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  1. Ulterior motives. Armada is foreplay!
  2. No, what I'm referring to is that something that is not falsifiable can not be positively asserted. In the (badly structured) flea/elephant argument, a person asserting that a flea exists has the burden of proof. Otherwise the flea is just a wild imagining. Taking at face value that there IS a flea (or a tiny Easter Bunny, or an invisible leprechaun) on the elephant is little different from Russell's teapot. Claiming that the flea may very well be there but is undetected is making no claim at all. From Carl Sagan, "The Demon Haunted World":
  3. Kind of funny, because the point of this quote is that you should believe nothing unless there is evidence. It's used to refute conspiracy theories where people claim that there is no proof because the conspirators have hidden it all!
  4. A tiny ship facing down a large ship should be suicidal. Trading up is the name of the game!
  5. In cases where two players have identical timing - the first player goes first. So the 1st player will declare his Pryce round before the 2nd player. And the 1st player's Pryce ship will activate before the 2nd player's Pryce ship.
  6. I think 5 years is a good amount of time to start considering a 2nd edition of a game. So from that time to testing and publication...6-7 years? Happy Friday, everyone!
  7. I'm a bit worried for the AF2 with the proliferation of 2x ISD lists. Two Cymoons can really ruin an AF's day. And the VSD is in a lot of trouble against Raddus. I'd go so far as to say Raddus is a hard counter to the VSD.
  8. I don't agree that this was overboard. Flotilla spam was severely straining the activation mechanics of the game - resulting in battles between massive fleets of freighters. Not very cinematic. Not very Star Wars.
  9. I don't look at it so much as having too many flotillas. Rather, I have enough flotillas to share with new players who join the group!
  10. Same. One of my regrets is that in all my time in the game industry I never got to work for FASA.
  11. It's the world championship. 'Ridiculous' is a perfectly fine standard for how good someone should be.
  12. The BattleTech wiki is a time sink nearly as bad as TvTropes. Beware!
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