little - I didn't get a chance to play the DH stuff that FFG did, but always wanted to do a 40K game back in the day when we played WFRP 1st ED. Were there a lot of must have adventure ideas in the Deathwatch material for playing marines? I'd like to do something with them eventually, but they are so powerful I have a difficult time thinking what would be balanced adventures. With such destructive power, things could be too easy or good sideways fast for a party trying to find that balance.
  4. Realms of Terrinoth Official Sourcebook

    There's so much potential for this game. I want a source book for all kinds of genres and don't know which to hope for next. Cthulhu would be great, but so would a weird war one.
  5. The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    How long does it typically take for iTunes to show them after you post? Entertaining by the way!
  6. Genesys Custom Cards

    Pure genius!
  7. @Tom Cruise You are definitely doing an inspiring job! Great work! I used your DH book to quickly drum up something to test out a Fantasy Grounds setup lat week. Hopefully I be able to run a whole 40k campaign one of these days. I think my players would want to play as Space Marines for sure. Who wouldn't? LOL! Thanks again for all the work and effort.
  8. Playing as a Space Marine would be pretty cool.
  9. Do you get brawn damage when dual wielding?

    Quick question - If I first read the title of this thread as "Do you get brain damage when dual wielding" should I get glasses? Or was I subconsciously interjecting something into the context?
  10. SummoNerds play X-Wing!

    I appreciate these lists. Thanks for posting them.
  11. Any Warfare Players in Springfield MO?

    I hope to meet some of you in person at Recruits.
  12. Will we see the Vril in 2013?

    It won't be the Vrill.
  13. Unit leader and Command Section

    I would like to know if FFG ever chimed in assuming someone emailed them.
  14. New Custom Desgned Unit Cards - Looking For Suggestions!

    Where are the SSU cards hosted? I only saw Allies and Axis at Rodney's link.
  15. What is this game like ?

    I have played it with my 8 year old and he did great.