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  1. I appreciate these lists. Thanks for posting them.
  2. I hope to meet some of you in person at Recruits.
  3. It won't be the Vrill.
  4. I would like to know if FFG ever chimed in assuming someone emailed them.
  5. Where are the SSU cards hosted? I only saw Allies and Axis at Rodney's link.
  6. I have played it with my 8 year old and he did great.
  7. Columbob said: A bit of an old topic, but then again this forum is kind of dead. Drakon is pretty useless with only 2 players, as each can go his own way with very little interaction. I haven't played much Cave Troll, but it would probably be better for 2. However with at least 3 players Drakon can be lots of fun with a lot of player interaction and Take that! moves. It can sometimes get to drag a little bit when games last over 30 minutes and nobody can keep or find enough coins to reach 10. I mostly agree with you. Good post!
  8. Thanks to you all for excellent information! It was just what I was looking for as I plan what to get.
  9. I do not have the Russian expansion book, yet. So, I am wondering if any of you could give me an idea if there would be any reason to have multiple Airborne Transports and the Chinese squads that come with them? How does the book handle them as far as buying them? Do they come as a package when you spend points to get one or the other? Is having multiples wise or unwise? I am certainly looking for opinions here, so please feel free to jump up and give one.
  10. If FFG does do it, I hope it does not use the current WFRP engine. It did not work for my group… Fell flat. Maybe as a setting for Savage Worlds?
  11. I am going to GenCon, but I don't plan on playing in the tournaments. I got burned out on packing up and bringing armies to GC years ago. It just seems like too much trouble when flying.
  12. I've never had the pleasure of playing the original FA, so I have no idea how the new rules differ. I would be interested to know just how different the new game rules look compared to the original. Is the latest game much different? Do you think it will be better as I expect it should after the FFG gloss treatmeant?
  13. Anyone know where or if you can get the EuroGames edition cards? I like those big cards better and would like to have a set.
  14. I had no inkling it was around clear back in '96. I'll look more into it.
  15. Has this game always been in the Android universe, or is FFG putting it in that verse like they did Dungeonquest into Terrinoth? I have not heard of Netrunner prior to this btw.