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  1. I've been perusing DrainSmith's collection of Talents. Having only looked through the Tier 1s I am already having visions how the talents are so ripe for super hero light stuff. I'm thinking Batman, Green Arrow, Punisher, etc. I'm not sure how well those character types would do in a world that digitally tracks everyone everywhere, but the new talents offer some beefy tough characters. How much trouble is it for vigilante types to avoid the authorities in the Android world? I just imagine cameras in every space capturing everyone's movements.
  2. Cool! Since it's a "catch" I thinking that means you will changing it. I love the layout. It reminds me of the short Savage World's one-shots. Those were great and easy to grab and run with for a quick impromptu RPG if needed. I will be watching this with anticipation.
  3. Hey Verdantsf... this is pretty cool. I do have a question and maybe I'm looking at an older version. Some of the Rivals only have 3 wounds. I'm thinking maybe that's a typo or is there something in the Android setting that makes for a low wound threshold? I wish more of these adventures were floating around.
  4. I went ahead and ordered all the Android stuff last week. I'll still buy the PDF when it happens. I was surprised when the novella showed up as a PDF, but glad I ordered a physical property to get the RPG part.
  5. Thanks for the comments! I did purchase The Worlds of Android a few months back and just started perusing it this week. Man, those newspaper like articles are a bear to read with old eyes... and they go on and on. LOL! It's got me wondering if it's just too deep in minutiae and perhaps I will learn all I need to know for the RPG stuff from the SotB book once I get it. The Terrinoth book had way too much background in my opinion (the authors just dragged it on forever). I would have gladly traded some of those pages for something more akin to an adventure or a fleshed out obstacle for PCs. I'm hoping the material in the novella is like that... something I can immediately use in an RPG. I'm most excited to discover what new mechanics are covered in SotB.
  6. Anyone know if the previous Android novellas included Genesys info like the new one (as advertised) does? I'm not even sure what the material in the new one actually is/covers, but I'm intrigued. I know the previous ones had an insert from the advertisements that included extra info but none of them mentioned Genesys specifically like the newest one does. Anyone got the 411 on this? Note: I'm not a huge cyberpunk fan, so I've only dabbled in the Android universe. I thought the board game was very intriguing and enjoyed playing it despite its issues, but with the SotB book out now I want to give Android a real chance.
  7. Anyone else find it difficult to find on Amazon?
  8. I know I will most assuredly end up with both, but I really want the PDF first.
  9. Did this just happen or did I miss an earlier update? Looking forward to it.
  10. Sadly my version of InDesign doesn't work with what I've seen other creators develop.
  11. That sounds really fun. It reminds me somewhat of one of the Omnisphere_Earths that someone here did. Lots of cool ideas. Anything with a Night Stalker, X-Files, Delta-Green vibe is always good.
  12. Star Wars is definitely a great game. FFG really has done a good job with the system. What is your modern story line Jedifish? I'm working on some one-shots for Necropolis 2350. The conversions are really slowing me down, but it's just barely above modern technology wise. Kind of behind in other areas. So for me, Necropolis is a mix of modern and fantasy.
  13. I would definitely be up for playing in someone's Genesys game. I've only GM'd so far, but would like to check it out from the player's point of view. The narrative possibilities never cease to amaze me.
  14. In the old days, I would have said, "Sure! Let's get another group together." Unfortunately I am one of the culprits in making it difficult to get together in person. My kids are at the ages where they are super busy with sports and activities that keep our family constantly running. I thought I would have my nights back over the summer. Nope. My oldest has high school soccer 4 nights a week. What happened to summers off or morning practices? I guess the football team has the weight room and fields in the morning? Anyways, I'm a terrible candidate for GM'ing a group that wants to meet regularly. I might be able to run a one-shot sometime or attend as a PC to someone else's game once in a while. But until my kiddos get into college or driving themselves I'm at their beck and call. Which isn't a bad thing, it just keeps me from gaming. Not to beat this into the ground, but being busy is why we went to Fantasy Grounds. No drive time and I don't have to set up the table or prepare to accommodate guests. A couple of my players are about 75 minutes away (opposite directions from me as I am in the middle). So if plan to meet online and something happens, no one is out their drive time or gas money. Plus when we are done, I can just jump up and run out without leaving a mess behind. So FG has done us quite well, but I do miss the getting together in person thing. Fortunately we still do some board game days/nights. But it never fails that someone ends up being a no show at the last minute. Our get together as a whole group is much better in the virtual world. Apologies for the ramble, but I figured it was worth detailing.
  15. I had to move my SW game to FG because it was getting so difficult to get everyone together. I've run a couple tiny test adventures on FG to see if the fan made ruleset worked and it does. However, I don't know of any physical groups getting together. I've asked around at a couple of the local stores and if they do have something running it's usually 5e.
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