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  1. dreadnought on Rebels

    I want the cargo vessel. We need a campaign that involves interdicting trade routes.
  2. HAppy Friday, Jar Jar is coming???

    He would be beloved by the children while being cursed by the elders.
  3. Kanan's death was an important part of the Joseph Campbell hero cycle - the core story pattern for Star Wars. Frankly, he should have died much earlier in order to allow Ezra's growth as a character.
  4. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Wow. That was a great game to watch. When I watch a regional/national champion match I feel like I'm back in class. I have so much to learn!
  5. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Works for me.
  6. Raddus Odds of survival

    Don't drop an MC75. Drop an MC80 Battle Cruiser instead. Drop it behind the ship and set up a losing chase scenario for the enemy ISD.
  7. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    Is the stream of these battles available for non-live viewing? I'd love to see how this played out.
  8. DM Run Campaign

    I've got a few scenarios in this document - where I'm trying to figure out how to create a narrative campaign. If any of them look interesting, feel free to yoink.
  9. Canadian nationals 2018 stream!

    I've seen the activation issue get worse via Raddus. For example, fleets that have 7-8 activations so that they still have first/last even when the Raddus ship is off the table. And the response to this of having 6-7 activations as a non-Raddus fleet to prevent it. But each meta to its own. We all live in strange little bubbles of Armada with their local peccadillos.
  10. Best Aftermarket Ruler Set?

    I've enjoyed Litko's acrylic range rulers. Not sure if it's legal to post direct links to product. But google Litko Armada and you should be good.
  11. Yeah. It was a very appropriate move for Ezra. His connection to animals was established time and again. Plus it was something that simply could not have been anticipated by Thrawn.
  12. This is huge. I see so many players play a fleet once, lose, and then claim that the fleet sucks.
  13. Order of Play

    Last-then-first is a very powerful artifact of the Armada initiative system.
  14. Order of Play

    That's correct. The rebel has more ships, so he gets a pile of un-answered activations at the end of the turn. This can be a powerful advantage, as you get to watch your enemy move his key ships before moving your own best ships.
  15. Squadrons Moving off the Table

    Okay. I've dug around some more in the rules. Here's what I have: RRG, Page 5 RRG , Page 12 There are some bullet point restrictions that follow this, none of which mention the edge of the play area. Looks like nothing is here that would prevent moving a squadron off of the table.